Press article: House sitters can help keep home secure

canadafreepress has published an article on house sitters and home security by security specialist Frank Fourchalk

"Leaving a house unoccupied often or for a long stretch is one of the biggest risk factors for getting burglarized.

So if you're thinking of taking an extended vacation or plan to leave your home unattended for several weeks, why not consider a house-sitter? A house-sitter is a person who lives in and cares for a house while the regular occupant is away..."

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TwoServingYou report in

We have had sucessful "sits" as a result of your excellent service and the quality folks you draw to this site. We expect to continue your service until we can no longer housesit or we take a "sit" in a community we just have to move in to.

We've added 3 photos to our site. What an excellent addition that is. Our sincere thanks to you for this valuable service. Whit & Jean "twoservingyou" Profile:

Great use of the photo gallery Whit and Jean. Having a serving attitude always helps.
... Ian Housecarers

I was able to contact users right away and have already received responses.

Good Day;
I have just begun using this service to find a house sitter and I want to tell you it is FANTASTIC! I am very impressed with the website; it is user-friendly and informative. I was able to contact users right away and have already received responses. I honestly command you for a job well done, and thank you for providing this service...
Sincerely,Margaret (aka FelixHouse)

Recently retired professional couple from the country House sitter balwrgb

Recently retired professional couple from the country, fit, active, love animals and gardening.

Hello, Just letting you know that we have been successful in using this site to locate a couple of house sits recently. Thank you. We will certainly be staying registered with you.
Wendy & Bob Profile:

Greetings from Jamdel- Toowomba, Queensland Australia

We are presently sitting at Toowoomba (QLD Australis) for 5 weeks. This is the first year we have done sitting in Australia and have successfully taken on 3 sits during our stay in Queensland over the winter.

Enclosed is our renewal for a further years subscription to Housecarers.

House sitter Jamdel profile:

House sitter Devorah shares her housesitting experience with pictures

House sitter devorah shows how it is done - telling a story with pictures.

See photo gallery for Devorah at:

Profile for Devorah

Homeowner bailey1 feedback

Thanks once again housecarers for the opportunity to find suitable sitters.
We have located a couple whom I feel will suit our needs, will let you know how it goes... bailey1 Brisbane QLD Australia

Feedback username cogeshal QLD Australia

I wish to thank you, I have been with another company for many months with not so much response as you company has given me. I will certainly use you again.
Yours username cogeshal from Greenba QLD Australia

Homeowner Patriot in VA feedback

We have found great house sitters for Sept. through you...A wonderful service and we will take advantage of it again in the future! Thank you for your site...
Regards, Patriot in VA press release

A Press release went out yesterday and is picked up by News
URL of news article in Yahoo:

House Sitters Are Coming to the Rescue of Many Travellers.

A series of press releases based on house sitter experiences will be going out
new week.

Homeowner avrilg feedback

I am delighted with this service and have managed to find excellent sitters every time! I find your site easy to use, confidential and very well organised! thank you thank you!! (again)

Username avrilg SurreyEngland

House sitter bosveldbossie assignment to the Saphire Coast

Hi there. Through your service I managed to find a house sitting assignment in Bega on the Sapphire Coast, Australia. I'm leaving on 28th August 2005 for a period of six weeks.

I would like to thank you for the service you provide and which has made it possible for me to find this assignment.

I am looking forward to it very much, have spoken to Hilary and John on the phone and they sound very nice. I simply can't wait to get there. bosveldbossie, South Africa

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New Zealand Homeowner feedback

We are about to engage our third house sitter through this site, and if the first two are any gauge of the quality people then this one will also be a success.

We are looking forward to meeting with Anne very soon.

Our others have looked after our property and old dog so well and Anne sounds just perfect as well.Yours sincerely Isabella Homeowner member expandhorizon Kapiti Coast Lower North Island

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The adventures of house sitter ImpeccableReferences

Hello fellow House/Pet Sitters...

On this the eve of my departure (August 1st/05)from Vancouver, Canada to Europe to pursue more interesting travels and 'SITS'....

First stop two wks in Sutton, Surrey, UK .. then two wks in Portugal, then on to a Hotel & three Kitty kat sit in S.France...

I have been travelling to various parts of the globe "Sitting" since 1996. My first venture was to care for a historic house (300 years old)on that peaceful island of Hydra, Greece.(Saronic Gulf)No Cars only donkey's for transportation on this serene beautiful island...All of 5 months I tended the gardens, pool and even enjoyed a spot of white-washing... Since then I have enjoyed my travels to B.W.I. a three dog sit ~ Home right on their own white sandy beach ~ I swam with the 3 Labs in the turquoise blue sea 3 times a day, It was heaven!!

Enjoyed five wks of living adjacent to a small forest in Surrey, England Home/Cat Sit for the most loved 18 yr old cat 'Louis'... fed the foxes, squirrels & birds daily.

Back to (a 4 level) House Sit in Greece, on the Island of Syros, we enjoyed sweet grapes, lemons and pomagranites picked fresh from the garden daily ~ swam in our own private lagoon!!
Costa Rica was then calling for a house/garden sitter, A comfortable house with an abundance of orange trees... surrounded by coffee plantations.

Noisy area due to close proximity to the San Jose Airpot. (Due to major security problems) dogs barking... day & night!! However, the best part was we made on going friendships with a very fine loving local family, who took time out giving us a tour of what most visitors never see.

I have Pet/Garden/Home sat several places here in Canada & California, USA. All memorable!!
If you enjoy travel & meeting different people from all walks of life, living within and sharing their community, love animals...
I highly reccommend house sitting.

Always, always leave your hosts home property & possesions in the same condition you found them on arrival. If not in better condition!
Good luck with your search in finding those interesting Sit's ....

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