Bellingham WA homeowner finds it a breeze to find someone to look after beautiful, furnished cottage overlooking the bay in a very quiet neighborhood close to hiking trails and Fairhaven district

I am writing to thank you for your wonderful web site, and to say that it made it a breeze to find someone compatible for our home. I will definitively reuse the site in the future as we travel often. Best, Anne G...(2catsandagarden)

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Housesitting Widow Lona escapes the Calgery Alberta Cold winter (..brrrrrrrr) to Melbourne VIC Australia, and gets to know the locals

Dear Ian: Finally getting around to dropping a note to say how much I enjoyed a 6 week housesit in Melbourne through Housecarers and to thank you for providing this website.

I live in Calgary, Alberta and guess I'd say my main reason for housesitting is to get out of the cold weather in winter.

Getting to know 'the locals' wherever you go is an added bonus . . . hopefully you'll 'click' (have enough 'common
ground') to make it a very enjoyable experience . . . which happened with Carmel in Melbourne.

Am thinking that I'm interested in applying for housesits required in California which would be closer to get to from Canada, but haven't got around to updating my housecarers site as yet.

Thanks again for providing the website and look forward to more enjoyable 'sits'.

.. Lona..(nina49)
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It is all about Connections. NZ Auckland couple housesit around the Globe with free accommodation. Housecarers makes the world smaller, and helps enrich retirement years.

We have had housesits in Idaho, Colorado, Las Vegas, Arizona, Oregon a couple of years ago. This year we are in Tennessee, and again in Arizona for the same couple. We have also had sits in New South Wales, Queensland and Northern Territory in Australia, and some in the North Island of New Zealand. We live in Auckland.

When we retired from running our own business, found life rather mundane and boring, so really enjoyed organising the pet sits. We had just moved into an apartment and could not have a pet of our own, so another reason as it allowed us to look after other peoples animals. And we enjoy travelling the world and meeting new people and the costs are kept down by staying in people's homes.

We have recently organised a good pet sit in the US and we are returning to a previous pet sit we did three years ago. So it is going really well. We do enjoy meeting the people and their pets. And it seems they are equally as pleased with us as we are with them.... forrys

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Viva123 finds dogsitter for - THE best location! Village atmosphere! Close parks & Harbour! Balmain, Sydney . Immaculate home in whisper quiet spot with views of Mort Bay and the harbour bridge

I recently used your service and found a very nice couple who will dog-sit for me for two weeks in April. I received very positive responses to my ad and thank you for your service... Viva123

Suit mature age ( preferably retired) active couple who are looking for a nice relaxed break in the big smoke, plenty of time to see the sights and enjoy the unique village atmosphere of cafes & boutique shopping that Balmain has to offer cl to ferry, lots of pretty parks & local walks - all along waterfront areas. The house has all mod cons / immaculate condition. One woofa to look after...

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Teacher Kate Saves on Rent and Improves her Health with Coastal Housesits - Real Stories from the World of House Sitting

I have been successful through applying for two house-sits so far on this site.

Ian Housecarers: Thanks for the feedback. All the best with your applications Where have the housesits been? Out of interest what is your main reason /s for housesitting?

The housesits have been in Calliope near Gladstone, Qld and one coming up in Elliott heads for 5 months near Bundaberg. We were chosen out of 28 applicants for that one and 10 for the other one.

We are housesitting as we couldn't sell our house and have rented it out and wanted to live near the coast for awhile for health reasons as I had pneumonia last year. We also want to save some money when we get to Bundaberg for further travels and housesitting will help a lot in that regard.
Kate ... Bala10

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