Professional couple From Viginia, seeking to explore new places love their Santa Fe House and Pet Sit experience

We recently completed a marvellous House Sit in Santa Fe (Fullhouse43). We loved the house, the pets, and the area and the house owners were pleased too. Can't say enough about the great service provides.

We live in Virginia and are interested in house sitting because we love to explore new places.

Professional, conscientious couple seeking to explore new places on short-term and long-term assignments

A little about  house sitters welshrarebit

Copacabana Homeowner Finds Lovely Girls for Dogs and Homesitter, and saves their Cruise after Friend Lets them down

I cannot recommend Housecarers highly enough! 

I was stuck in a real bind after our friend that we had arranged to mind our home pulled out exactly one week before we were due to go on a cruise and with two dogs to have cared for panic was starting to set in. 

I placed my ad for a housesitter and had ten responses! I picked two young American girls travelling around Australia and they were brilliant. Our dogs loved them, they looked after the house beautifully and were just about the loveliest girls you could meet.

Alphie, loved his Housesitters
Live in Dog Sitters
Housesitters DanicaHare
I'd recommend Housecarers to everyone and plan on telling all my friends about it! ... Julieanne


The user name of the girls was Housesitters DanicaHare, absolutely wonderful girls.

View Housesitter Found for Housesit Copacabana, Central Coast NSW

Rent Free Opportunities world wide


Floating Lantern Festival - Honolulu Hawaii

Has anyone been to this festival?

Floating Lantern Festival Honolulu

Hawaii had proved very popular over the years for Housesitting - here are just some of the housesits we have matched with housesitters since October 2000.

House Sitters Wanted, and Found for Hawaii - housesitting assignments

Would you sleep here?


You dont have to.  Find a Housesit with Free Accommodation - Anywhere and Everywhere. Come on over to Housesitting Country at  Subscribe free for Housesit opportunities, and if your impressed upgrade for only 50.00 per year to apply for unlimited Opportunites

Pet owners: Checklist of things to leave your House Sitter and Pet Sitter before you go on holiday

Pet owners: Check-list of things to leave your House and Pet Sitter before you go on holiday - get yours now for Free:  

Download Checklist for your housesitter and live-in Pet Sitter

One of our International live-in Dog Sitters

To most of us, our pets are just another member of the family, they are just more loyal and don’t talk back. When you go away you want them to be as loved and well looked after as when you are home.
Get your Checklist for the Pet Sitter

French B&B owner very happy with Juliethoneybee Caring for their old renovated farmhouse B&B, cats, hens and guests as if they were her own

We recently took a short trip away and needed someone to look after our two cats and the house - a B&B, in fact!  

House Sitter found for B&B Southern France
The Hosts outside the B&B in Southern France

We were very fortunate to be put in touch with House Sitter Juliethoneybee through your website!

She was wonderful to have around - great company when we here and completely capable when we were away.  She cared for our cats, hens and guests as if they were her own!

We hope she will come back again when needed!

Housesitters found for B&B in France
B&B Bedroom
View House sitter found profile for B&B Southern France

Pet owners: Checklist of things to leave your House and Pet Sitter before you go on holiday

Just as it essential to leave an information pack about your home, it is essential to leave an information pack for your pets. You could combine the two and have one big information pack or have two separate packs. Get your checklist Below:

Get PetSitter checklist so nothing is left to chance when you go away
To most of us, our pets are just another member of the family, they are just more loyal and don’t talk back. When you go away you want them to be as loved and well looked after as when you are home.

Get your petsitter Checklist, for live-in Petsitters

Housesitter Dan makes friends with a Menagerie over 6 Years of House Sitting and Travels Rent-free

 Just a few friends gathered over past six years of "sitting"

Some of the Friends Dan has met during 6 years of Housesitting

View Profile of House sitter Dan - DriveCountry

We have been involved with motor sporting events for 47 years ... and would like house/pet caring positions on the Coffs Coast or hinterland until the WRC, Rally Australia in September, 2014.

House Sitter Checklist for Homeowners and Petowners

Our associates form have put together a great document based on their many years of practical experience as live-in Petsitters. 

Checklist of things to leave your House and Pet Sitter before you go on holiday 

What do you need to do as a homeonwer before you leave your home in the hands of the housesitter?
Enjoy your holiday - you wont miss anything with these great checklists.

And what about your precious pet family members?  What are there feeding and exercise routines and requirements?  Go on holiday knowing all the contact and emergency details are there for you to truly relax 

Housesitter Found for housesit in beautiful area in Fiji (for Third Time) , by the sea, with amazing views all round.

Hello again, Thanks so much for your great service. This is the 3rd time we have been able to organise house /pet sitters through your site. Thanks again, Jennifer 

 No air con just the sea breeze and ceiling fans

The housesitters could Enjoy the Fiji lifestyle in a great locality with all the comforts of home.

View Housesitter found profile for Fiji housesitting

House sitters Found for the 20th Time for Housesit Horningsea, North Cambridge, Cambridge Cambridgeshire England

Thanks Ian. I am all sorted out now. and well on the way to finding someone already!
This must be about the 20th house sit we have arranged, both in Australia and UK. Great service.

Best wishes, Clare

#Dogsitter Found for views of French Alps overlooking lake Geneva

Dear Mr. White;

My wife and I would like to thank housecarers again for a great site that has been so helpful to us in finding dogsitters / house sitters.

Once more we have found some lovely people that will be minding everything for us at the end of June and July.

We have had great luck with this site and usually within 24 hours of posting an ad we are spoiled for choice with half a dozen responders....we always feel guilty that we can only offer one of them a chance to housesit for us here in the French Alps overlooking lake Geneva.

Thank you for many successful placements.

kind regards,

Have pets, won't travel?

Vacationers and their pets benefit from sitters

By Ian White, Owner and Founder of

"Have pets, won’t travel’" is the reality for many people. Many pet owners never travel from home for more than a few days because the usual care options just don’t work for them. Asking a family member or friend to take your pets is often a favour you can’t ask for regularly. Kennels are not an option for most pet owners, who simply won’t subject their loved ones to a caged stay of any duration. Bringing pets along for travel is often not realistic for many pet owners, especially when there are old, large, or multiple pets involved.

The main problem with most care options is that they require the animals to be taken out of their home environment and daily routines. Being cared for by strangers is not usually a problem for animals, but it can be when it is also in a strange place (not home). Being in a strange environment is often stressful for animals when they are separated from their human family for several weeks or months.

I recently asked an animal expert for her view on the topic. “Dogs are creatures of habit and are generally very emotionally connected to their 'social group' (i.e. their people),” says Francine Miller, a canine behavior specialist in San Diego, CA. “It is always preferable to keep them in their home environment and in their normal routine to minimize stress.”

There is also the stress, worry, or guilt experienced by the pet owners when they leave their pets. People want the best for their pets and they don’t want their vacations to become guilt trips.

Fortunately, a growing number of pet owners are discovering the advantages of having pet-loving house sitters stay in their home while they travel. Having house sitters (the non-paid kind) care for you pets and home is really an ideal solution for pet owners, their pets, and the sitters, who are often pet owners themselves on vacation or retirement travel. Sitters care for homes, pets, and even larger animals such as horses and llamas. Sometimes they care for injured or dying pets and help avert robberies or home disasters related to gas leaks, power outages, etc.

The opportunities for housesitting have grown rapidly in recent years as pet owners look for better solutions and travellers seek richer experiences with lower costs. It’s a global and growing trend that is changing how many people travel and make new friends.

“I would not be able to travel if I had no-one to come to my home to care for my pets,” wrote Rosalie Guttman (see Rosalies catsitter needed profile on Housecarers)  of Chicago.
 “My cats have never been out of the house and one is claustrophobic and cannot be in a cage. I've seen animals left in kennels and they don't look very happy."   
“We have not put our two pets in a kennel for many years,” wrote Nancy and Jerry Kamens of Arlington, Virginia, who now use house sitters.
(Dog Sitter Wanted Ad Filled)Our dog does much better at home in familiar surroundings.”

“Cats are very territorial and taking them away from their home is rather distressing to them,” wrote Silvia Mariani, who lives in London, England. “Even a short trip to the vet becomes an ordeal, let alone separating them from their home for days or weeks.”

As I have heard from many pet owners, Silvia adds that she has remained friends with many sitters around the world.
“I've also been invited to stay at their places - all this makes house sitting a more personal, rewarding experience.”  Silvia's cat sitter needed ad filled

These pet owners shared their experiences as part of a survey I recently conducted of the nearly 50,000 home owners registered on my housesitting website, Here is a fact that gives an idea of how large and global house sitting has become: in the past year, my members have posted sitting opportunities in at least 64 countries. The most popular countries for house sitting in order are the U.S., Australia, Canada, the UK, France, New Zealand, Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, Italy, and South Africa. growing rapidly and the demand for house sits is often greater than the supply. 

Many house sitting websites have popped up in recent years, but the key is to create a secure environment for both parties to make a personalized match. There are sitters who are paid for their help, but the growth is happening in the non-paid type. House/pet sitters on sites like mine receive no money for caring for homes and pets – they receive only accommodation. Housesitting is all about mutual benefit. And making new friends around the world

We have thousands of House Sitters who have nominated they will care for you Cats and/or Dogs, and most other common pets.

Author bio --- Ian White is the founder and owner of , which has matched thousands of house sitters with homeowners worldwide since October, 2000. HouseCarers was launched in recognition of the need to provide a secure environment where homeowners can locate a reliable house sitter and sitters can achieve their financial and housing goals. 

The Ultimate Guide to Travelling when you are broke

Think you don't have enough money to travel? Think again. Travel guru Matt Kepnes puts that myth to rest with this guide to traveling on little (or no) money. Here is his story. Read More: 


Housesitter Kontentedkatz Gets Out of home, and Out of the country and has fabulous experiences All Over the World.

Hi Ian and crew,
as if I wouldn't renew my membership! I have renewed my membership and hope it will come through soon.
This is the best site I know of and I use it all the time. mind. I now have rescued cats in three countries as well as being auntie to lots of Housecarer babies.

Housesitter Profile for kontentedkatz
It provides me with so much stimulus to get me out of home and out of the country and go and have fabulous experiences all over the world. So far I have minded cats and dogs in Cyprus, Turkey, Thailand, France, Austria, Australia and Mauritius.In Mauritius last year I had a roof garden full of plants, 200 + birds, 5 forest cats, a stray dog, and a family of baby hedgehogs too.

I travel for up to 8 months of the year and only use Housecarers. I recommend your wonderful site to other people I meetActually I have been in hospital for the last couple of months and had limited use of my computer. Now I am at home again and raring to go. Best Wishes for your trustworthy and comprehensive program.


Great to hear from you. I am glad you have recovered. It is always good to hear stories like yours. I confirm your memberhsip is renewed. Where are you from? What are your main reasons for housesitting?


I have always found it reliable, you always answer any questions sensibly. The site is easy to use and well set out and well thought up, especially the classic list. Please don't change this list! One can see at a glance what is available and where it is.In other sites I have tried one needs to go through all the entries and frequently they are old or unavailable and its really boring and tiring.

The classic list is a great inspiration for world wide travel and I love to look up exotic places to go and do housesitting.

I live in Melbourne, Australia and started off my career in housesitting by minding dogs and cats by putting up notices in the local supermarket. Once I had established myself as a trustworthy person who really cares for and loves animals, and had enough good references behind me, I had enough courage to try overseas housesitting  and I joined your site.Now I have had over 12 years of housesitting and petcaring both overseas and in Australia.

Since joining Housecarers I have done housesitting in Turkey, Cyprus, Austria, France, Mauritius, Thailand and Australia.  I have made many friends and contacts abroad and still keep contact with most of my former house owners. I usually fall in love with the little creatures I mind and always keep up with their doings.   Many owners have rescued animals which I sympathise with and they want to make sure that a caring person is looking after them after all the work they have put into rescuing them and bringing them back to health and safety. I often mind  multiple animals, for example up to 15 cats. It helps to be patient and  I always treat the persons home and four-footed friends with respect and loving care.

I am well travelled you see, China and South East Asian countries, Europe and the Middle East, Great Britain.Sometimes I have even rescued kittens and found them suuitable homes on my travels in Azerbaican, Turkey and Cyprus

The best thing about housesitting is that usually I travel alone, sometimes I get tired and it is great to have a secure and homely atmosphere to come home to at the end of a sightseeing day. Being a homebody I take my knitting and beading and computer and prefer the company of the babies I am minding to going out at night.
I find that having a base for a few weeks it is easy to go to local beauty spots and to meet local people. It is also easy to extend one travels ito neighbouring countries after the sit. The locals are always helpful telling me where to go and what to see.

In short I travel up to 8 months of the year following the summer sun  having different experiences and learning about different cultures and customs.

Please feel free to use this  or my profile to help your site.  I am always looking for different destinations in Europe or elsewhere and if I can be of any help I would be happy to do so.

Valerie finds perfect match for housesit of Newly renovated 4 bed farm house set in a rural area surrounded by farmland full under floor heating

Thank you .  We have had the most impressive contacts  from your site it is  of brilliant  quality
 Every enquiry would have been perfect for our needs Well done for the professionalism your site offers we will defiantly use the service again and recommend you highly. Regards Valerie (UserName = Tournesols, Mirebeau, Poitiers, Rural Haute Poitu France)

Retired British couple looking for house sitters in our Beautiful Detached three bedroomed renovated farmhouse with pool. Rural location but very close to local amenities. Thirty minutes from Poitier airport, one hour to the Loire valley. We have three cats who live outdoors. The cats need to be fed once a day, this is the only attention required by 'our girls'. Although the cats are friendly they do not live in our home but live in the barns. The property has two acres including lawns (we have an easy to use sit on mower,) small veg garden, we require an active couple who are willing to maintain the grounds whilst we are away.

Angel House Sitter found for two Dogs and Cat Scenic, Maple Ridge British Columbia Canada

We had the pleasure of meeting Angel, (House sitter Username angelcanann) when she came to take care of our two dogs one is diabetic  and one cat...we asked her to come in a day early to get acquainted with our pets...they took to her immediately! We were able to keep in touch with her through out our two week absence...came home to very happy pets and a very neat and tidy home...not to mention a new friend! I highly recommend Angel...please do not hesitate to book her..or get in touch with us...Thanks Eileen (homeowner  grittygerty - profile Dogsitter Found Maple Ridge BC)

Maple Ridge, British Columbia Canada

Farmer_R finds friendly, honest and trustworthy House Sitters for short-term housesitting of their old Bavarian Farm House

Thank you to Steffi & Peter Steffi & Peter alias Cori2a recently completed a 8 day housesit for me.I was not happy to leave the house and my pets the first time alone but Steffi & Peter did a great job.Both are very friendly, honest and trustworthy people and they looked after my house and pets brilliantly. 

My dog and the cats were very contented when I returned and the house was cleaner than when I left.  It was a wonderful experience and a great luck to met such a couple.

I would not hesitiate to recommend them for any other housesits and you can contact me anytime.Thank you!Regards,
Max alias Farmer_R

A Housesitting Picture tells a thousand Words

Follow on Pinterest. A house sitting Picture tells a thousand Words.  Dream of a refreshing change of scenery.  Sweep away the cobwebs? Breath deeply and imagine, get inspired, be thankful and find out how good it is to serve and help others.

Visit Housecarers House Sitting Directory's profile on Pinterest.

Recently Retired New Zealand, Teachers Enter a whole new World as Housesitters


Just to let you know we have just about confirmed our house sit in KeriKeri  (Bay of Islands) NZ.  We love being members of housecarers - it has opened up a whole new world to us. We are from New Zealand and have been members of housecarers for  3 years....  hampster2

This photo of Kerikeri is courtesy of TripAdvisor

View Housesitter Profile for Retired NZ teachers - hampster2

What an adventure we had in Egypt - after housesitting in Rochechouart,France, for 4 months this was another world - all good!

Natiional Geographic - wants to interview remote caretakers

My name is Eric Mintz and I am working with National Geographic to find some isolated caretakers. I was wondering if you could run a message to your group reading: "National Geographic Television would like to interview caretakers that work alone in isolated areas with no human contact and have to maintain and both their properties and their sanity as the guard and maintenance their facilities and locations.  We are interested in learning more about the unique challenges and privileges you encounter working in these remote locations.  If your current work isolates you for weeks at a time we would love to hear about the experience. If you are interested in speaking with us, please contact Eric Mintz at by February 26th."  Thank you in advance for your help in this matter!

Pet and home owners gain new freedom using house sitters worldwide


A growing number of pet and home owners around the world are discovering the many benefits of using non-paid house sitters. The number of house sitting companies and websites has grown rapidly in recent years as home owners look for better solutions and travelers seek richer experiences with lower costs.

Pet and home owners everywhere have always faced the same challenge when they travel – how to care for their homes and beloved pets. Many pet owners never travel because they refuse to leave their pets in the care of others, while many other pet owners use house sitters to allow them to travel with less worry, expense and effort. 
Since pets are often considered members of the family, kennel boarding is not an option for most pet owners, who won’t subject their loved ones to a caged stay of any duration. Bringing pets along for travel is often not realistic, especially when there are old, large, or multiple pets involved. 
Animal experts also see the benefits. “Dogs are creatures of habit and are very emotionally connected to their home environment,” says Francine Miller, a canine behavior specialist. “It is always preferable to keep them in their home environment and in their normal routine to minimize stress.” 

Nearly 50,000 home owners have registered on, Housecarers  has been matching home owners and sitters since 2000. These owners are part of a large and growing segment of home owners enjoying the care and cost advantages of using pet-loving house sitters, who care for homes, pets, and even larger animals such as horses and llamas. Sometimes they care for injured or dying pets and help avert robberies and home disasters related to gas leaks, power outages, etc.

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“The popularity of housesitting is growing rapidly and the demand for housesits is often greater than the supply,” says Ian White, the founder and owner of HouseCarers. “Many house sitting websites have popped up recently, but the key is to create a secure environment for both parties to make a personalized match.”
House sitters on receive no money for caring for homes, only accommodation. Home owners on the site pay no fees at all to connect with sitters.

“Housesitting is all about mutual benefit,”  “And making new friends from around the world.”

House sitter found for Cradle Mountain, Deloraine, Devonport, and Launceston giving access to fabulous scenery, beautiful food (cherries, raspberries, cheese) and wonderful people

Service thru this company have been nothing short of exceptional. This is a first time usage for me and I would not hesitate to use it and or recommend to others. I feel I have found a wonderful couple to cat and house sit. Regards ..  Pat. 

 Eddie the Cat

View housesitter found ad for Sheffield, Nook, Devonport Nth. West .,TAS Australia

May 2,2014 For 5 months or there abouts to suit.. | Long Term

Being on both sides of the House Sitting Fence with House Carers

We recently sold our home and started travelling full-time. Many people ask how we can afford to do this. Most of our expenses are paid out of our own pockets so staying in hotels every night can get very costly very fast. We have found a way to mitigate those costs by house sitting. We've been using a few different tools to make this possible but the biggest help for us with house sitting has been House Carers...

Experiences in housesitting

Cats Make Great Pets If You Understand Them

Anyone wanting a new kitten should be a cat lover. Let’s face it, folks, cats are just different from dogs. Cats do not usually perform any special tricks, and they certainly do not guard your possessions  while you are away. In fact, the only thing you can be guaranteed of by having a cat is that a mouse won’t last long if they creep into your home.

Cats are loved by many because of their independence. Cats have a life, so to speak. Most cats do not follow you around the home with their tongues hanging out of their mouths waiting on your attention. While they do love their owners fiercely, cats will not grovel like a dog and worship and fawn over their owners. Cats are perfectly content simply being themselves--and they do not seem to need constant reassurance, unlike canines.

This does not mean cats do not need love and affection, it simply means cats are not “fragile” characters. In fact, cats exude a self assurance which can often be misunderstood as aloofness or coldness. Yet, cats are far from aloof or unfeeling. They feel deeply and love deeply. If a cat comes to sit on your lap, you know you are truly loved.

Anytime the family thinks about bringing a new pet into the home, it is exciting. Cats are a favorite of many because as kittens they are so entertaining to watch. Cats have a mind all of their own and only a true cat lover can even claim to understand the psyche of a feline. Cats are mysterious animals, which is part of the draw to them. While cats have been brought into the home, their instincts still remain. Cats adopt their owners and will even go out and provide “dinner.”  Many cat owners have stepped out on the stoop to find a dead mouse, opossum, or mole waiting for them. Now, that is love and loyalty!

If you are planning to bring a cat into your home, you should look at it as a life long commitment. Cats can live fifteen years and beyond. You should also understand that as cats mature, they will often sleep and laze around the home. If you are wanting a cat to entertain you throughout her life, you should seriously think about whether a cat is the pet for you.  Kittens are very entertaining and young cats are always curious and open for a challenge. However, older cats aren’t easily excitable and usually prefer to watch the antics in the home from a distance.

When you have made the decision to bring a new cat into your home, you will have to decide between a domestic or purebred cat. If you choose to go with a purebred cat, you can be guaranteed of size and appearance, and possibly temperament. There are more than 40 breeds to choose from, so do your homework. You will want to research the grooming requirements of the breed you are considering, along with the general disposition of the breed. 

Domestic cats come in all colors and shapes. When you look at any cat, there are some things you should consider. For instance, while all cats are fairly in proportion to each other, there are some cats which are more lanky and lean than others. These cats will be the ones who may be more interested in running and exploration. The chunkier, heavier cat will probably be more laid back and not get into too big a hurry about anything. You have a choice between a domestic long hair or domestic short hair cat.

When picking out your kitten, you should understand that kittens should not have an odor. While puppies do tend to have a smell about them, kittens do not. You should observe the entire litter of kittens. Do any of them have crusty eyes or a runny nose? If so, you may want to reconsider choosing a kitten from that litter. You certainly shouldn’t take one home simply because you feel sorry for it, either. Especially if you have other pets in your home. All of the kittens should have bright and clear eyes and be very alert.

You should handle the kittens. Their fur should be soft and silky, and never stiff or dry. Likewise, their coat should not feel oily or greasy. When you are petting the kitten, you should run your hands along her skin to ensure she has no sores. When you are holding each kitten, place them up to your face and nuzzle them. Listen for any breathing noises. You should not hear any raspy or breathy breathing. If you do, this is possibly a signal that the kitten has a respitory infection.

After visiting with the kittens, instinct will usually dictate to you which kitten is your match. You may feel the rowdy, rambunctious kitten will fit the best into your lively home. Or, you may decide the laid back kitten is more your speed, especially if you have a quiet home. Once you have made your decision and chosen your kitten, you should have a kennel waiting for travel. You should never try to ride in a car with a cat unless they are restrained or in a kennel. While most dogs love car rides, cats tend to scare. They can cower under your feet and this can lead to a wreck.

When you bring your new kitten into your home, you should immediately show her where the litter box, food and water are located. You should also have a supply of cat toys on hand to distract the cat from missing her mom and litter mates. While this cannot entirely be avoided, lavishing attention on a new kitten will do wonders in the transition to her new family.

You should expect your new kitten to explore every nook and cranny in the home. This is a necessary part of a kitten’s disposition. (Even older cats seem to perk up when a new piece of furniture is brought into a home they have lived in for years.) You will want to kitten proof your home. You should keep the lids down on the toilet, and you may want to remove potted plants and the like until your cat learns the rules.

Cats are social creatures, and they can learn the rules of their new environment with consistency. While you may think they do not understand what you are saying, this is not true. If you have a new kitten who wants to walk across the kitchen counter or dining room table, simply rattling a newspaper at her and saying “down” will teach her to stay off. With time you will be able to put the newspaper away and simply speak the command.

Kittens can add joy to any home. Part of the fun is knowing the kitten is oblivious to the fact that she is the center of attention. She is not trying to gain your attention by performing.  She is simply being a cat. You should also not be upset if your kitten is not interested in being a lap cat. While she may be content for a few moments on your lap, kittens have to roam, play and explore. As your cat matures she will be more inclined to take it easy curled up on your lap. Until then, just make her feel loved and you will have a feline that will adore you and her new home.

Author Ian White is founder of worldwide House and Pet Sitting Directory