Rocky Point New York homeowner reports in

This service was wonderful. The 2 women that came here were just fantastic. I can't say enough. I will use this service again and have told all my friends and relatives too. Thanks housecarers. Wendylyn

we have 1 chocolate lab and 3 cats. Cats have a door. we have a lovely house on the sound with a stair case to the beach. need a sitter from may 12th ----- may 27th easy animals

GladToHelp enjoys sitting a B&B in Vermont - then gets a full time gig

received your site on the recommendation from a friend of mine who lives in Ireland. I signed up November 2005, and the next month had secured a wonderful house sit in a B&B in Vermont.

It was closed for the winter, but the owners had left their cat here, while they wintered in Florida. I've settled into the area (near Bennington) and the people are all so warm and friendly. They find it incredible to hear how I came to move here, and I always make very clear to them the name of your website/service. Hopefully, a few of them will join in too!

The owner's returned in early May, and have offered me full-time employment, which I have gladly accepted.

Thank you for a wonderful experience - as I'm a midwestern girl (Illinois), I've always wanted to see New England, and now I'm living here.

I recommend you highly to all I meet.

Cindy "GladToHelp"

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Springdawn enjoys Hawaii housesits

Thanks so much for renewing my membership. I look forward to
another happy year as a member of So far
I've secured two wonderful housesits in Hawaii from your site.
It has really made al the difference in my life. You offer a great
service... Springdawn
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4-5 months housesit St. Croix Us Virgin Islands filled

Thank you for your website I found i had a choice of wonderful people. I found a great couple for my house. Thanks ... kamani74

ST. CROIX US VIRGIN ISLANDS. Either a couple or single person to housit, care for orchid and plant collection and one sweet kitty. Instructions on plant care included. Located in Alexander Hamilton's home town, 4 blocks from a beautiful harbor, sea views, walk to everything, including transportation acess. Beaches everywhere, clear tropical seas. Especially suitable for artist type (artist colony here). House is small west indian cottage renovated. One bedroom, studio area, 1/2 acre landscaped yard full of fruit trees. some upkeep needed to keep neat. Utilities reasonable, Yard is fenced. Please only neat, responsible people need apply.

House sitters found for 6 week housesit Whakatane Bay of Plenty New Zealand

I have been blown away by all the replys and the range of people interested.
We did get a local couple to look after our farm, they have been in for their training.

I am sorry I did not reply to the people sooner, no excuse, but planning for the trip was so intense. I am a Maintenance Planner, so its my thin to go overboard with pre planning.

Keep up the good work ... Hokonui

We have a small farm block cattle need feeding each day and watering 2 cats and a dog (all very friendly) 20m to Whakatane

Virginia housesit with 2.5 acres, Pool, Jacuzzi and Boxer filled

Your service is wonderful. I got so many responses and found someone to be here to house sit. Everything was very easy and straight forward. Thanks again. -gg-
UserName: gerigeis

August 10, 2006 For a period of: 4 weeks Clifton Virginia Fairfax County

We are on 21/2 acres outside of Clifton, Va. We have a pool, jacuzzi and lawn to be looked after plus one gorgeous Boxer, Rex Kalibur. Plants would need to be watered, in and out, water added to the pool and jacuzzi, when needed, lawn to be mowed on ride on tractor. It is a four bedroom, large Colonial, house. No need to do anything inside except enjoy.

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New Reply All facility added to Homeowners Message area

To make it easier to respond to all applicants for a housesit we have added a "Reply to ALL Applicants" Link from the Homeowner Message Inbox. (The link appears at the top of the page)

If you select this link a message will be sent to all sitter candidates who have applied since the date you posted your latest housesit. (Many homeowners return to use our service - so have posted a number of housesits)

At the confirmation page you can choose to exclude sending messages to particular house sitter members by including their usernames in the exclude box. (eg you may not want to send to the succesfull applicant).

You can still send indvidual messages by selecting each message and responding to it.

Many House Sitters are reporting putting time into applying for House Sits, and get discouraged when they don't get a reply.

We would appreciate if you could kindly respond to any applications you have received. To make it easy you can use the the reply all link from your messages inbox, so you can respond to all house sitter candidates.

To reply to house sitters individualy first click on the message link from your message inbox.

If you have found a house sitter, or no longer need a house sitter we would appreciate you using reply all from your message box, to let the sitters know; then clicking the suspend button to remove your ad.

This means house sitters won't have to wade through house sit postings that are filled or no longer available.

OR you may want to send out a message to all candidates, letting them know that you are still considering applications.

Thankyou Ian ... Housecarers Membership Services

Adelaide homeowner saves 400.00 on cat and dog boarding

This is a great service. I advertised my house with only 3 weeks noticed and all who replied seemed excellent. I have chosen a couple from your list and look forward to them staying. Thanks for relieving my headache! and saving me about $400 on cat and dog boarding! Alison (alison00)

I am looking for a sitter to look after 2 pets. Twiggy is an 8 y.o low maintenance dog who is happy having a short walk once daily, and a cat, Omar who is happy with his food bowl topped up daily. Our house is comfortable and clean with ducted heating throughout and a handy 5 mins. drive from Adelaide CBD.

Your House is available from: May 23, 2006 For a period of: 11 days
Adelaide South Australia

House sitters chezcraig1 booked out till Jan 07

Just wanted to let you know, your site is terrific, well laid out and easy to use. We have been gaining sitting times from your site and now we are completely booked up to 2nd January '07. Thanks

Cheryl Craig UserName = chezcraig1

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It's a small world - and getting smaller

Dear wanted you to know that not only were we successful in arranging a house sitter for our home within a 12 hour period of time, it happened to be the mother and father of our neighbor accross the street from us. Thanks for a great & helpful site. tnbarney

Solana Beach, North of San Diego California 3 month house sit filled June 18, 2006

We have filled our house sitting needs thanks to your site. Please remove our ad at this time. We will definitely use your site in the future because we travel a lot.

Thanks again. username tnbarney

Requirements would only be maintenance of house, collecting mail, watering of front and back yards and feeding of cat.

Kuinya from Victor Harbour appreciated the ability to remain anonymous until we had decided on the sitters

Have just used the site to find housesitters and had a very good response within 24 hours - thank you - we have now deactivated the ad - we will certainly use the site in the future. We really appreciated the ability to remain anonymous until we had decided on the sitters.

Many thanks for your great service... kuinya

August 16, 2006 For a period of: 7 weeks
looking for a Housesitter for your house in City/Town: Victor Harbor

We are looking for either a couple or a single sitter who would be interested in living on our wildlife shelter and assisting on the shelter while the owners take a break separately. There are two of us who own and run the shelter, we do not plan to go away together so that there would always be one of us here who will also be working on the shelter. We would like to take about 2 weeks off each. We also have some teaching committments to meet and a one day meeting to attend in that time. We have a self contained one bedroom cabin on the property which is used as holiday rental. The cabin would be available at no cost for you to use so that you are independent and have privacy. The work is not heavy but animals need feeding and enclosures cleaned morning and night - about 2 hours morning and night. The property is set in beautiful rural surroundings - 2 minutes from the beach - Victor Harbor and surrounding areas are very pleasant. No experience necessary - just a love of animals.