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Benefits of Off-Season Travel

While it may be very exciting for a person to be in the thick of action during any event, the same cannot be said of travelling during the high season. Sometimes, a trip during peak tourist season is unavoidable, as this is when most people are able to go on holiday. Travelling during the off-season, though, can be a remarkably different experience.

The first and most noticeable attraction of low-season travel is how much more affordable things are. If you've always wanted to go but were discouraged by the prices, now is the time to book cheap airline tickets to Florida. It's not just airlines that reduce prices when the flow of tourists slows down to a trickle. Hotels, tour agencies and car rental agencies have to make every effort count to attract business and stay afloat. This means you have the chance to enjoy savings of up to 50 percent for a nice room, with the possibility of receiving an upgrade to an even better room and other special offers and gifts.

Aside from enjoying a more cost-effective trip, a low-season traveler wouldn't have to jostle through crowds of fellow tourists just to get glimpse of a famous monument or get from Point A to Point B. All that extra space would make trips to the beach so much more enjoyable too. You can take your time composing a gorgeous photograph of the sunset without worrying about an inconsiderate fellow traveler stepping into the frame and spoiling the shot. Even the locals might be friendlier in the absence of large groups of boorish travelers.

Before you rush out to the travel agency though, you should be aware of the reason a low-season exists for your dream destination. If it's largely based on the holiday period, then you don't have to worry much. However, the weather can make or break your off-season holiday. For instance, booking a trip to Asia during the monsoon season is just one way of setting yourself up for a miserable time. Other destinations may be completely inaccessible to outsiders during the winter, such as the Rocky Mountain National Park.

There are also some towns that virtually shut down when the tourists leave. Most of the time, business owners use this period to carry out maintenance and repair work. Neglecting to make enquiries beforehand may mean arriving at a fabulous hotel whose west wing is currently undergoing maintenance, or is located beside a site where construction is being carried out. There's also a chance that museums and monuments might be closed to public at these times too.

To avoid disappointment, it's best to enquire at your dream destination's local tourist bureau for the timing and reason for their low season. Hotels, airlines and travel agencies in the area may have different definitions of the off-peak period, but it's highly likely that you'll find a happy medium if you take the time to do a bit of research.

Enjoy your time away without the worries.

Match up with a Housesitter to
care for your home and mind your pets.

By Angela Yorke

House sitters Libertybelle sit 8 months from Brisbane to Bass Straight

We have had a very busy year with sits ranging from Brisbane to overlooking the Bass strait!!

And some strange experiences like agreeing to mind 4 breeding Cavalier Spaniels and on arrival finding that that was an understatement. We ended up with 13 dogs, 2 horses, 4 chooks, 4 Parrots, a cat and 4 fish!!

We were responsible for caring fro two pedigree litter one from birth to 7 weeks old, a litter of five pups. They were lucky we were agreeable people and that they still got to go off to Canada for 8 weeks!! ( even though it took us 48 hours to get the farm house up to a hygienic state).

However we now have some great references and are off to NZ for 4 months then back to Bundaberg to do another 2 months for a newly retired couple up there.

We have been away for 8 months this year and probably at least that next year.. keep up the good work.
It's a great site.

Merry Christmas
Jenny and David (Libertybelle)

House sitters Libertybelle profile

Sitters Sauni and Ken sit a Virginian log cabin and explore new horizons

Thru Housecarers, we had the most delightful experience this summer housesitting for a most interesting couple in Virginia on 70 acres of land living in a log cabin, caring for their dear dogs, chickens, rabbitts,a falcon, a hawk, (the owner is a Falconer)

The couple were terrific, introduced us to some of their friends at a dinner party. It just couldn't have been a more perfect opportunity to help out and explore new environs. Thank you! Sauni and Ken ... ROSACAMILLE

View profile for sitters ROSACAMILLE

Camano Island Washington USA homeowner gets a win win result after choosing a house/cat sitter for 3 month housesit.

"Thank you for a successful adventure for us finding a house/cat sitter.

We have been very pleased with the rapid response of so many qualified applicants to our ad.

We are happy with our selection, and believe he will be happy staying in and caring for our house.

A win win result. You are providing an excellent service."... Camanonana

Housesit details:

3 months Rural Camano Island,Washington USA

We are hoping to find a couple who will live here, and care for our cat, Sam. Our 3500 sq. ft. house, built in 2000, is on five wooded acres on an island (with a bridge), with water and mountain views.

We are 20 miles west of I-5, two hours from the Vancouver BC border where the 2010 Winter Olympics will be held in February, and 1 1/2 hours from downtown Seattle. We are walking distance from two State Parks, Camano Island State Park and Cama Beach State Park, both with beaches and wildlife and no crowds.

For skiing, snowboarding, crosscountry skiings, and snowshoeing, the North Cascades are a day trip.

DaisyandMarigold find a lovely siter couple from Canberra to mind Collingwood Melbourne house and cats, close to the cafes, restaurants, shops and ba

"Hi - just want to thank you for your impressive website and house sitting service. I've organised a lovely couple from Canberra to sit my house and cats, and had about 14 responses... Pam (DaisyandMarigold)"

House sit details: Collingwood Melbourne VIC Australia

I'm looking for a pet-loving house sitter from December 23 - 29, 2009. I have a lovely 2 bedroom terrace house in Collingwood, with a garden and vege garden.

My two beautiful cats, Daisy and Marigold, love affection and cuddles. My home is close to the cafes, restaurants, shops and bars of Smith St, Gertrude St and Brunswick St in Fitzroy and Lygon St in Carlton.

Responsible sitter essential, and I'd prefer a female or couple without kids who'd be happy to water the garden (rain water tank and 1 day of mains water. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you

Sitters timeforchange line up the housesits in USA and Canada

"Just a note to let you know how great we are finding this service we have so far secured 2 housits 1 for 2 weeks in calgary and we are then moving onto edmonton Canada for a six week housesit.

We have now updated our profile and are now hoping to find something for a month in new york.We start on New Years Eve and cant wait to meet the people we going to housesit for.What a great adventure we are going to be on."

Sharon (timeforchange)

View profile of house sitters timeforchange

Sitter RespProfessional holidays by house sitting for 5 years

We're currently on holdiays... and of course once againe we are house sitting. This time in Cairns QLD.

This will be our fifthe year of house-sitting for our holidays.

We're so please to have discovered it - and to have the service HouseCarers as a way of arranging it each time.... Carol (RespProfessional)

View profile for house sitters RespProfessional

Delightful couple visiting their daughter in Sydney from Ireland found for Upper North Shore Sydney Housesit

Hi Ian

"Just to let you know I have successfully found someone to look after my home, and dog, while I am away over Christmas/New Year period. They are a delightful couple visiting their daughter in Sydney from Ireland. I feel that the benefits for both of us will be mutual.

I will certainly recommend your service. I found that I had many, replies – I actually lost count – and felt reassured that the “right fit” would be achieved. I also tried another service – which had fees involved, and they were only able to send through one applicant, who was not suitable.
Many thanks"

Sally Billie3357

House sit details:

Upper North Shore, Sydney NSW
3 weeks AvailFromDate = 2009-12-15

I have a Miniature Schnauzer dog, aged 10, who is blind. While we are away it is important for her to stay in the family home as she knows her way around it very well and is no trouble.

I am looking for someone, or a family, to love her while we are away. Our home is 4 bedroom, A/C, Swimming Pool and is walk to shops and bus stops. It is 25 minute drive to Sydney CBD and 20 minutes drive to many beaches. If you feel you could look after her, and water the garden, we would very much like to hear from you.

Coffs Harbour homeowner gives rap for retired housesitters WeCare

"I recently used your service for the first time to find house sitters for my home and animals.

The response I had to my add was amazing.So many genuine people applied it was difficult to choose.The couple I chose,Barney and Sandy (House Sitters username Wecare) were an absolute delight and I would thoroughly reccommend them to anyone.

The animals had a ball and my home and car were sparkling when I returned.A big thank you to House Carers for a fantastic service and to Barney and Sandy for a great job.
Kind Regards Jenny (username Kalmiah)

Housesit Details: Coffs Harbour NSW, Australia
16 days From Sept 7 2009

I need a caring person/persons to look after my 2 dogs and cat.

Sprat is a small terrier cross and Tiffy a look alike Disney shaggy dog(clipped at the moment) Tootsie is a geriatric Birman cat who sleeps most of the time.

I live in a nearly new 3 bedroom townhouse 2 minutes from the CBD of Coffs Harbour. With beautiful mountain views from the front and back of the house I am only 5 minutes from main beach and Jetty areas. There is an enclosed dog park 2 minutes away and I walk the dogs there every morning.I would like you to be able to continue to do this. Other than that your time is free to enjoy this beautiful area.

Housesitter found to experience Irish rural life 90 minutes drive south of Dublin in the rolling countryside of County Wicklow Ireland

"I just want to say how impressed we are with the efficiency and scope of your service.

We received an excellent response to our search for housesitters and have made arrangements with one of the partys to cover for us while we're away for 10 weeks. We'll report further in completion of the assignment.

Maenwhile, many thanks for allowing us to avail of your fantastic concept!

Richard & Grania, (Wicklowway)

We have replied to all unsuccessful enquirers.

Housesit details: 10 weeks from 2009-11-22

County Wicklow 90 mins south of Dublin Ireland

We're seeking a practical couple to house-sit our property, pets (2 dogs, cat, hens, 2 horses and 2 donkeys) and 5 acre smallholding located about 90 minutes drive south of Dublin in the rolling countryside of County Wicklow, while we're absent from 26 November 09 until 31 January 2010.

Although December and January are not Ireland's best month's weather-wise -too little sun too much rain- the "cold spells" temperature seldom drops more that a couple of degrees below freezing.

This is an ideal opportunity for a mature and practical couple who want to experience Irish rural life, be within easy access of a capital city and spend Christmas away from it all in the company of a few special friends who could join them for the festive season. If interested in finding out more, please get in touch via Housecarers . We look forward to hearing from you

Housesitters CaringDuo land housesit for gorgeous home in the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming

"I wanted you to know that we are presently house sitting a gorgeous home in the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming. We found the house sit through your site, all the pieces fell into place, and we plan to be here for perhaps 3 years.

The couple who own the house are delightful and happy to have us here. They are in Houston working on a goverment contract and have told us that they have piece of mind knowing that we are caring for their property.

You have a great service and I wish you much success. As you can tell from our renewal, we still what to keep ourselves briefed on what is available - we could leave here for a short house sit (vacation) in the region."

View profile for house sitters CaringDuo

Exessive charges being asked by some Canadian homeowners

There appears to be a practice in Canada where homeowners are asking up to 800 a month for utiliites. This is not in the spirit of housesitting, particularily when considering the benefits a house sitter brings - and the alternate high cost of leaving a vacant home eg costs of winterizing a home. Stata or Condo fees should not be included in the utilities as - condo owner has to pay monthly regardless of  occupancy.

I am including below a comment from a Canadian house sitter:

The posters are definitely calling their charges utilities, not rent. However, if the posters couldn't find a housesitter, they would have to pay someone to remove snow from their sidewalk, rake leaves or water plants; or put some effort into what's called "winterizing" your home if you want to shut it down for the winter.

And finding a short term renter through traditional means is difficult, so they use your site to do it. In some ways a housesitter is doing them a favour: they want their house occupied while they're away, yet they want to charge for it. I live on the southwest coast, so can't say what heating costs are in colder areas, but $800 for all utilities is absurd, particularly in this Alberta case where they're called "strata fees" — a fee a Canadian condo owner has to pay monthly regardless of occupancy.

This is what we say in our guidelines:

"Other recurring bills such as phone rental, rates, condo association fees, body corporate fees, strata fees, local council rates, water, sewer, cable TV rental, ISP rental, or property taxes usually remain the responsibility of the owner. If your arrangement will be 12 months or more in duration, you might consider allocating all or a portion of the recurring bills to the house sitter

We urge you to incorporate your utility/tax payment conditions in your written contract."

Peacehousesitter shares her Bundanoon Pet sitting experience, including a blind Parrot

Just wanted to give you some feedback from recent experiences.

Bundanoon was great, the Arts Festival was on and the house was fabulous. Looked after a little old cat and a very old bird who gave me wolf whistles all day. I would like to take that as a compliment but he was mostly blind. I found her books very interesting as we had a lot of the same interests,,, Jeanette


Newbie house sitter Norma sits All solar home in Sonora deserta

"I wish I had become involved in house sitting years ago....I am new to your service and have a 3 month assignment in the Sonora desert in a all solar home,

I love new situations! Going to sit out of the country would be really exciting.
Thanks for your wonderful service"

Norma (crazy4pets)

View profile for House Sitter crazy4pets

Auckland NZ homeowner finds site very easy to follow

"We have found a house sitter, thank you. Your site is great, very easy to follow.

Thanks" Liz UserName: quilty

House sit details:

Howick Auckland East approx 3 weeks AvailFromDate = 2010-03-14

Our house is situated in Howick Auckland New Zealand. We have 4 bedrooms, but only 3 will be available as one is a workroom. There are 2 bathrooms and 2 living areas.

We need someone to look after the garden, which comprises roses shrubs and a vegetable area. These will need watering only if the rain stops!

We have a toy poodle with attitude who loves his walks. To ease your aches and pains there is a spa pool for you to enjoy. We are within walking distance of a supermarket and bus stop.

There is a ferry service to the city should you care to go but we have great shopping in our area. There is a large enclosed deck perfect for relaxing.

All mod cons can be found in our home and you will be very comfortable.

Housecarers unavailable while we move to a better home 23/9/09 from 11PM EDT

Housecarers will be unavailable from

September 23/09 starting around 11pm EDT for approx 4 hours while we move
to a new facility. This facility owned by will provide far better connectivity,
security and uptime for all our members.


House sitters required to Enjoy Southern Spain

"Just to say thank you so much once again for providing such a great site.

It's a fantatic service and I have had many successful house sits.

I like to know that someone is looking after the house, garden and animals while I am away...and they enjoy their time away from home too."

Thanks and best wishes Enjoysouthernspain

Housesit details: = Conil de la Frontera, Cadiz Spain

Charming two bedroom villa on 350 sq metre plot with large enclosed patio, parking, flower beds, sunbeds and ornamental pond on the outskirts of Conil.

Queen Size bed,air conditioning, flat screen UK/Spanish TV, bath/shower, kitchen with electric hob/oven, fridge/freezer, washing-up machine. Wi-fi connection. 2 mins walk to shops and local ventas, national bus stop across street, 5 mins drive to beach, walk straight into countryside.

Requirements are to enjoy the house, feed and play with the 6 month old kitten and walk and play with delighful, easy, medium size dog and keep an eye on watering the garden if necessary.

Canine Influenza Virus risk for Dogs - another reason to find a House Sitter rather than a boarding Kennel

USA Today is reporting on the spread of the highly contagious canine influenza virus (CIV).

"it causes acute respiratory infections in dogs, and virtually all dogs who are exposed become infected. During the incubation period of two to four days, pets who appear healthy can still be spreading the germs."

Says Kimberly May, spokesperson for the American Veterinary Medical Association

Backgrounder: Canine influenza

May, also recommends exploring options such as having a house sitter stay with your pet.

Read full story- USA Today - Boarding your dogs? Find out if they need a flu vaccine

Denver Colorado Homeowner shares their house sitting experience

We've been using house-sitters for many years now and have become friends with some.
It's very important to be a good judge of character and to get references. I always check the potential house-sitter out on the internet if they pique my interest.

We don't pay our house-sitters and in fact, they're responsible for paying the utilities (other than water) while they're house-sitting. Most of our house-sitters are amenable to this because living in a different state or country gives them the opportunity for a "free" vacation. We let them use our vehicle while they're here. Our major requirement of house-sitters is that they vet our mail and let us know of bills due, to whom, the address and amount.

Yard maintenance is also an expectation. With one house-sitter, we set up an account for $1,000, in our joint names so that they could pay the bills for us. That worked out well, though I wouldn't recommend it unless the homeowner really trusted the house-sitter....

Read Full report in House Sitting Forum

2 months housesit Denver - Details:

We require a mature age couple or perhaps single non-smoker(s) to care for our home while we are on vacation.

We do not have pets.

No yard work is required other than shaking snow off trees and clearing of path and sidewalk (about 20 feet) if there is snow.

We require attention to our mail and e-mail notification of bills, so that we can timely pay them. The housesitter is responsible for paying electric/gas utilities and phone. We pay water bills.

Our home is two-storey and is located near Denver University and about an hour from the nearest ski fields. Denver has a good theater district. The home is handy to all facilities, such as supermarkets, post office, dining out, bus service and light rail to city.

Victoria British Columbia couple find wonderful Housesitter and Llama sitter

Thank you so much for your services. We have found a wonderful person - "charitygirl" who lives close by. We have met with her and
feel it will be a good contact. Please remove our ad for a sitter
now. Thank you. "Gigfreck "

House/ Llamas sit details :

We are 45 mins from Victoria BC. on the south western coast of Vancouver Island. 10 ks west of Sooke. Sunny, private, modern home and small llama farm on 10 forested acres. Magnificent ocean views and sunsets, 5 min walk to amazing beachcombing beach. Great hiking trails and other beaches close by. Super restaurants to choose from. We have one little cat 22 yrs old very healthy who needs a lap to sit on in the evenings and a hello during the day. The llamas are very easy to look after

Perfect house sitter found for 5.5 month housesit in Edmonton Alberta Canada

"Ian !
I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to use your Home Sitting Service!
We found the perfect person for our home sitting needs in less than 24 hours!
I was worried about finding a sitter and now know where to get the help i needed!
I would highly recommend your site to anyone!!!!!!!
Thank You !!!!!
Don (drkdrummer)

Housesit details: 5.5 Months, Edmonton Alberta Canada
1500 sq ft Bungalow, 3 bedroom, 2-2/2 Bathrooms, Developed Basement, pool table, shuffle bd and Sattelite TV 52". Front driveway parking. N/S N/P Close to Bus, shopping and 5 min to freeways. Oct 18th/09 to Apr 1st/10 Pay for utilities only!

Hervey Bay homeowner finds a housesitter and doesnt have to impose on family and friends

"Dear Housecarers,

I would like to thank you for the excellent service you have provided. You have made everything so easy and it's great not having to impose on family and friends. I have chosen a couple who were housesitting in the area so it was good to meet wit them in person.I will certainly use your service again if need be..." Tobyjug

House sit details: Hervey Bay QLD Australia

My house in Hervey Bay is a double storey home with 3 bedrooms upstairs, granny flat & bar room downstairs.

There is a huge balcony with unobstructed views of the ocean,Fraser Island & Bargara.We are about a half hour drive to historic Maryborough and about 80mins to Bundaberg T

he main shopping centre is 10mins from here.

I have a small dog that I take to the beach every morning and a quiet house cat.I hope I can find someone to take care of my pets and water the plants

Sitter reliable_pair report a very satisfying 27 months of house sitting, whilst awaiting their apartment, which is now finished

Thanks for a very satisfying 27 months of house sitting, whilst awaiting our apartment, which is now finished. Your notification service is excellent thankyou.
We have had the pleasure of minding some wonderful pets and have met some extraordinary people.

House sits have been at:

Macclesfield, SA
Morgan, SA
Glenwood, Qld
Mareeba, Qld
Townsville, Qld
Hervey Bay, Qld


Helen: username reliable_pair

Pennsylvania HOme/dog owner forms close relationship with local house sitter

"I found your website invaluable.

When I needed a sitter for home and dog I posted an ad and got lots of responses.

I found a gentleman who lives very close to me and he has been dog and house sitting for me ever since. Thanks so much for your website!!

... Paula - (traveller1)

House/Pet sit details:
Philadelphia Pennsylvania

I have a small twin house in Drexel Hill - private backyard, porch, driveway.

I need someone to stay in the house and take care of my dog. He is a 10 year old australian sheepdog - 39lbs. and a real sweetheart. I don't want to leave him alone.

Person doesn't have to be in the house all day - just walk and feed him in the morning, walk him in the late afternoon and walk and feed him at night. Must spend the night in the house and take in the mail and just be a presence in the house. Keep my pup company!!

Manhattan Long Island homeowners settles on House Sitter for the third time.

well my goodness, i placed the ad last evening and we have already settled on someone. the couple sound just perfect and we are looking forward to their stay. we already checked out their references and everything is looking well.

our past two experiences with house have been totally and without exception, great.

thank you................portlovers.

House sit details

We need a housesitter for 3 and a half weeks around July 20th thru Aug 10th (approximately) for an elderly beagle, Mollie, and her sister, a manx cat named Toots.

Toots is an indoor cat and needs some attention but Mollie is getting on in years and does need her small walks and more attention as she has lost her hearing and now has arthritis

Our medium sized home with fireplace is located on a penninsula; a boating town not 20 miles from Manhattan by LIRR train. Our 2-2 bedroom home has a lovely backgarden with deck and one can sit out there in the evening, with Mollie on a leash, and watch the birds in their feeder or birdbath.

You can walk to lovely parks, beaches, library, restaurants, public transportation, movie theatres, and harbor overlooking Long Island Sound. It is a small, little jewel...quiet and peaceful but hop on the train, and you are downtown Manhattan in 30 minutes!!!

We are near many attractions too numerous to mention which are easily reached by public transportation. Our animals can be left for brief periods of time but need someone at night of course, and in the day to walk as needed and basically, just love as needed.

Austadventure from Cairns North QLD Australia efficiently finds a housesitter

"Thank you so much for this service. It has resulted in an efficient process of selecting a suitable sitter. We are very grateful for you help."

.... Austadventure.

House sit Details:

Wanted suitably referenced, mature, reliable non- smoking person/s to look after delightful home and pets from mid Sept to end October 2009 in suburb (10mins) to north of Cairns

Find house sitters listed as available for Cairns QLD Australia

Coffs Harbour homeowner finds wonderful housesitter and looks forward to her overseas trip


"I have just used your service for the first time and have been amazed at the response to my add.All the applicants sounded so nice and it was difficult to choose just one.

I have recently met the successful applicants and feel they will prove to be wonderful house sitters for me. I will let you know after I return from my overseas trip.

I look forward to using your srvice in the future and have passed on your details to several friends.Kind regards."
Jenny (username Kalmiah)

Coffs Harbour North Coast NSW Australia housesit details:

I need a caring person/persons to look after my 2 dogs and cat.

Sprat is a small terrier cross and Tiffy a look alike Disney shaggy dog(clipped at the moment) Tootsie is a geriatric Birman cat who sleeps most of the time.

I live in a nearly new 3 bedroom townhouse 2 minutes from the CBD of Coffs Harbour. With beautiful mountain views from the front and back of the house I am only 5 minutes from main beach and Jetty areas. There is an enclosed dog park 2 minutes away and I walk the dogs there every morning.I would like you to be able to continue to do this.Other than that your time is free to enjoy this beautiful area.

House Sitters avaiailable for Coffs Harbour NSW

The Don'ts of Dog Training

Dog ownership can provide some of the richest and most fulfilling experiences in a person's life. That being said, dog training can sometimes drive a person to the point of pulling his or her hair out. Although, most dogs are exceptionally intelligent, they also tend to be quite hyperactive and often possess short attention spans.

Many dog training methods suggest all sorts of different techniques to try. However, most people are surprised to learn that effective dog training has less to do with the methods that are employed, and more to do with avoiding two fundamental mistakes.

Lack of Consistency

Unsuccessful dog training is almost always a result of inconsistent patterns of behavior by the trainer. Like children, dogs crave consistency. Effective dog training requires that the trainer react with the same response each time the dog fails to comply with a command. For every action the dog takes, there must be an expected reaction from you. This helps the dog learn that there will always be a single certain consequence when it behaves a certain way. It doesn't matter if you respond to the dog with physical discipline or with the simple word, "no." If the rule is: no dogs in the bed, but sometimes you let him get away with it, you can bet your dog will never transition into a well-mannered pooch. Although, it may seem harsh at times, tough love through consistent discipline is the only way to teach a dog what is acceptable and what isn't. Consistency is the key, and no dog training method can be effective without it.

Improper Physical Discipline

Physical discipline can be an extremely effective method of dog training. That being said, you should never swat or spank a dog on the nose. Although, a quick tap on the nose may seem like a good way to get your dog's attention, the unintended consequences can have a drastic long-term effect on your dog. Training a dog this way often causes them to develop a tendency to flinch and cower. This generally makes the dog fearful and hesitant to approach when he or she is called. Also, this method of dog training produces poor guard dogs as a simple raise of the hand tends to send them cowering.

If you decide you want to incorporate physical discipline into your dog training methods, your best bet is to use either a choke chain or a traditional swat to the dog's backside. This will get the dog's attention, but won't have the same unintended consequences as a swat to the nose.

Copyright © 2009, Ian White

Join forum discussion on dog or puppy training issues

Puppy Training information site

Grafton NSW homeowner finds wonderful house sitter

"Thank you for the opportunity to advertise freely on your site. It was difficult to pick one housesitter from a list of wonderful offers. I would thoroughly recommend your site to friends seeking a housesitter.
Many thanks Deborah W (graftongal)

Housesit Details:

Grafton North Coast 9 Dec 2008 until 25th Jan 2010

RURAL TRANQUILITY CLOSE TO TOWN! 10km from Grafton, a beautiful historic town with heritage buildings only 40 minutes from pristine beaches on the north coast of NSW. Grafton also has a brand new large shopping centre, and a major restoration of an art deco cinema is currently underway which will be operational by the end of the year.

We have a one year old house with expansive rural views, only 7 minutes from Grafton, and a dalmation dog and ginger cat who both live outside. The dog has plenty of space to run around the garden and can be exercised easily at home as there are 60 acres with the property. She loves to play as she is still a puppy. The house has air conditioning, an inground 10 metre pool, 2 living areas including a baby grand piano, 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, and kitchen with gas cooking , electric oven, dishwasher. The garden comprises lawn and trees with no garden beds to maintain, only mowing.

The pool will require basic maintenance :emptying the skimmer basket, checking the level of water and topping it up if required, and a vacuum once a week -10 days which takes about 15 minutes to keep it crystal clear.

The balance of the property is on agistment and does not require any intervention, except to keep an eye on the water trough occasionally for the horse. We are looking for a single or couple preferably, (no young children) to housesit and feed our animals and enjoy our house. We look forward to your enquiries

Launceston Tasmania homeonwer finds house sitter for 12 months at short notice.

"We decided in a short time to get a House Sitter in, we then discovered this wonderful site and once we place and ad, we had the right applicant chosen within 24 hrs. This is a brilliant site and we recommend it to everyone thinking of following in our foot steps."

Tony and Lyn (tonylyn)

House sit Details:
12 months + ongoing Evandale Deddington, launceston TAS Australia

Hello We are a young retired couple wishing to travel Australia on a permanent basis starting around mid July 2009.

We require a mature couple who are non smokers, pets ok, who are willing to participate in handyman work around the house and farm area. We will require absolutely NO RENT in exchange for simple handyman tasks such as gardening, some painting, general maintenance and so on.

"Highcliff" is a three acre property built in 1870 circa and located in the beautiful Nile River Valley only 20 mins comuting distance from Launceston and the Airport. If you feel that this is for you, then please contact us via email at highcliff activ8 thankyou regards Tony and Lyn

Housesitter found for small sailing town - spectacular views and kayaks, power boat,and bicycles included Pamlico North Carolina

"Thanks for your great service. Just wanted to let you know that we received many qualified applicants and have hired one of those. I have removed our ad. "

.. jayhawk64

house sit details:

Pamlico North Carolina USA 1 month From 2009-08-01

House on the water with spectacular views and kayaks, power boat,and bicycles included. Ocean beaches a ferry ride away. Must be willing to care for our 2 cats as well as looking after our home.

Wellington NZ homeowner securely finds a lovely housesitting couple for sunny house

"Wow! I signed up as a houseowner yesterday and had 6 fast responses. 24 hours later we have interviewed and accepted a lovely couple who only signed up as sitters themselves 2 weeks ago. Thanks for the wonderful and secure website :)"
Wendy in NZ (login wjkhar)

Housesit Details:
Karori Wellington New Zealand
6 weeks AvailFromDate = 2009-06

My family lives in a lovely sunny house with a 18 month old cat and a 4 month old kitten. We are going on our first long overseas trip and our primary concern is that our cats don't get lonely while we're away... Our house is on a bus route and is 8 minutes drive from central Wellington. It has heat pumps to keep you cosy. Please get in touch if you love cats :)

Qualicum Beach BC Homeowners delighted with sitters to mind their home with lots of live theater, miles of beach, curling and hockey during the winter

"An amazing website!!! SO well thought out, easy to use friendly. We had many responses to our ad and are delighted with the people we found. Many thanks "
...Dan and Carol (Angus1)

Housesit Details:
Qualicum Beach British Columbia Canada 4 months 2009-11-05

Looking for a couple to take care of our home and our two golden retrievers.

We live in a new home with all the latest amenities, central to both Qualicum Beach and Parksville on Central Vancouver Island.Mild winters (usually), ski hill close by, lots of live theater, miles of beach, curling and hockey during the winter.

Victoria is a two hour drive. Many artisans ans crafters live in the area therefore many galleries.

How to Keep Your House Safe While You're Away

Fox news have written an excellent article on making preparations for travel with home security and pets in mind.

The following observation is interesting

"House sitters are usually a “better choice for cat owners since cats usually don’t appreciate change,” Arden says, but where the debate really heats up is deciding between a sitter and a kennel. "

Read entire article on Preparing for Travel, with home security and pets in mind

House Sitting Services Offer Inexpensive Vacationing Opportunities

House sitting is quickly becoming the popular choice when it comes to taking an economical vacation. One of the reasons for this is simply because the vacationer gets to take a rent-free vacation at a place of his choosing. This fact alone provides a huge savings that allows even those who are strapped for cash to enjoy a bit of down time for relaxation and fun.

Homeowners provide their residence to house sitters free of charge. In exchange, the house sitters promise to watch over the home, take care of the pets, and perform any necessary duties as required by the homeowner. It is a good situation for everyone involved, since each party obtains something that they need or want without the exchange of money.

Another reason for an increase in the house sitting trend is the increase in the number of people offering house sits. Not only are house sitting opportunities more readily available, but also, they are more readily available in a greater number of locations. From fun in the sun to fun in the snow, vacation goers can enjoy almost any type of vacation at a reduced cost.

House sitters can enjoy some of the most exotic spots in the world at a fraction of the normal cost. If they prefer, house sitters can choose to enjoy a trip to some less exotic space while still enjoying a reduction in the cost of the trip since rent is free. House sitting opportunities are growing in numbers, allowing more people to take advantage of an excellent opportunity to see different spots in the world.

Since house sitting vacations provide a less expensive way to get away and enjoy the pleasures of life for a few days, people can start to enjoy more than one vacation a year. With minimized costs in the forefront, the excuses for not taking a vacation are greatly diminished. House sitting holidays are just another one of the amazing opportunities out there for frugal people looking to enjoy life to the best of their ability.

By Susan M. Keenan ©2009

House sitter found for A perfect place for someone that likes to read, paint, water color, photography, and smelling roses: Naples Florida

"What a great service you provide! The first day we posted we received over ten interested contacts. We have now selected a candidate. and have removed our ad.

Thank you so much.

Pennie (username pinki61)

Housesit Details: Naples Florida USA
We need a responsible person to house sit and care for our dog and cat while we are away. O

ur home is in the country 16 miles from the beach and resort areas. A perfect place for someone that likes to read, paint, water color, photography, and smelling roses.

Recession Survival Tips for Dog Owners

Everyone is looking for ways to cut back in these tough economic times. While you look for ways to save money, don’t forget to consider what you are spending on your dog. While you want to make sure your dog is healthy and happy, you may be able to cut back your spending on him with compromising your dog’s well-being. Here’s how:

Learn What You Can Do on Your Own:

Many pet owners turn to vets or groomers for even simple procedures that can be done at home, but there is no need to pay a professional for things like nail trimming, bathing, and ear cleaning. Nail clippers for dogs cost about $10 and will last for years, whereas professional groomers will charge $5-10 for each trim. If you are nervous about trimming your dog’s nails, ask your vet to show you how to do it at your next visit. Tips for grooming your dog can also be found online or in a book at your local library.

You can also clean your dog’s ears yourself with a bottle of ear cleaner available at any pet store and a cheap pair of tweezers. Simply remove any hairs growing inside your dog’s ear, and follow the instructions on the back of the bottle of ear cleaning solution.

To cut costs even further, why not consider trimming your dog’s hair yourself? A pair of dog clippers can be bought for little more than the cost of one visit to the groomer, and will likely last your dog’s entire lifetime. Worried you’ll hurt your dog? Most clippers are designed with guards to keep you from cutting your dog. If your concerns are mainly cosmetic, you should know that some clippers now come with booklets or even DVDs that offer detailed instructions on how to get the look you want. And remember that no matter what you do, your dog’s hair will grow out in time, so you may as well give it a try!

Ask Your Vet About Generic Drugs:

Pet owners in regions of the US where heartworm disease is endemic must give their dog heartworm prevention pills each month. Many dogs take other medicines as well. What you may not know is that, just like human medicines, both name brand and generic options are often available. If you buy your dog’s medicines directly from your vet, ask if you are buying name brand or generic drugs, and if there may be a less expensive option for you.

Get a live-in House/Pet Sitter

One of your biggest costs as a pet owner is probably pet care when you are away from home. Boarding your dog can cost $20 a day or more, and hiring a pet sitter is often even more costly. To avoid this expense, why not match up with a responsible pet/house sitter? There are many retirees, travelers and others who are willing to sit your home and pets for free in exchange for rent-free accommodation. This will save you both the cost of boarding, and you have the security of knowing your dog is kept in their familiar environment.

Practice Preventive Medicine

Another big cost for any dog owner is vet care. An unexpected illness or injury in your pet can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars in medicines and vet bills. To avoid these incidents as much as possible, it is important to practice preventive medicine with your dog. Make sure your dog stays up-to-date on all vaccinations and that he takes heartworm prevention pills each month. Prevention costs much less than treating an illness—not to mention the suffering you will save your dog! Also make sure that your dog gets plenty of exercise and that he maintains a healthy weight, as this can help avoid major health complications. Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly can also prevent dangerous infections that can result from bacteria in your dog’s mouth entering his bloodstream.

By switching your dog to generic drugs and doing most of his grooming yourself, you can save a lot on monthly pet bills. Combine that with free pet sitting and disease prevention, and you can count on saving hundreds of dollars a year on pet care without sacrificing your dog’s health or well-being.

Match with responsible House/Pet Sitters

Copyright © 2009, Ian White

Brisbane QLD homeowner hooks up with Sitter for spoilt Cat while she tours Europe

This is just to say a big "thank you" for all the info you have sent me since I registered some time ago (Cuanbeagruth)

I wish to inform you that I have now found a wonderful couple who have agreed to Housesit for me whilst I am in Europe. It looks as if we might become quite good acquaintances too.

So please take my name off your list and do not send me any further info.

All those who actually asked to come and sit for me, I either responded to immediately, or all those whom I kept on hold, I have since informed of my success.

Thank you again.

I shall keep the site name and contact number in my computer, should I ever need your assistance in the future.

May I also say how much I appreciated the weekly updates.

Again many many thanks - and a very Happy Easter to you and all who man your site.
Sincerely - Ruth Cuanbeagruth

Housesit Details:7 1/2 weeks
Northern Suburbs Ferny Hills, Brisbane QLD
Whilst I go to Europe to visit family and friends I need a housesitter or a couple, preferably over 55 years of age to look after my Unit in a Retirement Village; and especially to take care of my very spoilt cat - Mischief - and my pot plants on the back (large) patio.

The Village is 6 mins drive from the Railway Station, and there are several shopping centres nearby. Mt.Nebo and Mt Samson, as well as Samford Village, are quite close. My cleaner would continue to come on a weekly basis if so desired.

Aussie homeowners from Rockingham WA freed to enjoy 12 month trip, around Australia, and the spectacular scenery that Australia has to offer

"Thank you for this wonderful site. this is the second time we have used it and are more than happy with the results.

We have had 15 replies within 4 days and have just decided on the lucky person who will experience the love of our dog for many months to come while we will enjoy the spectacular scenery that Australia has to offer.

We certainly have recommended this site to friends and have no hesitation in using it again . Thanks a lot username :bjohn1 "

House sit details: approx. 10-12 months Rockingham WA Australia

After several stop-start attempts to go on our long anticipated round Australia holiday we are now more than ready to take off, all that is stopping us now is to find a loving MATURE person or couple to keep our dog company and look after our house,which is situated in Rockingham, on a main street, close to shops, transport and beaches

Aussie Housesitters tidytravellers secure 5 House sits through Europe

We would like to say a big thanks for your service . We planned a year away from our home in Queensland to travel Europe and have managed to secure 5 great house-sits over 6 months in total , in 3 different areas in France , Suffolk in England and currently a beautiful spot in Perthshire in the Scottish Highlands .

Our experiences have been all positive , the homes all lovely , the pets have been a highlight and we've met great people .

The care of the pets is a huge responsibility and our only suggestion would be that the home owners let the house-sitters know in advance if a pet is old/ill or likely to pass away as happened in one of our sits and was pretty traumatic as we only found out about the situation on arrival at the house-sit .

We plan to return home in July and hope to use your great service to find house-sits in Australia and New Zealand . Thanks again for enabling us to travel and meet great people .

Lyndy & Phil

View profile of Sitters tidytravellers

Kiwi housesitter returning from Florida gets great house sits

I must say the housecarers website is brilliant, I've had many great housesits from it! thanks!

Where have your housesits been?

My housesits have all been in Auckland, I joined originally when i was in Florida and knew I was coming back to NZ but had no home.

I even had one housesit in Te Atatu (West Akld) that was to be for 9mths but lasted 1.5 years!

The average length of most of them have been 4 weeks though.

While its been great housesitting I am hoping I'll have my own place very soon.

cheers Jane (username mcjane>

View profile of sitter mcjane

HappyinMex finds housesitter for Ajijic (North of Carrertera) Jalisco Mexico

"We have just chosen someone who suits our needs.

Thank you for this wonderful service."


Housesit details: 7 weeks
Ajijic (North of Carrertera) Jalisco Mexico

We live 7/10th km north of the carretera in Ajijic, close to town, shopping plaza, cinemas, restaurants and buses. We have a very clean, comfortable 4 year old, 2 bdrm/2 bathroom home with a million dollar view of Lake Chapala. We have no pets but want someone to live in our home while we are away, not just someone who will drop in on occasion.

New Zealanders Marg & Kev get housesit in Perth Australia - many miles away

We have found a house sit position within a short time, although we are many miles apart, our son, who lives in Perth was able to go and meet the people and both parties were able to make a decision from there.

Many thanks for your help, we found it a very easy process. Will report back again when our house sit is over at the end of September. Thanks again

Regards Marg & Kev "fynley" (view profile for sitters fynley)

House sitter found for Athens Greece housesit


Just a short note to tell you that I registered about a month ago and advertised for house sitters. I've received many answers and have also found suitable people directly on the site.

I am corresponding with several potentials and am sure I'll find what we need for September. So for the time being I've suspended the ad.

Wanted to thank you for giving my husband and I the possibility to travel together again. Am sure I'll be using your site again in the future and maybe one day we might become house-sitters ourselves.

Thank you once again.

"Asldkure" (Athens, Greece)

Housesit details:

We have 4 dogs and 6 cats for the moment. The dogs are all females between 10 and 14 yrs old and they do not get well together. This means that three live on one side of the house and the other one with us.

The cats go where they want, as cats do. The house has two apartments, one of them empty which we use for office and to host guests.

Our house is in the northern suburb of Athens, in a pine area. We have a large garden. There are many walks. Supermarkets, and centers with cinemas, shops, etc. are within a 15-min. drive from the house. Ideally we would prefer having two people, or one person who is experienced with dogs.

We are open to suggestion and we would also welcome house-sitters any other time of the year for shorter periods allowing my husband and I to travel around Greece. Because of the animals my husband and I have not been able to travel together, except once 4 years ago.

Sitter found for 1-2 year housesit the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains Story Wyoming

"We have found a housesitter from your site. We would like to thank you very much."
.... Homeonwer Member Cynderella

Housesit Details
Story Wyoming

2200 Square Foot house plus oversized 2 car garage, located in the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains. This house is located in a small community of 650 individuals with many more tourists in the summer time.

The house is 4 years old, has vaulted ceilings, Australian cypress hardwood floors, 4 bathrooms, and the master has a whirlpool tub. The master bedroom is at one end of the house and the guest bedroom is at the other end of the home. There is a loft with a living room/den.

The beautiful kitchen has hickory cabinets, an island/breakfast bar all open to the living room which has a gorgeous flag stone surround propane fireplace. The living room has three lovely lead glass stained windows to view the beautiful ponderosa pines that Story is known for. The garage has a bathroom, alternate coal/wood furnace, wood burning stove, which is surrounded by flag stone.

The home is heated by the propane fireplace and a propane furnace. All of the above sits on one acre of land in town with friendly neighbors. Story sits at an elevation of about 5000' and has two trailheads leading into the Big Horn mountains for snowmobiling, 4 wheeling, horsebacking or walking. There is a Post Office, Womens Club, General Store, gas station and several restaurants. Winters are beautiful with an average of 100" of snow for snowmobiling. The weather in Story is very much like the weather in Denver Colorado.

Summers are mild for all sorts of sports including fishing in streams or boating in Lake Desmet 5 miles away. Historic Ft. Phil Kerney and other historic sites are located within a few minutes. We are looking for someone to pay utilities which average about $200 per month and accomplish grass cutting and snow removal. A riding lawn mower and 4 wheeler available. Accomplish small repairs and in general take care of the house and property.

Sitter found in tiny hamlet of Dull by Aberfeldy in Highland Perthshire Scotland for pony trekking and mountain biking

"We have now found a couple to housesit for us. Thank you for such a great website. We shall use it again for the July and October holidays

Yous ... username zsazsahip


Aberfeldy Perthshire Perth Scotland

I am looking for a housesitter for my dog Phoebe and cat Pushkin for 11 days in April this year.

I live in a 3 bedrrom cottage in the tiny hamlet of Dull by Aberfeldy in Highland Perthshire. We are close to Loch Tay for boating, we have plenty of mountains of course and many mountain biking trails as well as pony trekking and river sports on the River Tay.

The pets are wonderful of course and very outgoing. I would ask you spend the whole day of April 2nd with me so as to introduce you to the environs and animals together. You may use our bikes and our neighbours are all very friendly and helpful and would be glad to advise you of interesing activities etc to do locally.

Housesitter mikalsworld gets get two weeks of absolute unadulterated bliss and peace from schedule ratrace in Rocky Point L.I.

"Thanks Ian! I have very good friends on Rocky Point L.I. now thanks to your services.

Wendy, Vic and their furry friends Bailey, Dreamer, Naughty Paws & Junior (in order choc lab, himilayan and two bombay cats) look fw to my visits and I am now one of the family.

I take care of things at least twice a year for them while they go to their timeshare in Cozumel. I get two weeks of absolute unadulterated bliss and peace from the ratrace of my schedule.

It wouldn't have been possible without "Housecarers."
Peace & prosperity be yours.
Mike mikalsworld's sitter profile

Sharon & Will from Chelmsford England find their Patcaring Angel and prepare for worry free trip to India.

My husband and I were planning a trip to India for 4 weeks, and had recently moved 500 miles from home so were left with a dilema of who could look after our 4 cats and home for this time.

On the offchance we advertised on and within days had tens of applications from very suitable sounding folks!! After sorting through them we found a fantastic match and she looked after our home and pets very well allowing us a worry free trip!

Thank you for a wonderful service and thank you Andrea for being our petcaring angel while we were away. Sharon & Will - Chelmsford (magikcatz)

Gold Coast, QLD, Homeowners find reliable and pleasant housesitters for the 3rd time

"Thank you for your excellent web site.

Within a week, we had found suitable house sitters for a long term sit.
This is the 3rd time we have used your site and the other sitters have been reliable and very pleasant.

Please remove our advert from your current list."
Yours ... GCSeekers

Housesit details:

Australia City = BURLEIGH State = QLD CountyDistrict = CityTownArea = GOLD COAST
period= 6 Months AvailFromDate = 2009-03-24

Retired or quiet single/couple non smoking, no pets to keep house clean and pay all overheads plus electricity and tel. Lovely villa on one floor, in cul de sac with parkland out back and shared pool out front.

20 mins walk from beautiful Burleigh Beach and 4 mins from large shopping Mall. Friendly helpful neighbours mostly retired. Have had 3 successful sitters from this site who have left the home just as they found it.

Sitter Ron finds Housecarers great place to keep to retain biographical profile and records of housesits

"Thanks Ian..........Your site has been an excellent place to retain my biographical profile and to list my assignment schedule......Ron"

View Ron's profile - sitter rebsdad

ED - I let Ron know he can also use the Calendar feature- click (tools / Calendar) after login, to keep a history of housesits and future bookings. Also suggested the reference upload facility.

Wellington NZ couple sold on House Sitting

This is the second time we have advertised a 'Housesit' on your site, and have been very impressed with the applications and the efficiency of the site. We can certainly recommend, and would use yet again. Thanks. ... jaybee1

Housesit details:
Waikanae, Wellington, Kapiti Coast Kapiti Coast New Zealand

Reliable housesitter required to 'babysit' 2 spoilt Birman Cats. Our modern executive house runs around their requirements.

We are close to shops, golf course and bus stop is 50 metres away. Off street parking available.

Kiwi homeowner gets organised in 3 days for Our beautiful cottage is in the northern Rodney District, one hour from Auckland

I am member Minis1.

What a great service! On Sunday I placed an ad with you for a housesitter wanted. In 4 hours I had had 5 replies plus another 3 the next day & another couple yesterday.

This morning (Wed) a couple I had contacted came here to meet us & see the house. We all liked each other, their references are great & we now have everything organised. That pretty good going in less than 3 days!!

Thank you so much for this service.

Wendy (Minis1)

Housesit details: 27 days AvailFromDate = 2009-03-16 00:00:00.0

Our beautiful cottage is in the northern Rodney District, one hour from Auckland and an easy drive to beaches, regional parks, vineyards and the cinemas and cafes of Matakana.

The local shops and library are a five minute walk from home through the park. The house and gardens are peaceful and easy- care. We have a man come to mow the lawns. Our little dog is an elderly Jack Russell. He is super friendly, lots of fun, affectionate and very quiet