Bunderberg QLD 4 week housesit filled

"Hi We have had success in getting someone to house sit for us thanks to your organization. Thankyou Gloria - "bundyrest"

Roodepoort Transvaal Home Owner gets abundent supply of house sitters

Hi there - just wanted to send you another quick note to say thanks for
such a super website! Through your site, I've found not one, but a
few, house/pet-sitters (especially animal lovers!) to choose from and
I'm really pleased!

Just sorry I didn't discover you earlier as in the
past its been a mission for me to beg and plead with friends and family!
Now, thanks to HouseCarers, I don't have that problem anymore!

Kind regards
MarleneC Roodepoort Transvaal

The2ofUs Loved their Manhattan Beach, CA housesit

We had our first housesit in December and it was very successful. We responded to a request by a homeowner in Manhattan Beach, CA through the housecarers website and ultimately were chosed to housesit for them and care for their two siberian huskies while the spent the Christmas holidays in England. We enjoyed the experience and will be going back to care for their home and their dogs in April while they take their family on spring break.

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House Carers are tops! Toowoomba QLD Aus 12 week housesit filled

While my uninitiated friends agonize over where to find a house sitter, I am happily receiving MORE THAN ONE offer from willing house carers.

Needless to say I am passing on this site to all my travelling friends.

I have found the House Carers service very quick, an excellent way of making contact with sitters, and those whom we have been fortunate to have sit for us have been the most delightful people.We keep in contact and have acquired some new friends.
I would recommend House Carers to any person who wishes to be away from home for a length of time.

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Toowoomba QLD Aus 2 week housesit
Care of house and water garden. Would probably help if you were interested in gardening!! No pets to care for. Check water trough for 2 horses which live in surrounding paddock.