Turns 18

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We Launched the first World Wide House Sitting Membership Site in October 2000. After 18 years HouseCarers is even more passionate about promoting this opportunity that has Enriched lives worldwide. Thank you to all our Loyal Members... You are the best! 

To celebrate we are launching next Month, an exciting Referral Loyalty Program.

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Continuing to Celebrate our 18th Birthday

Housecarers founder Ian White with granddaughter Ashleigh. Lilly does not look too interested, but obedient.

Thank you loyal members for your service to others. We are exited to be launching our Referral Rewards program next month. Thank you Basic Bananas for you help with this, and other "Keeping it Fresh" Ideas.

See how we have evolved over the years on the Way Back Machine Internet Archives 

Dr. Maureen's Global Escapades as a Housesitter.

Long time member Dr. Maureen Murphy spends 95 percent of her time staying in other people's houses. (See Maureen's house sitter profile)
Maureen has a mailbox in Texas, but is rarely there. She's an associate professor at the University of Maryland and she teaches online. Her one requirement wherever she goes is a reliable internet connection.
Maureen  has been featured in an interview by Mother Nature Network

Maureen House sitting at  Megan's Bay in St .Thomas in the Virgin Islands. (Photo: Maureen Murphy)
Maureen  started House Sitting in 2010 and, early on, most of her homes were in the Texas area. But then she began branching out...

I milked a cow in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. I snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef. I got soaking wet in Cape Tribulation. I saw the penguins on Phillips Island and took a helicopter tour above the Twelve Apostles. I watched the fireworks from a boat in the harbor near the opera house on New Years Eve in Sydney,  In New Zealand I have sat in hot pools in Rotarua, picked kiwis and heard bagpipes in Dunedin....

I milked a cow in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales

I travel to and from pet and house sits. My life is one big adventure.  I never stay anywhere too long. I’m not running from the law, I am not running from anything. I am running to. I am going to my next learning experience, to my next furry pet and the wonderful people of the world.

 Read more about Maureen's Adventures and Housesitting at Mother Nature Network

Aussie Retirees Traverse the Globe with Free accommodation by House Sitting

Perth based retirees Deb and Peter Holst have been globe trotting while paying nothing for their accommodation. They have been doing this for eight Years!

They figure that has saved them more  than $100,000 in accommodation costs.
They have done this  by offering their services as House Sitters.

The couple have had the opportunity to house-sit at some decidedly dream locations
They revealed they have done one hundred House Sit assignments in eight years.

Deb,  cuddling their fur-ball  in another exotic location.

Guatemala was another country that we never dreamed we would go to ... We thought it was a dangerous place. But when we got there it was just an amazing experience that we had," Deb said.

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Shares her 17 year House Sitting Journey with housesits through

The best job in the world
I  go where I want, when I want, and for how long I want. I only have myself to please, and please myself I do!
For a 75-year-old mum, granny, former teacher, and widow, I am fit, happy, healthy and loving life. And I plan on living at least another 28 years doing this very same thing....

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