Hervey Bay homeowner finds a housesitter and doesnt have to impose on family and friends

"Dear Housecarers,

I would like to thank you for the excellent service you have provided. You have made everything so easy and it's great not having to impose on family and friends. I have chosen a couple who were housesitting in the area so it was good to meet wit them in person.I will certainly use your service again if need be..." Tobyjug

House sit details: Hervey Bay QLD Australia

My house in Hervey Bay is a double storey home with 3 bedrooms upstairs, granny flat & bar room downstairs.

There is a huge balcony with unobstructed views of the ocean,Fraser Island & Bargara.We are about a half hour drive to historic Maryborough and about 80mins to Bundaberg T

he main shopping centre is 10mins from here.

I have a small dog that I take to the beach every morning and a quiet house cat.I hope I can find someone to take care of my pets and water the plants

Sitter reliable_pair report a very satisfying 27 months of house sitting, whilst awaiting their apartment, which is now finished

Thanks for a very satisfying 27 months of house sitting, whilst awaiting our apartment, which is now finished. Your notification service is excellent thankyou.
We have had the pleasure of minding some wonderful pets and have met some extraordinary people.

House sits have been at:

Macclesfield, SA
Morgan, SA
Glenwood, Qld
Mareeba, Qld
Townsville, Qld
Hervey Bay, Qld


Helen: username reliable_pair

Pennsylvania HOme/dog owner forms close relationship with local house sitter

"I found your website invaluable.

When I needed a sitter for home and dog I posted an ad and got lots of responses.

I found a gentleman who lives very close to me and he has been dog and house sitting for me ever since. Thanks so much for your website!!

... Paula - (traveller1)

House/Pet sit details:
Philadelphia Pennsylvania

I have a small twin house in Drexel Hill - private backyard, porch, driveway.

I need someone to stay in the house and take care of my dog. He is a 10 year old australian sheepdog - 39lbs. and a real sweetheart. I don't want to leave him alone.

Person doesn't have to be in the house all day - just walk and feed him in the morning, walk him in the late afternoon and walk and feed him at night. Must spend the night in the house and take in the mail and just be a presence in the house. Keep my pup company!!