How can you tell if your Dog is Stresssssed?

I recently spoke with Dr Peter Higgins BVSC,MBA who is Media spokesman for Dogs NSW at the 2008 Sydney Retirement and Lifestyle Expo. He full endorsed live-in house sitting pet sitting or as a preferred kennels alternative. He said putting dogs in kennels can lead to behavioural problems.

Here is a link to an article on Dog Stress reprinted by permission from author Dr Kristie:

Is your Dog Stressed

Castlecrag Sydney homeonwer receives fabuloous applications

"Thanks so much House Carers.

This is the fourth time we have used your service to find a house sitter and as always we received fabulous applications. It makes it so hard to choose. Keep up the great work!"
..... kirstenw

Housesit Caslegrag Sydney NSW Australia

We are going away for a month over Christmas and need a house sitter to look after our dog (King Charles Cavalier), 2 cats and some goldfish. The dog will love you if you can walk him once a day (half an hour will do), the cats and goldfish pretty much look after themselves but need feeding twice a day. Our house has 4 bedrooms and lots of stairs. So if you feel like spending Christmas in Sydney, please let us

arcticdreamers still sitting after 4 years - and loving it

This is presently our 12th sit and our 4th year of sitting - then we are off to Seymour and Yarra Junction in Vic, then Tas then to is a joy and we just love house sitting, its a great lifestyle and we do it for the travel, new sights and for the fact that we meet some terrific people and great animals along the way and we just love to help people, to make their own travels happy and stress free, knowing their homes and pets and gardens are well looked after in their absence.

Thanks for a terrific site we couldn't do it without you, each sit just gets better and better. We are booked until end 2010....Keep up the good work. House-carers is the best!! cheers Jen & Maurice...... (arcticdreamers)

Healthy, retired couple - We love to travel, but do not enjoy staying in expensive hotels etc

"Hi Once again we located a house sit in the area we wish to visit. This is a wonderful site. We are having so much luck with this house sit situation. Since we are from Vancouver Island and the house sit is on Vancouver Island we will be visiting them next month to receive a run through and a chance to meet the people with their furry family. Just love this site. Keep up the good work. As ever "

housesitter Snookie (Jeanette)

Snookie are booked out and their profile is on hold:

Profile for Snookie
We are a healthy, retired couple who are willing to take care of your home while you are away. We enjoy gardening and adore cats and dogs. (no birds or reptiles). Until three years ago we owned and operated a bed and breakfast which was very successful. We now live in a town house and are enjoying our second retirement. We love to travel and meet people. We are also non smokers. We do not charge monitary fees for our services. The chance to take care of your home, and furry family while you are away are enough for us. We love to travel, but do not enjoy staying in expensive hotels etc