Bainbridge Island, Seattle Cat Lover finds top notch companions for her wonderful furkids (Purebred Norwegian Forest Cats )

I just want to thank you for your efforts at We have two wonderful furkids that need companionship when we travel, and we always find top notch folks thru your website. It is a godsend for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you... Kay (Rustygal) Bainbridge Island, Near Seattle, WA, USA
Housesit Barinbridge Island Our waterfront home on Bainbridge Island is a delightful home on a no bank, sandy Northwest beach. We are only a 35 minute ferry ride away from Seattle. Our home is an architect designed Northwest contemporary with lots of light and wonderful gardens, a gourmet kitchen and an entertainment center. We have two 10 month old Norwegian Forest Cats, Annie and Zeke who love companionship and give as much love as they get. They are not only beautiful, but intelligent and entertaining....

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Semi-retired House Sitters escape the Hurricane season and, satisfy their Travel Bug with rent free accommodation throughout Europe, and make good Friends along the way.

House Sitters: username Cruzans
Happy to say we're now in Spain to soon start a sit in Barcelona, then several in England and one in Zurich. Looking forward to an interesting summer.


Great news about the housesits. It is always good to hear stories like yours. What are you main reasonse for housesitting? Where are you from?

We have the flexibility but not the funds to travel as we´d like.

Housesitting allows us to get basically free accommodation, and we have made some good friends along the way. We have sat in Portugal, France, Belgium, England, Wales, Scotland, Canada, US, and now Spain. We have excellent references, and pride ourselves on leaving a place better than we found it. My husband is a true Jack-of-all-trades, so enjoys fixing little things the owners often don´t notice till later.

We live in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. Yes, I know........why would we want to leave paradise??? We are sometimes torn, enjoying our small condo overlooking the Caribbean, but the travel bug bites, plus we´ve done our share of hurricanes so prefer to be away during those months. We usually leave early May, return in November after visiting kids / grandkids in the US.

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Brisbane QLD homeowner finds Housecarers a life-saver for 14 year old Blue Healer Kelpie cross who is on heart medication, one 5 year old Fox Terrier, and four Budgies

Thank you for your e-mail I have been successful in finding found a House sitter. This will be the second time I have used this site and it has been a life saver for us... Christy - username Chasing

.... We have excellent forested views from our balcony overlooking The Gap itself. Close to 2 shopping centers a gym and indoor pool at the end of our the street. House located at the end of a quiet culdesac..

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Retired Canadians find excellent House sitter for their Mexican home for their trip back to Canada

This is a great site! We found a house sitter within a few days and had several good applicants to chose from. Thank you for an excellent service.... fun6644

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House Sitter Freedom7ssanz finds accommodation to be nearer to her family

Freedom7ssanz I met with new people in a strange city - and I was totally relaxed, and assured of their genuineness, because they are registered homeowners with! We hit it off, their pets are adorable, and I now have my first official housesit engagement through your excellent service. Thank you so much!

Great news about the house sit. Where is the housesit? Out of interest what is your main reason/s for housesitting?and where are you from?
I am in the housesit in Sydney's lower North Shore and still enjoying it. It was the first time my homeowners had used your site, and they interviewed someone else as well as me. I am housesitting because I am homeless, on a government pension, and in need of accommodation. I am on my way to achieving continuous accommodation, with the help of your website, although I do have a gap after this one and before my next one, which my family may or may not be able to fill for me. I have been living in the Far North Coast of NSW for over a decade, and have moved down here to the Sydney area to be nearer to most of my family. Ideally, I would love to have four or five long-term housesits throughout the year, Sydney in the warmer months, up north (maybe even Queensland) in the winter, with only short breaks of a week or so in between. I am on my way to that, I'm sure!

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