Grandma Joy calls house sitting a day ... after visiting 60 countries and 40 states / provinces of USA and Canada Housesitting



Hello Ian,

After all these years, sadly I will not be renewing my membership this year. 

 At 80 years young, widowed for 5 years, and with my own house and garden to maintain, I no longer have the stamina to look after other people's animals or keep their houses, gardens or pools to the standard which is desired.

After many years of housesitting with my husband, who was the 'fix-it' man, and being a farmer originally was able to turn his hand to anything that was required, now there is no longer the will, or in current times, the same opportunity, to travel.

We visited 60 countries and house-sat in many of them, as well as 40 states in USA and Canada, and every state in Australia. I have lifelong friends all over the world and many happy memories.

I spent months travelling on my own in France, both housesitting, and working on farms and in B and B's,  house-sat in Norway Sweden and Denmark, my specialty being to look after diabetic cats who needed insulin injections twice daily at the same time of day, which dictated meal times and social activities.

Also Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia, where blonde hair and blue eyes invited conversation and interest from locals.

I rounded up sheep in outback Western Australia wearing bright clothing, hot pink sneakers and carrying a matching hot pink umbrella, the sheep being so mesmerised - or, perhaps confused - against all expectations, went obediently into the holding pens.


There were snakes in the sofa we were sitting on! They escaped into the lounge room when we got up off the sofa, and in trying to escape outside, got trapped between the window glass and the glass sliding door...  Snakes eating the chicken eggs before we could collect them, or up in the rafters of the veranda. Some injured magpies required  hand feeding, and mice jumping out when the toaster was turned on. 

And of course many cats and dogs to be shampooed, walked, fed, and cuddled, and horses and cattle to be tended, to - many of whom (dogs and cats) turned up their noses in disdain when their owners returned, clearly indicating they'd rather stay with us.

I reorganised pantries and cupboards, packed up whole houses for owners moving interstate days after their return, picked fruit and vegetables and made jam and preserves, picked up thousands of macadamia nuts on the nut farm, and hundreds of avocados from the avocado farm, with trays and boxes kept in the bath for cool storage, made hundreds of beds, and washed countless floors.

The snake catching, mouse killing and spider eradication - as a city girl,  I left to others to deal with.


It's been wonderful Ian, and I thank you for all your hard work and organisation, making it possible for people to have such wonderful adventures. We have introduced so many people to Housecarers over the years.  Now I'm handing over to a new generation.

Thank you again,           Joy B  (Adelaide)

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Hi Joy,

Phew Joy, I am out of breath just reading of your energetic wandering and overcoming all the challenges along the way.

Thank you very much for your service and support over the years – since 29-Jun-03!

You were one of our early members.

 Also I love hearing your story and experiences – thank you so much for sharing. It all makes my efforts over the years worthwhile.

 All the best with your “retirement” from housesitting and I wish and pray for many more fruitful and filled years ahead for you.