Dreams come true for house sitter mallane16

Hello Ian,
Thank you for the great opportunity to use this website, since joining in late July I have my first sit, which is local. Then I am off to beautiful Canada for a 5 1/2 month sit at a wonderful guest house. My dreams have come true.

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House sits fascinating in their variety and tone

Hello Ian,
The e-mails about possible house-sits have become part of my daily compulsory reading!! Most are not in the area I want but I find them fascinating in their variety and tone!

I have picked up another suitable house-sit through this organization and the owner and I met today following phone-contact to sound each other out.
I really appreciate the way this system works.
Keep "em coming! Yours sincerely, Diane (username dizlearningcurve)
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Sitter found for olde world charm Brisbane QLD Australia

We are very impressed at the quality of sitters that we could choose from who were willing to look after our house for us while we are away.Also, thank you for providing a very professionally run service.We will certainly look at using this site in the future.Well done!!
Trish and Tony ... username trishtony16

I have a lovely federation house with stained glass windows, giving it an olde world charm, close to the centre of Ipswich.It is within walking distance to trains, buses,shopping centres and the CBD. I would require someone who loves animals as I have 2 large dogs, 1 small dog and a cat.They are all very friendly but need lots of affection while my partner and I are away. I have warm sunny decks around the house for relaxing on and an outside spa. The house has plenty of off street undercover parking including a double garage.

House sitter Leuler is travelling the country house sitting

I wanted you to know that I have booked house and petcare assignments from June 11,2006 thru March 1, 2007! I began with summer in Dunstable, Masssachusetts, them move on to Easton,Md. and some wonderful owners and their Yellow Lab and African Parrot! On Sept 28th, I fly to colorful Taos for nine weeks of caring for two dachshunds and a fabulous contempory home, them onto Chama, NM for eight days.then, back to Easton, for Decemebr thru March 1, 2007. It's exciting and gives me an opportunity to care for dogs, man's best friend! Thanks , Joe (Leuler)
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Sitter found for Nutley New Jersey Two lovely labs, gerils and fish

"Just to let you know..... we have a sitter for this specific request. We think this is a great site and will certainly use it more in the future. "
Mary UserName: gravesm1

Two lovely labs were recently adopted and so we don't want to put into kennel. three visits a day for feeding and companionship/ walks. well behaved/ No problems or issues. also periodic feeding of gerbils and fish.

Homeowner - city center Vienna Austria, share their experience

"We used your service for the first time last week. Our house sitter was wonderful to our dog and respectful to our home. I think this is a fabulous concept! Thanks for your assistance, we are already looking to use it again!"
UserName: Czuchna

Housesit Vienna Austria City Center District 3
We would like to have someone use our house as vacation accomodations in exchange for watching our dog for the period indicated. We have a 230 sq. meter (2400 sq. ft.)flat near the city center (10 min. walk). We are near all types of public transport, shopping, dining, and a 2 min. walk to the Belvedere. Our dog is a great dane that is sweet and loves all people. She is crate trained, and house trained. You will enjoy staying at our house!

Home Invasion: How To Prevent Termites From Taking Over Your Home

They are focused in their pursuits, they are abundant in number, and they are probably nibbling on your home right now. What am I referring to? Termites! One of the few insect colonies to eat continuously, a typical single termite colony can completely consume 2.3 linear feet of 2x4 pine in one single year. If that does not sound like much to you, consider the seriousness of the situation if that 2x4 was also one of the supporting beams of your house. Keep in mind also that where there is one termite colony there are usually others, clustered together in pursuit of food. Suddenly, that 2.3 linear feet seems significant, and it is, especially when it is multiplied four or five times.

Termites are one of the biggest contributors to home destruction, costing a staggering $1 billion in damages each year. Thanks to the importing of the voracious Formosan termite from East Asia, that amount continues to skyrocket. Think about the following numbers for a moment. A termite colony consists of anywhere from 350,000 to well over a million workers, soldiers, and swarmers (termites with wings). A single termite queen can lay thousands of eggs per day and live between 30 and 50 years. That means a queen can recoup her losses and repopulate her colony even after tremendous devastation. This means the best way to fight this foe is to prevent them from ever touching your home.

Before we can look at how to prevent them, let’s look at the conditions that attract termites to an area:

Soil: Most termites are subterranean, meaning that they build their colonies in the ground. They love the soil and build elaborate tunnel systems, called galleries, extending up to three feet below the surface. Termites will often use this versatile building material to create mud tubes leading from their underground colonies to above ground food sources, like the wood in your home.

Wood: Termites will consume any material that contains cellulose, and since wood contains a great deal of cellulose, termites devour wood voraciously. If a single piece of wood touches the ground, be certain that a colony of termites somewhere will know about it. Although some subterranean termites will consume other materials like vegetation, dung, and humus, their primary source of food, and their favorite, is wood.

Water: As with most living things, termites generally cannot survive without a source of water present. Whether in the form of a leaky faucet or the natural precipitation process of rain, termites will always seek some source of moisture to survive.

Now that the three conditions for termite survival have been identified, we can now look at ways to prevent termites from infesting your home:

1. Identify and fix all water leaks in your home, both internal and external. As mentioned above, termites need water, and it does not matter where they get it. If the water source comes from your home, all the better for the colony. It means they do not have to work as hard. Eliminating their water source removes one of the three requirements for survival.

2. Remove any brush or heavy growth from around your home. Vegetation can create areas of intense moisture, which is necessary for colony survival. Termites like it wet, so try and disappoint them as much as possible.

3. Eliminate any standing or pooling water from around your home.

4. Store all excess building materials and firewood away from the house. Remember that wood is their primary food source. Scrap wood touching the ground is an open invitation to hungry termites. If your property is not large enough for wood storage away from the house, create barriers beneath the wood to prevent direct access to the termites. Thick concrete slabs or heavy duty metal stands can be used to raise the wood off of the ground.

5. Use treated lumber for any wooden structures that will have direct contact with the ground. The chemicals in treated lumber do not guarantee that termites will not invade the wood, but they can act as a deterrent for decks and patios made out of treated lumber. Home improvement centers now offer concrete supports that raise the wooden support beams for decks and patios off of the ground. This would be a great way to avoid wood to ground contact.

6. Avoid using mulch near your home. Mulch provides two things to hungry termites: a food source and a water source. The qualities of mulch that make it attractive for use in the garden are the very qualities that attract termites. If mulch is placed near the exterior of your home, it is only a small step for a colony to move into your walls. As an alternative to wood mulch, try using one of the newer rubber mulches now available at your local home improvement center. They have the look of mulch and the benefits of mulch without providing the risks.

7. Never bury waste lumber or wood scraps in your yard. It acts as a magnet to termites and directs them to your property.

8. Remove any dead trees, old stumps, or roots in your yard. As these items decay, they attract termites to the area by providing a food source. When the food is gone, the termite colony will look for new sources of food. This includes your house.

9. Seal any cracks or holes within the foundation of your home. This will help prevent easy access for wandering termites.

10. Keep all gutters and waterlines clean of debris. Clogged gutters and waterlines leak, creating pools of water close to the house.

11. Make sure your home is properly ventilated, including your attic and internal crawl space areas. Adequate airflow prevents the buildup of moisture needed by termite colonies.

12. Periodically, get your home inspected for termite damage. A once-a-year inspection can save your home with early detection. If termites are not found in the home, the trained pest control specialists can at least offer recommendations to help you prevent an invasion. They may catch something you missed.

So what happens if you take all of these precautions and termites still begin to munch on your home? Use a pest control specialist in your area to help you deal with the problem. Here are a few of the treatment options that are currently on the market:

 Liquid Termiticide: This liquid pesticide is generally applied around the foundation of the house, as well as underneath the foundation. For new construction sites, the termiticide is applied to the graded soil as the home is being built, but for existing buildings, the foundation is partially dug out and drilled to ensure proper coverage. There are termiticides on the market that act as barriers and repellents to termite invasions, and there are termiticides that act as nerve poisons, killing the termites upon exposure.

 Subterranean Bait: Rather than acting as a deterrent to termite invasion, termite baits attempt to eliminate the colony at its source. Bait stations are set in the ground every ten feet or so around the perimeter of the home. The treatment begins when untreated wood segments are installed in the bait units to determine if termites are active around the house. The units are checked once a week, and if live termites are found, the wood is replaced with a toxic bait that is ingested by the termites and carried back to the colony. The toxins in the bait affect the termites by preventing the molting process, causing them to die ‘within their shell’. This long acting toxin allows the termites to both ingest the poison and carry it back to share with their colony. Special bait units can also be installed inside the home if termites damage is evident. A new series of bait traps have been developed by Dow Agrosciences to fight the more aggressive Formosan termite, which can penetrate cement, brick, heavy duty plastics, and high-pressure water lines just to get to food and water sources.

The best treatment option is a combination of termiticides and bait units setup both in the ground and throughout the house. Termites are hard to kill, and they are even harder to eradicate, so be tenacious in your efforts. Your best bet is to call a professional to help you. Over the counter solutions do not offer the same level of effectiveness that professional grade products do. Your house is one of your greatest commitments you will ever make. It is worth protecting the right way by getting the help of professionals who know what they are doing. But remember. In this case, an ounce of prevention really can take you far, ensuring a better chance of keeping these nasty bugs from eating up your investment before you have a chance to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor.

©2006 Ian White Access 2000 Pty Ltd

Gers Gascony France homewner's life is changed

Again such an efficient site! Many thanks, you really are appreciated and I tell everyone I know.

All are housesitters have been absolutely delightful and you've changed my life as I never used to leave home because of the four-leggeds! Thanks again!


Housesit: Perchede Gers Gascony France
3 well behaved dogs, 2 well behaved horses (they live out in the field). Our house and garden will need a minder for a week starting Nov 14th. Lovely area in the heart of Gascony and a house in perfect working order. (with central heating, although at that time of year it's doubtful whether it's necessary!)

Several housesits enjoyed by Sitter Goldengirl

Just to say Thankyou. For the past 2 years, I have enjoyed several housesits through your wonderful site. I hope to continue doing this for years to come. Your site is safe, comprehensive and, as a member, so easy to access - congratulations.

Susan (GoldenGirl)

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Five dogs,three Cats and two Parakeets in Mexico

I had my first House-sit in Mexico for 92 Days I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I took care of Five dogs,three Cats and two Parakeets all of which were rescue animals.

I am again looking for something else- 3 or more months in Mexico,Scotland,Arkansas, or Tuscon Arizona ... Housesitter pipergran

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How to Buy a Home Alarm System

Every year more and more homeowners are experiencing one of their worst nightmares- a home burglary. Chances are that you know someone who has been burglarized, or maybe you have already been a victim. The best step to take to prevent your home from being burglarized is to invest in a home alarm. A home alarm system can make all the difference between peace of mind and the lack of it.

If you are considering purchasing a home alarm system, do your homework. A little bit of easy research is all that it takes to ensure that you get the best possible alarm system for your home. In fact, the first step that you can take is to call your local police station to get some basic information. Find out whether or not they will recommend any companies for the job. If so, check those companies out first.

Next, contact your homeowner’s insurance company. Inform them of your intention to acquire a home alarm system and ask if they have any suggestions or recommendations for types of systems or particular companies. Since a discount is often given to homeowner’s who have an alarm system installed on their home, ask how much you will save on your insurance cost and find out id this differs according to the type of system that you have installed. Even if the amount is minimal, it does make a difference to the total cost of your insurance in the long run.

When you begin your search in earnest, have a representative from each company that you are considering come out to your home for an inspection. Ask for their recommendation in writing along with the cost of the system.

Next, you will need to consider which windows and doors you would like to include in the alarm system. Some systems charge by the number of zones that have been integrated into the alarm system. Each window or door is typically identified as a zone. A basic alarm system may originally be set up for a maximum number of zones. Adding zones onto the system may be possible for an increase in price.

Additionally, remember that not all systems are manufactured in the same manner. Consider whether or not you want your system to be wireless. With a wireless system, no one needs to worry about drilling, unsightly holes, and wires to hide.

Moreover, homeowners need to think about acquiring a battery backup for the alarm system in the event of a power outage. Plus, find out if any additional fees are expected and how often the system will require maintenance. Likewise, check into getting a system with a remote control if that is something that you are interested in getting.

Homeowners will also need to make a choice as to whether they want to have a twenty-four hour monitoring service. Typically, a monthly fee is involved. With this type of system, once a break in is detected, the local police are sent to investigate.

Along with cost features, it is important to consider the family’s lifestyle when deciding which windows and doors to target. Do you have pets? Do the pets frequent particular areas that may interfere with setting up the system in particular zones? What about family members? Will placing an alarm in certain areas cause problems or difficulties?

All of these factors need to be taken into consideration when deciding the location and type of sensors that will be used. Homeowners will do well to select a system that can meet all of their needs. Moreover, it is wise to select a system that can monitor each zone in a single location such as the control panel.

Determine the location for your control panel. Typically, two separate control panels and keypad sets are available; therefore, you will need to decide on two separate locations. The most common locations for control panels are the front door area and the master bedroom area. The control panel is in control of the system, while the keypad allows programming of the system. The keypad also allows the homeowner to turn the system on and off.

When selecting the code to be used for access to the system, a family friendly code, or one that is familiar and readily recalled by the entire family is the best choice. Remember that it might be needed during an emergency, so don’t make it too difficult.

A home alarm system can protect your home and loved ones from the unthinkable. It is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Begin your search today.

©2006 Ian White Access 2000 Pty Ltd

Unexpected Welcome Home Dinner for home owners libtravel

Through this service, we were able to screen potential sitters then select a great person to watch our home and take care of our house cat for our three week summer sojourn.

The unexpected benefits included rides to our starting point, regular email updates, and a welcome home dinner. The experience was a very positive one that has led to a new friendship. I will recommend the site to friends and colleagues. Thank you!

... libtravel

Completed Housesit: San Francisco Bay Area
Seeking quiet nonsmoking person to care for friendly house cat, water plants, take in mail, etc. Easy access by car and/or public transit to SF, Berkeley, Oakland, Marin, Vallejo, etc. Sunny, quiet, park-like neighborhood; spacious home; driveway for parking; community pools. DSL line available if needed.