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Housecarers: Great news about the housesit. It is always good to hear stories like yours. Where is the housesit? And what are your main reasons for housesitting? Where are you from?

Celeste: It's in a small town about 90 minutes from Seattle, Washington which is the city my husband and I lived in before we set out to travel (three years ago). This house sitting job allows us to be back near family and friends at a time when our family is growing (my niece and her husband are adopting a baby), and in a way that gives us time to think about where we want to travel next. (The assignment is for a full year.) We're thrilled!

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Jack Russell owner has been finding great couples to mind her home and Doggy in Albany WA - for six years

Yes I am very pleased to have found such lovely people. I have been a member of HouseCarers for about 6 years and have had four very good couples over the years through your service. The people has become good friends and I still keep in touch with them. Your service is excellent, reliable, and safe and has put me in touch with people I would never have met otherwise. Thank you once again, ...Thank you for your help in posting my advt. I have found a great couple to housesit through your advt.
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