Farmer_R finds friendly, honest and trustworthy House Sitters for short-term housesitting of their old Bavarian Farm House

Thank you to Steffi & Peter Steffi & Peter alias Cori2a recently completed a 8 day housesit for me.I was not happy to leave the house and my pets the first time alone but Steffi & Peter did a great job.Both are very friendly, honest and trustworthy people and they looked after my house and pets brilliantly. 

My dog and the cats were very contented when I returned and the house was cleaner than when I left.  It was a wonderful experience and a great luck to met such a couple.

I would not hesitiate to recommend them for any other housesits and you can contact me anytime.Thank you!Regards,
Max alias Farmer_R

A Housesitting Picture tells a thousand Words

Follow on Pinterest. A house sitting Picture tells a thousand Words.  Dream of a refreshing change of scenery.  Sweep away the cobwebs? Breath deeply and imagine, get inspired, be thankful and find out how good it is to serve and help others.

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Recently Retired New Zealand, Teachers Enter a whole new World as Housesitters


Just to let you know we have just about confirmed our house sit in KeriKeri  (Bay of Islands) NZ.  We love being members of housecarers - it has opened up a whole new world to us. We are from New Zealand and have been members of housecarers for  3 years....  hampster2

This photo of Kerikeri is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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What an adventure we had in Egypt - after housesitting in Rochechouart,France, for 4 months this was another world - all good!