Sitters lexilou having a ball seeing different parts of Australia

Hi, we joined your site in October this year and it has been a great success for us, we have already done two house-sits and have a third one all arranged for 2 months in Feb 2007.

The people we have met through these house sits have all been really lovely people, we are having a ball seeing different parts of the country (so far Maryborough Qld and Sydney and the next one on the Sunshine Coast), we are more than happy with this site and think it is well worth the money to join, Patricia (lexilou)

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Sitter found for Scenic Mt. Tamborine Queensland Australia

"Thanks for your help in finding a sitter for us for 2007. Your system is excellent in allowing the homeowner to examine all applicants within an envelope of privacy, before making a decision."

Regards cal5288

Do you fancy a break in Queensland's beautiful autumn-winter weather sitting a modern easy care home-with no pets,no pool.

On top of a 550m elev mountain we look 60 kms to Mt. Warning with extensive views of the Border Ranges.

We are on 5 acres. Although that sounds daunting,around the home is cottage garden (with built in watering system from our own water supply)and an acre of lawns,which during autumn-winter will only need cutting every 2-3 weeks-taking 2 hours.We have a 2y.o.15HP Husquvarna ride-on mower.Gardener will also come in to help,at our expense.Lower 3 acres is planted in native forest.

35 mins. from Southport,1hour from Brisbane.

If you would like to sit in one of Australia's most beautiful places,please contact us. We prefer experienced non-smokers with references

Kiwi sitter phillyqualified sees parts of Australia She would not of ever seen with out Housecarers

I must honestly say how pleased I am with your organization.

Every thing is house proud, and one can not but follow the path way that you have laid out before your members. Because of this have my year nearly booked out except for oct. Sept. and have just listed a new member from Wellington Janblakie. So I have taken the load off her mind as well.

A bit earlier than i intended starting but her property is only 10 mins drive away so I can manage it as well. Also i had three weeks spare in March and goodvibes sent a message saying they were pleased with my profile and will be in touch after Christmas, so that takes care of march.

I am looking foward to a long membership and looking foward to seeing parts of Australia I would not of ever seen with out Housecarers... Phill (Phiilyqualifid)

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Sitters Margaret and Allen tour Australia and make friends House Sitting

What a wonderful experience housesitting has been for us - the places we have travelled to & the very special people we have met & stayed friends with. Along with all of this is the responsibility of caring for pets & property which is a privilege given to us once chosen to sit a property.

We have sat houses in Tasmania, Yungaburra (on the very beautiful Atherton Tablelands NQ), Innisfail (not when the cyclone hit)! Cairns (a couple there), Narangba & a B&B in the north west of Victoria (which was a wonderful experience for us). We have a sit in SA early next year which we are looking forward to after we spend Christmas with our family on the Gold Coast. An overseas sit we are hoping for in 2007 - if it is meant it will happen.

Merry Christmas to you & your staff
Margaret & Alan (AlnMaggie)

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New Zealand house sitter Jan enjoys her Sardina Sit

I have just returned from my 1st housesit (in Sardinia), and found it very rewarding.So thanks to your website for the opportunity, may many more come my way. And Xmas cheer to your team , for all their work to enable members to enjoy this great 'fellowship'. Jan (Jayjay )

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Sitter found for Coes Creek Queenland housesit

We are home owners who have used this site twice now to locate suitable house sitters. We have been VERY impressed with the service that you offer and each time have had very suitable house sitters to choose from.

This site means that we can go away and know that our house and dogs are being well cared for. We have recommended this site to our friends who are in a similar position to us. People don't always have extended family available to keep an eye on pets, pools and general house maintenance when they go on holidays. Many thanks, homeowners username judyandsteve Coes Creek Queenland

Homeowner twiligh get great response for Bright Vic Aust Tourist Haven

"We have organised for a successful house sit. Thank you - the service and response has been great. Will now use it all the time. We listed with a couple of other agencies with absolutely no response."

Homeowner member twiligh

Fully renovated cottage in the tourist haven of Bright, a small town of 2000 people set in the North-East High Country only 3 & 1/4 hour drive from Melbourne. The 3 bedroom cottage with one bathroom (new large spa bath)and dishwasher is set on a beautiful block only 400 metres to town. Bright has 13 cafes and 15 restaurants to cater for tourists in the busy times. The house is very cool in summer with most summer nights about 10 degrees. The house is set on a large block with a running creek and only one neighbour. Bright is surrounded by mountains and is close to Falls Creek, Mt Hotham and Mt Buffalo. It is set in a wine and gourmet food region. Bright has been voted one of the 10 most beautiful tourist destinations in Australia. With nothing to do but look after two quiet cats - does anyone want a free holiday. Maximum of two people only as the cats are shy.

False Alarms: Know How to Prevent Them

Don't let your holiday season be ruined by false alarms.

Here is an article on preventing false alarms. Dont forget to
make your house sitter familiate with your alarm system.

False Alarms: Know How to Prevent Them - Kansas City infoZine

House Sitters Potter line up 3 housesits

I find your site to be very user friendly. We are pleased with your service and have found 3 very good matches as housesitters. I would recommend your site to anyone either looking to housesit or find a housesitter. Thank you. .. potter

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2nd sitter found for Scottish coastal cottages

Our first sitters contacted from your website have just left after 6 months, they and we were sad as it has worked tremendously well. Another will be in place shortly, thanks for this great way of putting people in touch.

Best wishes Janet (kilchristcc)

An opportunity to stay in a beautiful area with lovely coastline, in return for some cleaning/caretaking in four small holiday cottages

Sitter AussieWendy makes many friends around the world through house sitting

I love the Housecarers site, and I have recommended it to thousands of people around the world.

I happily recommend you to everyone who will listen.

I have never had a bad house sit and I have made many friends around the world when I sit for them. These friendships are ongoing.

I love what I do, and I hope to be doing it for many years to come. Thank you.

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House sitter peggykass fits in writing, and sight seeing with her Vancouver Sits

This year I completed two house sits that came to me through this website. I have been pleased with both and have been asked to perform future house sits for both homeowners in the Vancouver, BC area. The first was for three months and the second for two weeks. Both included the care of cats and both were in locations that were perfect for sight seeing, as well as writing.

Now, I am in Europe and hoping to find a position in France for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months this winter, but I have to be back in Vancouver at the end of Feb. for a repeat house sit there.

My thanks to Ian for providing a comprehensive and very professional service at Peggy

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doglvrs2retird enrich their lives through house sitting

We have had several housesits through contacts from your
service and have only great things to say about each.

Our stay in England for a delightful couple and their loving border collie
this past February was the tops. Kudos to you for a wonderful
service provider! Your contacts are enriching our lives in ways
we couldn't have imagined. Thank you, and we hope to be of
service to more who need their pets and homes well cared for in
the year to come. Mary & Jeff .. doglvrs2retird

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Sitter for Pyrenees Orientales South of France found

"Absolutely excellent service. Several very suitable people found to look after our home and animals. Thank you for providing this!"

Erik in the South of France (UserNam rousillon)

We have a fairly large property, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 terraces, swimmingpool, and a 2 acre garden, situated among vineyards in the South of France. Need animal-loving house-sitters for time to time, for a week and up to 3 weeks. NB: Two kind guard dogs, 2 horses and a pot-belly pig

Reluctant Seattle Homeowner finds Perfect Sitter

"Dear HouseCarers:
Thanks so much for providing this service and from what I can tell, managing it well. I was reluctant at first to select an unknown person via internet, but I was assured by a friend that I would be able to discern a quality contact.

I was actually overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of responses and have found a person who I think will be perfect. (A woman with a son near where we live with whom she wants to spend the holidays.)

I am already recommending your service to many of our friends with similar needs.
.... Linda (ChateauPoulet)

We have 3 very spoiled indoor cats who need daily food, water, kisses and hugs. We also have about 30 chickens who need food and water (every few days) and egg gathering (every day). We live in a lovely two-story log house with hot tub, flirtacious view of the water, within walking distance of Pritchard Park and 10 minutes from the ferry terminal on a Kitsap bus route. We travel intermittently for a week or two at a time and have ongoing needs. And I represent a network of friends who have similar needs.

Bainbridge Island Seattle Washington United States

Twenty Tips That Make Painting Easier

A list of twenty tips and hints that will make painting easier. Tips include ways that will make clean up easier, how to protect surface, etc.

Painting is a hard enough job without any extra labor. The following is a list of tips you should keep in mind before you start painting. They might not make you enjoy it, but they will make the job easier.

1. Make sure you have everything you need before you get started—especially enough paint. In general, a can of paint covers about 400 square feet.

2. Try to avoid painting on rainy days. The extra humidity in the air will cause the paint to dry slower. If this can't be avoided, use a dehumidifier to help speed the drying process.

3. If you are painting a large room, don't try and same money by purchasing the cheap rollers and brushes. The money you save will be minimal and won't make up for sore hands. Plus, better rollers and brushes will help you work quicker.

4. Have your primer tinted the same color as you intend to paint. This will ensure that the paint covers well and could cut down on the need for an additional coat.

5. Use a nail to tap about five or six holes in the retaining grove of the paint can. This will allow the paint to run back into the can. If you need to reseal the can, you can put the nails into the can or put a little play dough or clay over the holes.

6. Glue a large paper plate to the bottom of any open paint can you are using to catch any splatters or drips.

7. Flattened out corrugated boxes are perfect to cover the floors with when painting.

8. Have a wet rag and paper towels handy to wipe up any drips or mistakes. Most of them—including accidental dabs on the ceiling—can be removed this way.

9. Keep some patching compound and a spackle handy. You'll be surprised at all the little holes and marks you can find on your wall. They might not have been visible with the old color, but they can stand out with the new.

10. When stopping for short periods, seal your paintbrushes inside a Ziploc or plastic bag. This will keep them "fresh" without having to spend the time cleaning them. Plastic wrap and aluminum foil work almost as well.

11. Line the inside of your paint tray with aluminum foil or plastic. It will make the clean up easier.

12. To make cleaning your brushes easier, use an old baby-wipe container. Poor paint thinner into the container and push the handle of the brush through the hole in the lid. This will allow the brush to soak without bending the bristles. If you don't have any baby-wipe containers, try cutting a slot into the lid of a coffee can or similar container.

13. Wipe paint rollers on old newspapers before cleaning. Getting rid of any excess paint will make them easier to clean.

14. Rub hand lotion on your hands and arms before you begin. It will make the paint easier to wash off your hands when you're finished. Also, baby oil is sometime better at removing paint from your skin that soap.

15. If you have a steady hand, you might not need masking tape to cover the edges.

16. Wet newspaper can work great at protecting windows. You can use one-inch long strips of newspaper to protect the windowpanes around a window. Dip each strip into water. Pull the strip between your thumb and index finger to remove the excess water. Press the strips onto the glass close to the wood. Do only two at a time and remove them as soon as you're through.

17. If you're painting a bathroom, use wet newspaper to cover the bottom and sides of the tub. The newspaper will click and keep your tub paint-free.

18. Wrap hardware (doorknobs, hinges, pulls, etc.) in foil before painting.

19. Use old milk jugs to store paint. It will keep just as long and the paint is easier to access if you need to do some touch-ups.

20. Write the date, brand and color of paint used under the light switch for a handy reference.

Copyright © 2006, Ian White Access 2000 Pty Ltd

Contended Pets re-united when Owners return from 7 week overseas trip

Hi there, Recently back from 7 weeks overseas trip. Used your
service and wish to say thankyou very much for such an excellent
site. It's the first time we've used such a service and came home to
find everything just as we left it with a very happy and contented
pet to greet us. Again, I can't recommend your service enough and
wouldn't hesitate in using it again. Regards Carol -Jackjet 47

House sit: Townsville Queenslad Australia

Two Level, 5 Bedroom House with self-contained area on lower level. Two bathrooms/2 Toilets. Large fenced yard with good privacy close to shopping centres, medical centres etc. and 20-25minutes to Townsville CBD and Townsville Strand. Require mature couple who love dogs and gardening. Mowing of yard probably needed 2 -3 times during the 7 weeks. One German Shepherd Female aged 18 months and 6 laying hens. Dog is used to being walked each morning. Self feeder for hens - requires topping up and changing water dish. Established garden beds and lawn needing watering. We are retirees in our late 50's and 60's so would prefer similar couple with same interests in pets and garden. Great opportunity to experience North Queensland's perfect winter climate.

House sitter found for Sydney Harbour views Rozelle/Balmain 3 weeks Oct 06

This is an excellent service. I coudl have found many many really good housesitters. Thank you Janem43

I will be away for three weeks and need a reliable and kind person as house sitter to look after my much-loved cat Rosie, water the many plants on my terrace and just keep the house in order. The house is a modern townhouse, very sunny, with a large terrace overlooking the city and Harbour from the city side of Balmain. It has great views and is very pleasant to live in. A swimming pool and gym are available for use. Darling Street with its famous cafes and shops is a few minutes walk away and cinemas and lots more urban buzz can be found in nearby Leichhardt. There are frequent buses into the city which is just across Anzac Bridge

Island Hopping House Sitter secures two Hawaiian sits

I am a 54 old lady gardener. I work February through September, then go house sitting during the late fall and winter months. I have secured a yearly one month sit in Kauai, and now am going to do an additional one month sit on the Big Island. It was my dream come true. The day that the first sit ends, I will fly to the second sit. Friends are jealous and want to know how I get these wonderful vacations. I tell them about you.
Thank you for this wonderful site. House sitter Frogger (what an appropriate name- Ed)

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Sitter found for pleasant home in Historical Ballerat Vic Australia 2.5 months

Please remove my ad for a sitter. as I have completed negotiations with a lady from Perth.

Thank you for this wonderful service, I have had great success with it before, and heartily reccommend it regards
Val (UserName: thespian)

I am an actor who needs someone to look after my home one small dog and two cats whilst I work on a play in Queensland I have a very pleasant home in Historical Ballarat 3 minutes drive from the CBD, with three double bedrooms,a very large (16 metre) open plan sitting /diningroom, chef's kitchen small garden and outdoor entertainment area, plus office. The guest suite has ensuite and walk in robe, master bathroom has a large spa bath. My animals are very easy to look after as they have a simple routine, but being very social need human interaction. I am willing to pay all the utilities whilst I am away, except for the phone. I've had wonderful house sitters in the past but unfortunately for me they liked the area so much they have now purchased their own home,and are no longer available to me. I look forward to a response Regards Thespian

5 month housesit Qualicum beach British Columbia Canada Filled

Thanky you very much for this wonderfull service. It has been great, We ahve found a sitter that we can go with. thank you again. Until next year we will be looking forward to do this all again.

REGARDS jam Member jdfourme

House sit details:

Require a mature retired couple,Non smokers with No pets and would ask their visitors to abide bye the same rules. The home is 3 bedroom rancher with 3 bath electric heat plus wood heat if desired in family room plus a detached shop..There is also satellite TV, Internet access, and Alarm system,Plus regular phone What we require is that YOU the house sitter pay the utilities HYDRO, PHONE, AND SATELLITE (Star choice) as per usage on mail out bye the utility co. Require references Available Nov02/06 till March 31/07

Dreams come true for house sitter mallane16

Hello Ian,
Thank you for the great opportunity to use this website, since joining in late July I have my first sit, which is local. Then I am off to beautiful Canada for a 5 1/2 month sit at a wonderful guest house. My dreams have come true.

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House sits fascinating in their variety and tone

Hello Ian,
The e-mails about possible house-sits have become part of my daily compulsory reading!! Most are not in the area I want but I find them fascinating in their variety and tone!

I have picked up another suitable house-sit through this organization and the owner and I met today following phone-contact to sound each other out.
I really appreciate the way this system works.
Keep "em coming! Yours sincerely, Diane (username dizlearningcurve)
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Sitter found for olde world charm Brisbane QLD Australia

We are very impressed at the quality of sitters that we could choose from who were willing to look after our house for us while we are away.Also, thank you for providing a very professionally run service.We will certainly look at using this site in the future.Well done!!
Trish and Tony ... username trishtony16

I have a lovely federation house with stained glass windows, giving it an olde world charm, close to the centre of Ipswich.It is within walking distance to trains, buses,shopping centres and the CBD. I would require someone who loves animals as I have 2 large dogs, 1 small dog and a cat.They are all very friendly but need lots of affection while my partner and I are away. I have warm sunny decks around the house for relaxing on and an outside spa. The house has plenty of off street undercover parking including a double garage.

House sitter Leuler is travelling the country house sitting

I wanted you to know that I have booked house and petcare assignments from June 11,2006 thru March 1, 2007! I began with summer in Dunstable, Masssachusetts, them move on to Easton,Md. and some wonderful owners and their Yellow Lab and African Parrot! On Sept 28th, I fly to colorful Taos for nine weeks of caring for two dachshunds and a fabulous contempory home, them onto Chama, NM for eight days.then, back to Easton, for Decemebr thru March 1, 2007. It's exciting and gives me an opportunity to care for dogs, man's best friend! Thanks , Joe (Leuler)
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Sitter found for Nutley New Jersey Two lovely labs, gerils and fish

"Just to let you know..... we have a sitter for this specific request. We think this is a great site and will certainly use it more in the future. "
Mary UserName: gravesm1

Two lovely labs were recently adopted and so we don't want to put into kennel. three visits a day for feeding and companionship/ walks. well behaved/ No problems or issues. also periodic feeding of gerbils and fish.

Homeowner - city center Vienna Austria, share their experience

"We used your service for the first time last week. Our house sitter was wonderful to our dog and respectful to our home. I think this is a fabulous concept! Thanks for your assistance, we are already looking to use it again!"
UserName: Czuchna

Housesit Vienna Austria City Center District 3
We would like to have someone use our house as vacation accomodations in exchange for watching our dog for the period indicated. We have a 230 sq. meter (2400 sq. ft.)flat near the city center (10 min. walk). We are near all types of public transport, shopping, dining, and a 2 min. walk to the Belvedere. Our dog is a great dane that is sweet and loves all people. She is crate trained, and house trained. You will enjoy staying at our house!

Home Invasion: How To Prevent Termites From Taking Over Your Home

They are focused in their pursuits, they are abundant in number, and they are probably nibbling on your home right now. What am I referring to? Termites! One of the few insect colonies to eat continuously, a typical single termite colony can completely consume 2.3 linear feet of 2x4 pine in one single year. If that does not sound like much to you, consider the seriousness of the situation if that 2x4 was also one of the supporting beams of your house. Keep in mind also that where there is one termite colony there are usually others, clustered together in pursuit of food. Suddenly, that 2.3 linear feet seems significant, and it is, especially when it is multiplied four or five times.

Termites are one of the biggest contributors to home destruction, costing a staggering $1 billion in damages each year. Thanks to the importing of the voracious Formosan termite from East Asia, that amount continues to skyrocket. Think about the following numbers for a moment. A termite colony consists of anywhere from 350,000 to well over a million workers, soldiers, and swarmers (termites with wings). A single termite queen can lay thousands of eggs per day and live between 30 and 50 years. That means a queen can recoup her losses and repopulate her colony even after tremendous devastation. This means the best way to fight this foe is to prevent them from ever touching your home.

Before we can look at how to prevent them, let’s look at the conditions that attract termites to an area:

Soil: Most termites are subterranean, meaning that they build their colonies in the ground. They love the soil and build elaborate tunnel systems, called galleries, extending up to three feet below the surface. Termites will often use this versatile building material to create mud tubes leading from their underground colonies to above ground food sources, like the wood in your home.

Wood: Termites will consume any material that contains cellulose, and since wood contains a great deal of cellulose, termites devour wood voraciously. If a single piece of wood touches the ground, be certain that a colony of termites somewhere will know about it. Although some subterranean termites will consume other materials like vegetation, dung, and humus, their primary source of food, and their favorite, is wood.

Water: As with most living things, termites generally cannot survive without a source of water present. Whether in the form of a leaky faucet or the natural precipitation process of rain, termites will always seek some source of moisture to survive.

Now that the three conditions for termite survival have been identified, we can now look at ways to prevent termites from infesting your home:

1. Identify and fix all water leaks in your home, both internal and external. As mentioned above, termites need water, and it does not matter where they get it. If the water source comes from your home, all the better for the colony. It means they do not have to work as hard. Eliminating their water source removes one of the three requirements for survival.

2. Remove any brush or heavy growth from around your home. Vegetation can create areas of intense moisture, which is necessary for colony survival. Termites like it wet, so try and disappoint them as much as possible.

3. Eliminate any standing or pooling water from around your home.

4. Store all excess building materials and firewood away from the house. Remember that wood is their primary food source. Scrap wood touching the ground is an open invitation to hungry termites. If your property is not large enough for wood storage away from the house, create barriers beneath the wood to prevent direct access to the termites. Thick concrete slabs or heavy duty metal stands can be used to raise the wood off of the ground.

5. Use treated lumber for any wooden structures that will have direct contact with the ground. The chemicals in treated lumber do not guarantee that termites will not invade the wood, but they can act as a deterrent for decks and patios made out of treated lumber. Home improvement centers now offer concrete supports that raise the wooden support beams for decks and patios off of the ground. This would be a great way to avoid wood to ground contact.

6. Avoid using mulch near your home. Mulch provides two things to hungry termites: a food source and a water source. The qualities of mulch that make it attractive for use in the garden are the very qualities that attract termites. If mulch is placed near the exterior of your home, it is only a small step for a colony to move into your walls. As an alternative to wood mulch, try using one of the newer rubber mulches now available at your local home improvement center. They have the look of mulch and the benefits of mulch without providing the risks.

7. Never bury waste lumber or wood scraps in your yard. It acts as a magnet to termites and directs them to your property.

8. Remove any dead trees, old stumps, or roots in your yard. As these items decay, they attract termites to the area by providing a food source. When the food is gone, the termite colony will look for new sources of food. This includes your house.

9. Seal any cracks or holes within the foundation of your home. This will help prevent easy access for wandering termites.

10. Keep all gutters and waterlines clean of debris. Clogged gutters and waterlines leak, creating pools of water close to the house.

11. Make sure your home is properly ventilated, including your attic and internal crawl space areas. Adequate airflow prevents the buildup of moisture needed by termite colonies.

12. Periodically, get your home inspected for termite damage. A once-a-year inspection can save your home with early detection. If termites are not found in the home, the trained pest control specialists can at least offer recommendations to help you prevent an invasion. They may catch something you missed.

So what happens if you take all of these precautions and termites still begin to munch on your home? Use a pest control specialist in your area to help you deal with the problem. Here are a few of the treatment options that are currently on the market:

 Liquid Termiticide: This liquid pesticide is generally applied around the foundation of the house, as well as underneath the foundation. For new construction sites, the termiticide is applied to the graded soil as the home is being built, but for existing buildings, the foundation is partially dug out and drilled to ensure proper coverage. There are termiticides on the market that act as barriers and repellents to termite invasions, and there are termiticides that act as nerve poisons, killing the termites upon exposure.

 Subterranean Bait: Rather than acting as a deterrent to termite invasion, termite baits attempt to eliminate the colony at its source. Bait stations are set in the ground every ten feet or so around the perimeter of the home. The treatment begins when untreated wood segments are installed in the bait units to determine if termites are active around the house. The units are checked once a week, and if live termites are found, the wood is replaced with a toxic bait that is ingested by the termites and carried back to the colony. The toxins in the bait affect the termites by preventing the molting process, causing them to die ‘within their shell’. This long acting toxin allows the termites to both ingest the poison and carry it back to share with their colony. Special bait units can also be installed inside the home if termites damage is evident. A new series of bait traps have been developed by Dow Agrosciences to fight the more aggressive Formosan termite, which can penetrate cement, brick, heavy duty plastics, and high-pressure water lines just to get to food and water sources.

The best treatment option is a combination of termiticides and bait units setup both in the ground and throughout the house. Termites are hard to kill, and they are even harder to eradicate, so be tenacious in your efforts. Your best bet is to call a professional to help you. Over the counter solutions do not offer the same level of effectiveness that professional grade products do. Your house is one of your greatest commitments you will ever make. It is worth protecting the right way by getting the help of professionals who know what they are doing. But remember. In this case, an ounce of prevention really can take you far, ensuring a better chance of keeping these nasty bugs from eating up your investment before you have a chance to truly enjoy the fruits of your labor.

©2006 Ian White Access 2000 Pty Ltd

Gers Gascony France homewner's life is changed

Again such an efficient site! Many thanks, you really are appreciated and I tell everyone I know.

All are housesitters have been absolutely delightful and you've changed my life as I never used to leave home because of the four-leggeds! Thanks again!


Housesit: Perchede Gers Gascony France
3 well behaved dogs, 2 well behaved horses (they live out in the field). Our house and garden will need a minder for a week starting Nov 14th. Lovely area in the heart of Gascony and a house in perfect working order. (with central heating, although at that time of year it's doubtful whether it's necessary!)

Several housesits enjoyed by Sitter Goldengirl

Just to say Thankyou. For the past 2 years, I have enjoyed several housesits through your wonderful site. I hope to continue doing this for years to come. Your site is safe, comprehensive and, as a member, so easy to access - congratulations.

Susan (GoldenGirl)

View profile for House Sitter GoldenGirl

Five dogs,three Cats and two Parakeets in Mexico

I had my first House-sit in Mexico for 92 Days I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I took care of Five dogs,three Cats and two Parakeets all of which were rescue animals.

I am again looking for something else- 3 or more months in Mexico,Scotland,Arkansas, or Tuscon Arizona ... Housesitter pipergran

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How to Buy a Home Alarm System

Every year more and more homeowners are experiencing one of their worst nightmares- a home burglary. Chances are that you know someone who has been burglarized, or maybe you have already been a victim. The best step to take to prevent your home from being burglarized is to invest in a home alarm. A home alarm system can make all the difference between peace of mind and the lack of it.

If you are considering purchasing a home alarm system, do your homework. A little bit of easy research is all that it takes to ensure that you get the best possible alarm system for your home. In fact, the first step that you can take is to call your local police station to get some basic information. Find out whether or not they will recommend any companies for the job. If so, check those companies out first.

Next, contact your homeowner’s insurance company. Inform them of your intention to acquire a home alarm system and ask if they have any suggestions or recommendations for types of systems or particular companies. Since a discount is often given to homeowner’s who have an alarm system installed on their home, ask how much you will save on your insurance cost and find out id this differs according to the type of system that you have installed. Even if the amount is minimal, it does make a difference to the total cost of your insurance in the long run.

When you begin your search in earnest, have a representative from each company that you are considering come out to your home for an inspection. Ask for their recommendation in writing along with the cost of the system.

Next, you will need to consider which windows and doors you would like to include in the alarm system. Some systems charge by the number of zones that have been integrated into the alarm system. Each window or door is typically identified as a zone. A basic alarm system may originally be set up for a maximum number of zones. Adding zones onto the system may be possible for an increase in price.

Additionally, remember that not all systems are manufactured in the same manner. Consider whether or not you want your system to be wireless. With a wireless system, no one needs to worry about drilling, unsightly holes, and wires to hide.

Moreover, homeowners need to think about acquiring a battery backup for the alarm system in the event of a power outage. Plus, find out if any additional fees are expected and how often the system will require maintenance. Likewise, check into getting a system with a remote control if that is something that you are interested in getting.

Homeowners will also need to make a choice as to whether they want to have a twenty-four hour monitoring service. Typically, a monthly fee is involved. With this type of system, once a break in is detected, the local police are sent to investigate.

Along with cost features, it is important to consider the family’s lifestyle when deciding which windows and doors to target. Do you have pets? Do the pets frequent particular areas that may interfere with setting up the system in particular zones? What about family members? Will placing an alarm in certain areas cause problems or difficulties?

All of these factors need to be taken into consideration when deciding the location and type of sensors that will be used. Homeowners will do well to select a system that can meet all of their needs. Moreover, it is wise to select a system that can monitor each zone in a single location such as the control panel.

Determine the location for your control panel. Typically, two separate control panels and keypad sets are available; therefore, you will need to decide on two separate locations. The most common locations for control panels are the front door area and the master bedroom area. The control panel is in control of the system, while the keypad allows programming of the system. The keypad also allows the homeowner to turn the system on and off.

When selecting the code to be used for access to the system, a family friendly code, or one that is familiar and readily recalled by the entire family is the best choice. Remember that it might be needed during an emergency, so don’t make it too difficult.

A home alarm system can protect your home and loved ones from the unthinkable. It is a small price to pay for peace of mind. Begin your search today.

©2006 Ian White Access 2000 Pty Ltd

Unexpected Welcome Home Dinner for home owners libtravel

Through this service, we were able to screen potential sitters then select a great person to watch our home and take care of our house cat for our three week summer sojourn.

The unexpected benefits included rides to our starting point, regular email updates, and a welcome home dinner. The experience was a very positive one that has led to a new friendship. I will recommend the site to friends and colleagues. Thank you!

... libtravel

Completed Housesit: San Francisco Bay Area
Seeking quiet nonsmoking person to care for friendly house cat, water plants, take in mail, etc. Easy access by car and/or public transit to SF, Berkeley, Oakland, Marin, Vallejo, etc. Sunny, quiet, park-like neighborhood; spacious home; driveway for parking; community pools. DSL line available if needed.

Sitting Grand Parents get once in a lifetime opportunity

My husband and I are experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity right now, THANKS TO HOUSECARERS.COM!

I answered one of your notices, available in Solana Beach, CA, since our Son and his family live there (at the time, we were in Mexico). It just happened to be the next door neighbor (exactly the house next door) to our Son!! The owners of the house were as delighted as we were, to know someone with a vested interest in the area would be caring for their lovely home.

It has enabled my husband and I to spend three months (the entire summer) experiencing special events with our only Grandchild and the family (her 6th grade graduation, birthday, equestrian shows, etc.). Since Solana Beach is a very expensive area (and we are living on our retirement) we never could have afforded the rent for three months on our own. The other plus was meeting the homeowners, Tom and Nancy --they are such nice people and we have a great deal in common. How can we thank you enough!!

Marji (Globetrotters2)

View Profile for housesitters Globetrotters2

Sitter found for Tokoroa Sth Waikato New Zealand sit

Hi there, A short note to let you know that we have found a sitter for our home , and to thank you and your service for a job well done !! We have given your link to several globe hopping ( well family visits )friends who are interested in your service .A well organised and managed site , and one that we sorely needed to have at this time . Rufus 33

Mature couple , non smokers require sitter/s for comfortable 3 bed house,open plan lounge dining kitchen , log fire sky t.v. spa off private deck .Backs onto farm .Handy to town, which has many facilities including ciema complex indoor heated swimming centre, Tennis and squash courts ,Excellent golf course. 40 mins Taopo Rotorua, 45mins Hamilton 60 mins Tauranga,90 mins Whakatane and approaches to East coast.We have a burmese cat called Cissy who loves lots of cuddles. I nearly forgot the ski fields of Whakapapa and Turoa . Our home is very comfortable with plenty of off street parking, even for a campervan.

August 24, 2006 For a period of: 2 months

Tokoroa Sth Waikato NZ

House sitters get holiday in the beautiful city of Tauranga and Mount Maunganui Bay of Plenty New Zealand

Yes, thank you, I have found yet another great house sitter! We will most certainly use your service again, so far I have had three great sitters all from overseas - we are in NZ.

Patti (patzhrex)

We need a housesitter that will take care of our home as we would ourselves and loves cats. We have two that require not only feeding but pats and cuddles and like being talked to. This is a short house sit but would be fine for someone wanting to have a holiday in the beautiful city of Tauranga and Mount Maunganui.
Tauranga and Mount Maunganui Bay of Plenty New Zealand NZ

Fremantle WA Australia homeowner finds competant sitters

"We thank you for the use of your site, wonderful
way to get competant sitters without disclosing too many details."
UserName: leslien1

House Fremantle very close to main centre,aprox walk time 7 mins. Federation home was built 1908 and has been totally restored,high ceilings,polished jarrah floors throughout.A second story addition added with magnificent views to Rottnest and Garden Island.Double lockup offstreet parking. Required to look after small lawn,gardens and two lovable cats

Sitters davetes05 mind some magnificent homes

Hi Ian and Staff,

Just a short mail for you, we have been with you for a short period and we have had several homesits, to which we are truly grateful, this system works well for both parties and we will continue to use homecarers for sometime.

The people we have homecared for have been charming and very pleasant, and some magnificent homes so once again thankyou, kind regards David n Theresa.

View profile for sitters davetes05

Sitter found Melbourne VIC Australia Inner Eastern Suburbs Bentleigh

"Thank you very much for providing this service. I found a house sitter easily and am very happy to use this service again. "

Homeowner member: chriscat

Melbourne VIC Inner Eastern Suburbs Bentleigh 5 weeks

Hi, We are going overseas and need a sitter for our house/garden and 2 indoor cats. Some minor gardening is also required, although we don't expect too much, as it is winter. The home is short walking distance to transport and shops and a short drive to the beach. The area is a family orientated friendly neighborhood. The house is a period weatherboard, has 3 bedrooms, 1 is used as an office and the other as our babies room. It has a large sit-in kitchen and cosy loungeroom, 1 bathroom and laundry/toilet.The house has ducted heating and a dishwasher, broadband internet and is in close driving distance to 2 major shopping centres (Southland and Chadstone). We require sitting for 5 weeks. If you are interested, please contact me

Keep Your Pets Cool This Summer

By Ian White

You know that summer is hot. You also know when you need to get out of the sun and cool down. Listening to your own body is easy, but your four-legged friends can’t talk to you. It’s your job to protect them from the heat – and all of the consequences of summer – by providing everything that they need to stay cool.

When temperatures climb and your pets are panting the afternoons away, follow these tips to keep them safe and happy even on the hottest of days.

-If possible, let your animals come inside during the worst heat every day. Early afternoon is the hottest time of day for any living thing: letting your cats or dogs soak up some air conditioning for a few hours every day will keep them cool and stop your worrying.

-Make sure that your pets have access to shady spots at all times. Trees are the best sources of protection from the sun. If that isn’t possible, make sure that your pet can get under a covered area, such as a patio or porch.

-Keep the pet’s water supply cool and fresh. The water will heat up as the day passes, so either change the dish often or invest in an auto-watering system. Many models attach to your outdoor water faucet: as your pet depletes the water supply, the system adds more without overflowing or making a mess.

-Never leave your animal in a car, even for just a few minutes. The temperature inside the vehicle quickly rises to the point where any living thing inside will either die or become very, very sick. Even if you park in the shade and leave the windows down an inch or two, you’re still putting your beloved pet at risk. You should leave your dog at home where he can stay in the shade or inside and have plenty of access to fresh, cool water.

-Don’t expect your pets to be playful or overly active on hot days. They don’t need to overexert themselves any more than you do. Like humans, pets can suffer from heat exhaustion or heat strokes.

-Some pets love to swim. Provide these animals with a kid’s wading pool so that they can cool off whenever they get too hot. You can also take your dog with you on trips to the lake or other body of water. If he loves to swim, the cool water will be great. The time he gets to spend with his human masters only makes the experience better for everybody.

-You might be tempted to shave off all of your pet’s hair, but this isn’t a good idea. The hair protects your animal’s skin from the sun. The hair also helps channel cool air to your pet’s skin, which helps him stay cooler. Instead of buzzing everything, trim the hair to a shorter length. A professional groomer can do this inexpensively and properly.

-If your pet seems sick or otherwise abnormal, call your veterinarian immediately. If your cat or dog is dehydrated or is suffering from heat exhaustion, he’ll need quick treatment to get well again.

Copyright © 2006, Ian White Access 2000 Pty Ltd

Author Ian White is founder of Pet Sitting directory. Find a local Pet Sitter to care for your pets while you are away

House sitter found for 11.5 month Cabool Missouri housesit, rural area close to parks and canoeable streams

I have located a housesitter. Thank you for your service. Suspend "ChinaBound"

Sincerely Sharon (ChinaBound)

Single adult or couple wanted. No smoking inside the home. Pet care for 2 dogs and 3 cats. Small country home on 66 acre farm. Yard and garden care required. Pasture is leased to a 3rd party, so "farm care" not required. Scenic rural area close to parks and canoeable streams. Approximately 1 hour drive to large lakes.

Animal Lover found for 2 golden retrievers, 2 cats and lovebird Tico northeast of Philadelphia

Hello, thank you for your excellent service you are providing, I had a hard time to choose. I found a desirable person, we exchange a lot of mail and photos and she sound wonderful for my animals and housesitting.

You can take my add off the site and I am sure I will use it again. Highly recomend it to anyone ho needs it. Keep up the good work and God Bless Marjarie (marjarie2)

Walking and feeding 2 golden retrievers,age 2 and 8,changing cat litter and feed 2 cats one black and one calico 4 years old and clean cage for lovebird Tico,feed him and take him out of cage for play once a day.I have some plants inside and out that need watering 1x week.New Hope is picturesque town with cafes,river walk and entertainment we have tennis courts and pool on the premises,bikes and large deck in the back with grill and picnic table.Doylestown is historical town about 10 miles with museum,library, big parks, restaurants and theatres. Philadelphia offers history,nightlife and lot of good restaurants as well as cultural events.

September 1, 2006 For a period of: 18 days

New Hope Philadelphia,Doylestown Bucks County

Dream come true for Sitter mocha38

I just wanted to take the time to say Thank You for your site...

I was chosen, for the house sit in North Van on your site.

I begin the house sit in September for 3 and a half months, and it is a dream, because I am to start a practicum in that time. To be honest it is a dream come true.

I just wanted to thank you for your site!

I have recommended your site to many people, and know that I will use it again in the future.

Thank you,
Trace (mocha38)

So many new friendships formed for Sitter AlnMaggie

Once again I am in touch to highly compliment you on the service you offer. We have just completed a wonderful six weeks at Leith, Tasmania & were fortunate yet again to have great people to sit for & as with all our previous sits will remain in touch & so many new friendships have been formed.

I have given your site to so many people & have nothing but praise for your organization.

Margaret & Alan (AlnMaggie)

View Profile for Sitter AlnMaggie

Kiwilover finds house sitter for Arlington, VA District of Columbia

We are first-time users (homeowners) and have been bowled over by the response, the great-sounding people, the concern for privacy, etc etc. A terrific resource -- thanks! We found a lovely person for our current house sit and will be back often in future. Kiwilover 3 blocks from orange line.. Kiwilover

Nonsmoking, non-heavy partying, common sense single or couple. We have no pets but need yard watered and mail forwarded (with forwarding stamp). Amenities: Airconditioning, attached garage, sunroom, deck, piano, once-a-week cleaner, burglar/fire alarm. No TV reception as yet but we do have TV/VCR/DVD sets.

Encinitas California housesit: 55-plus community, on a 3-par golf course. Very serene, quiet area. with Jack Russell terrier

No complaints here! I'm absolutely amazed at the quality and quantity of applicants. I couldn't be more pleased!

UserName: blouheron

September 28, 2006 For a period of: 6 weeks
You are looking for a Housesitter for your house in City/Town: Encinitas California

Encinitas is a beautiful coastal city. I live in a 55-plus community, on a 3-par golf course. Very serene, quiet area. I have a Jack Russell terrier who will need to be cared for. Otherwise, you'll feel like you're on a wonderful vacation.

Impeccable matching for Housesit Sacramento Ca area,Carmichael, close to American River

Ian, your service on this web site is impeccable!
I have found a local couple to house/petsit for August 06 and a lovely lady to sit for our 07'Jan trip. We've met the local couple, and will meet our sitter for 07' in Oct. Seem like very nice people, all of them.Thank you for this valuable service. Celeste, Sacramento, Ca celesterarick56

/6//07 thru 2/4/07-in Sacramento Ca area,Carmichael, close to American River, Bike Trail, across from a park. Need housesitter/petsitter for male Sheltie&female tuxedo cat. House on 1/2 acre, pool,hot tub,xrcise rm. Tidy adults & animal lovers only.

Success!! Sitter found for old golden lab in gated community Orio Valley Arizona

I have found a terrific house sitter so I am no longer in need. Please remove my posting from your list.
Thanks!! I am so pleased with this website and service.

Mary (marymacmary)

Your House is available from: June 28, 2006 For a period of: 2.25 mos, (10 weeks)
You are looking for a Housesitter for your house in City/Town: Oro Valley Arizona
Rancho Vistoso Area

I have a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in a gated community with a clubhouse that features 2 swimming pools, a library, a workout room, billiard room etc. The only reason I need a house sitter is because I have a lovely, old golden lab that is unable to travel while my son and I leave for 10 weeks this summer.

Feedback from Maryland homeowner of beautiful waterfront home

I am very impressed with, and will use it again and again.
Thanks for your excellent site.... Jamie1waterfront

Housesit below filled:
I have a beautiful waterfront home on a creek located in the Eastern Shore of MD outside of St. Micheals. I wish to have a reliable person or couple, with refs. to pet sit my dog Sadie, who is wonderfully behaved and obedient, and my 2 very friendly cats for the period approx from Aug. 10 thru Sept. 3 with wiggle room. My home is located on the water with water access to the creek, with kayaks for your use. This area is also superior for bike riding. I have a beautiful 2 bedrom 2 bath home with a/c, ultra-cable and bird-watching to offer. This is a non-paying job. My home is situated on a small cove with plenty of privacy. My dog requires a short walk every day. My cats require little. While I am travelling I wish to have someone at my home, versus a come&go pet sitter. So I will call you periodically from Europe

Rocky Point New York homeowner reports in

This service was wonderful. The 2 women that came here were just fantastic. I can't say enough. I will use this service again and have told all my friends and relatives too. Thanks housecarers. Wendylyn

we have 1 chocolate lab and 3 cats. Cats have a door. we have a lovely house on the sound with a stair case to the beach. need a sitter from may 12th ----- may 27th easy animals

GladToHelp enjoys sitting a B&B in Vermont - then gets a full time gig

received your site on the recommendation from a friend of mine who lives in Ireland. I signed up November 2005, and the next month had secured a wonderful house sit in a B&B in Vermont.

It was closed for the winter, but the owners had left their cat here, while they wintered in Florida. I've settled into the area (near Bennington) and the people are all so warm and friendly. They find it incredible to hear how I came to move here, and I always make very clear to them the name of your website/service. Hopefully, a few of them will join in too!

The owner's returned in early May, and have offered me full-time employment, which I have gladly accepted.

Thank you for a wonderful experience - as I'm a midwestern girl (Illinois), I've always wanted to see New England, and now I'm living here.

I recommend you highly to all I meet.

Cindy "GladToHelp"

View profile for house sitter member gladtohelp

Travel Tips and Traps for the unwary

We have created a new blog devoted to travel tips. This includes traps for the unwary from seasoned travellers. Be safe, be healthy and enjoy your holiday armed with this information.

Current articles posted by our writers include

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Travel Tips - Staying Healthy

View them all at:
Travel Tips Blog

Springdawn enjoys Hawaii housesits

Thanks so much for renewing my membership. I look forward to
another happy year as a member of So far
I've secured two wonderful housesits in Hawaii from your site.
It has really made al the difference in my life. You offer a great
service... Springdawn
View profile for house sitter Springdawn

4-5 months housesit St. Croix Us Virgin Islands filled

Thank you for your website I found i had a choice of wonderful people. I found a great couple for my house. Thanks ... kamani74

ST. CROIX US VIRGIN ISLANDS. Either a couple or single person to housit, care for orchid and plant collection and one sweet kitty. Instructions on plant care included. Located in Alexander Hamilton's home town, 4 blocks from a beautiful harbor, sea views, walk to everything, including transportation acess. Beaches everywhere, clear tropical seas. Especially suitable for artist type (artist colony here). House is small west indian cottage renovated. One bedroom, studio area, 1/2 acre landscaped yard full of fruit trees. some upkeep needed to keep neat. Utilities reasonable, Yard is fenced. Please only neat, responsible people need apply.

House sitters found for 6 week housesit Whakatane Bay of Plenty New Zealand

I have been blown away by all the replys and the range of people interested.
We did get a local couple to look after our farm, they have been in for their training.

I am sorry I did not reply to the people sooner, no excuse, but planning for the trip was so intense. I am a Maintenance Planner, so its my thin to go overboard with pre planning.

Keep up the good work ... Hokonui

We have a small farm block cattle need feeding each day and watering 2 cats and a dog (all very friendly) 20m to Whakatane

Virginia housesit with 2.5 acres, Pool, Jacuzzi and Boxer filled

Your service is wonderful. I got so many responses and found someone to be here to house sit. Everything was very easy and straight forward. Thanks again. -gg-
UserName: gerigeis

August 10, 2006 For a period of: 4 weeks Clifton Virginia Fairfax County

We are on 21/2 acres outside of Clifton, Va. We have a pool, jacuzzi and lawn to be looked after plus one gorgeous Boxer, Rex Kalibur. Plants would need to be watered, in and out, water added to the pool and jacuzzi, when needed, lawn to be mowed on ride on tractor. It is a four bedroom, large Colonial, house. No need to do anything inside except enjoy.

Tips to Keep your Dog Safe

Here is a useful tip sheet on keeping your dog safe:-

Tips to Keep your Dog Safe

New Reply All facility added to Homeowners Message area

To make it easier to respond to all applicants for a housesit we have added a "Reply to ALL Applicants" Link from the Homeowner Message Inbox. (The link appears at the top of the page)

If you select this link a message will be sent to all sitter candidates who have applied since the date you posted your latest housesit. (Many homeowners return to use our service - so have posted a number of housesits)

At the confirmation page you can choose to exclude sending messages to particular house sitter members by including their usernames in the exclude box. (eg you may not want to send to the succesfull applicant).

You can still send indvidual messages by selecting each message and responding to it.

Many House Sitters are reporting putting time into applying for House Sits, and get discouraged when they don't get a reply.

We would appreciate if you could kindly respond to any applications you have received. To make it easy you can use the the reply all link from your messages inbox, so you can respond to all house sitter candidates.

To reply to house sitters individualy first click on the message link from your message inbox.

If you have found a house sitter, or no longer need a house sitter we would appreciate you using reply all from your message box, to let the sitters know; then clicking the suspend button to remove your ad.

This means house sitters won't have to wade through house sit postings that are filled or no longer available.

OR you may want to send out a message to all candidates, letting them know that you are still considering applications.

Thankyou Ian ... Housecarers Membership Services

Adelaide homeowner saves 400.00 on cat and dog boarding

This is a great service. I advertised my house with only 3 weeks noticed and all who replied seemed excellent. I have chosen a couple from your list and look forward to them staying. Thanks for relieving my headache! and saving me about $400 on cat and dog boarding! Alison (alison00)

I am looking for a sitter to look after 2 pets. Twiggy is an 8 y.o low maintenance dog who is happy having a short walk once daily, and a cat, Omar who is happy with his food bowl topped up daily. Our house is comfortable and clean with ducted heating throughout and a handy 5 mins. drive from Adelaide CBD.

Your House is available from: May 23, 2006 For a period of: 11 days
Adelaide South Australia

House sitters chezcraig1 booked out till Jan 07

Just wanted to let you know, your site is terrific, well laid out and easy to use. We have been gaining sitting times from your site and now we are completely booked up to 2nd January '07. Thanks

Cheryl Craig UserName = chezcraig1

View profile for house sitters chezcraig1

It's a small world - and getting smaller

Dear wanted you to know that not only were we successful in arranging a house sitter for our home within a 12 hour period of time, it happened to be the mother and father of our neighbor accross the street from us. Thanks for a great & helpful site. tnbarney

Solana Beach, North of San Diego California 3 month house sit filled June 18, 2006

We have filled our house sitting needs thanks to your site. Please remove our ad at this time. We will definitely use your site in the future because we travel a lot.

Thanks again. username tnbarney

Requirements would only be maintenance of house, collecting mail, watering of front and back yards and feeding of cat.

Kuinya from Victor Harbour appreciated the ability to remain anonymous until we had decided on the sitters

Have just used the site to find housesitters and had a very good response within 24 hours - thank you - we have now deactivated the ad - we will certainly use the site in the future. We really appreciated the ability to remain anonymous until we had decided on the sitters.

Many thanks for your great service... kuinya

August 16, 2006 For a period of: 7 weeks
looking for a Housesitter for your house in City/Town: Victor Harbor

We are looking for either a couple or a single sitter who would be interested in living on our wildlife shelter and assisting on the shelter while the owners take a break separately. There are two of us who own and run the shelter, we do not plan to go away together so that there would always be one of us here who will also be working on the shelter. We would like to take about 2 weeks off each. We also have some teaching committments to meet and a one day meeting to attend in that time. We have a self contained one bedroom cabin on the property which is used as holiday rental. The cabin would be available at no cost for you to use so that you are independent and have privacy. The work is not heavy but animals need feeding and enclosures cleaned morning and night - about 2 hours morning and night. The property is set in beautiful rural surroundings - 2 minutes from the beach - Victor Harbor and surrounding areas are very pleasant. No experience necessary - just a love of animals.

Pet Depression and Separation Anxiety

Pets develop emotional bonds to their human owners and when separated from them, pets may suffer from depression and separation anxiety. There are times when it becomes necessary to be separated from a pet such as when having to be hospitalized or taking a vacation. As much as we may hate being away from a beloved pet, it may actually be a more stressful experience for the animal.

Read Entire article ... Pet Depression and Separation Anxiety

Monash Canberra ACT Australia housesit filled


Yes we had several replies any of which we could have chosen. We are very pleased with the lady we have chosen. I will promote your site to my friends.

Thanks Ros User Name rosmerleg

August 2, 2006 For a period of: 6-7 weeks

We are going away from 2 August until at least 16 September or maybe a week or so later. We have a poodle and two young cats. Garden will need minimal care at that time of year. Most importantly house sitter must be an animal lover. A couple or mature single preferred.

House sitter found for gorgeous town,Dunsborough, on the coast of SW West Australia

Just confirming that we have found a house sitter – thanking you for your help. Please can you remove us from your files.

Regards Kathy (User Name cocosarge)

June 2, 2006 For a period of: 8 weeks

Dunsborough is a gorgeous town on the coast of SW West Australia. We have a 5 acre property 5 minutes out of the town of Dunsborough. We have a dog (very loving German Short haired pointer) and a pink and grey galah that need looking after and loving while we are away for 8 weeks. We have a fully heated 15 metre lap pool on the property and lovely low maintenance gardens. The house has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms + study with a large living kitchen central zone. The property is very peaceful and surrounded by native bush and wild birds - it is a little piece of paradise. This area has lots of wonderful beaches and great walking tracks, fantastic wineries and restaurants and a large expanse of virgin bush around the cape. The climate is warm in summer and mild winters.

Ashland Oregon House sit, with lakes and rivers nearby, filled

We have found a housesitter for May 25-June 17, thanks to you. Darrel and Phyllis will be housesitting for us. Thank you very much. We will use your service again.
Carol (Ashland, OR)User Name Doodle

May 29, 2006 For a period of: 3 weeks

We live on 3 acres just outside of Ashland and need a caring, conscientious caretaker for our 9- month-old dog, Dude, a Goldendoodle; 2 cats; 9 chickens; and birds. We have a comfortable home and beautiful view and are 9 minutes from Ashland's plays, restaurants, and attractions. There are lakes and rivers nearby. There may be minimal gardening chores.

Travelling with Your Pet

Here is a helpfull article - tips and checklist it you decide to travel with your pet.

Travelling with your Pet

Yeppoon Sunhhine Coast Queensland house sit filled

We seem to have found the ideal house-sitters for our needs. Thank you so much for your excellent service. This is the second time we have used your site and are very impressed Thank you Jean UserName = aljean

We have a comfortable fully airconditioned 3 bedroom modern lowset brick home with salt water swimming pool. The time we wish to be away can be very hot, therefore anyone who does not like the heat should not apply. We also have a loveable very friendly female border collie dog, who needs her daily walk and lots of TLC. Our requirements are that you should maintain our home and garden,ie mowing grass and watering plants. the garden is easily maintained with sprinkler systems. (Although water restrictions apply at the moment) We would also require our swimming pool to be maintained. Therefore we would prefer someone who is experienced in this regard. We also would prefer non smokers. Yeppoon is a small town on the coast about 40 klms from Rockhampton. Ferries to Great Keppel Island are about 5 klms away. Byfield National Park is to the north about 30 klms. Our home is not far from the beach, or shops. It is a quiet area and we have good neighbours. There is room in the garage to park a car.

Sitter Countryspace seeks clarification

Wow, this is wonderful, so many sits and so many wonderful places, I can hardly get my head around it all, what a wonderful life I will be leading.

I have found a sit up until mid November, 2006 and have changed my resume to let people know, but would like to stay open to book sits for the future is this the way to go or do i UNSCRIBE for a certain period and then re activate. Wonderful, all the places sound great Jan (countryspace)

Hi Jan (countryspace)

Great news about your sit. Better to leave your profile active and just update your availability date so you are ready for the next one. Many homeowners look well ahead.


View profile for sitter countryspace

House sitters wunjuli pays off some bills and see more of Australia

I just wanted to say what an wonderful service this site provides for those choosing to save money while taking care of other peoples homes/pets and or property.

Since registering some months ago and upgrading to Gold membership my partner and I have been able to relocate ourselves from Melbourne Victoria to a four month house/pet stint in Deception Bay,QLD which will be finishing in early April.

As a result of this particular housesitting job we have been able to pay off a few debts and boost our savings account not to mention meet some lovely people and see more of this great country.

We have secured ourselves another house/pet minding job further north in Hervey Bay which is a truly beautiful region as we discovered when we drove up to meet with the couple who placed the advertisement in

I would like to offer up a heartfelt Thank You to Housecarers for making it possible for us to see more of Australia while saving money for our own place, without you this wouldn't have been possible. 10/10 from us! Thank You. "wunjuli"

View profile for House Sitters wunjuli

Water Views taken - Long Beach Island, a resort area at the New Jersey seashore

This is to let you know that we have confirmed an arrangement with a sitter whom we reached through your service. Should we now remove our post?
I am still receiving inquiries. Thank you for your help. vmjk23

I have removed your post for you. If you need it again simply login and click the activate button, or post a new ad. Ian housecars

Our home is on Long Beach Island, a resort area at the New Jersey seashore, a few steps to the ocean. The ocean in September is wonderful. The chief requirement is loving care for our two dogs, a cockapoo and a cocker(field)spaniel. House has all amenities and wonderful bay views.

Erlanger, Kentucky, just across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio housesit filled

i have secured a house sitter thru your site and need to remve my ad so others do not respond. BTW - VERY please with the response and info on your site! Love it and will continue to use it when I need a house sitter!!!
Thanks! ... User Name seekershar

We have suspended your ad for you. You can do this at any time by logging on and clicking the suspend button. Next time you need a sitter simply login and click the post house sit ad button to update your ad... Ian, Housecarers

House sit filled:

Looking for a responsible non-smoker to care for our two cats and do general yard maintenance (mowing) and light houskeeping (vacuuming excessing cat hair!) while we are away. We have a small, unassuming, two bedroom bungalow in Erlanger, Kentucky, just across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio. Our two cats are indoor cats, one requires copious amounts of affection, the other demands to be left alone. We do NOT have a land line telephone so having your own cell is a plus.

Antarghosha lines up the house sits.

I am very pleased to say that as of July 9th I will be housesitting north of Los Angles and that I was offered an overlapping housesit near San Francisco.

I am still open for housesits prior to my July 9th assignment but keep me on the list. I will keep you posted and am I ever grateful for your organization. I would like to come and housesit in Australia and New Zeland next year, for the current assignment runs through March of 2007!

View House Sitter profile for Antarghosha

Can you spell 'disintermediation'

Thanks very much for the excellent service. I posted yesterday, and was connected with someone faster than you can spell 'disintermediation' - this is how the internet is supposed to work! Cheers, Richard

In economics, disintermediation is the removal of intermediaries in a supply chain: "cutting out the middleman". Instead of going through traditional distribution channels, which had some type of intermediate (such as a distributor, wholesaler, broker, or agent), companies may now deal with every customer directly, for example via the Internet. One important factor is a drop in the cost of servicing customers directly. ack:

Home Owner Privacy Protected

What a great service!

Thank you for helping me find a suitable housesitter without once putting my privacy at risk. And de-activating when a housesitter is found is so easy!! thanking you
home owner member .. louNraz

3 month Housesit Hampton Park VIC Australia

small 3 bedroom brick home with master bedroom incl queen size (low bed as mattress is on a futon base) gym and study. Dining table is "asian style" so not suited for anyone with problems sitting low & getting themselves back up. Fully renovated- modern living. Ducted Heating, Split System Air Conditioner, TV/VCR/DVD/Surround Sound/Stereo, 1 bathroom, outdoor entertainment area covered and can be made fully enclosed, fixed BBQ, lots of onsite parking (driveway is long and double half the way to fit two cars side by side). Landscaped front and back, low maintenance- just requires weeding as watering is on timer. No need to mow lawns as that is arranged. 6 min walk to shops, high/primary schools closer. 1 min walk to bus stop, Hallam train station just 10 mins drive away. Close to fwy entrance/exit- just 30 mins to city. We have 2 cats and a fish tank which will all need feeding. Our cats will need love- i would prefer if you are a cat lover, or at least happy to give them pats occasionally. They are indoor/outdoor but stay in during night. No dogs sorry, my husband is allergic to dogs so we cant have their scent in our home for our return. We would want to meet you first as we love our home and our pets so want to ensure they are in good care. You would be required to pay utilities. References and Police Check required

Possums - does it the easy way.

Thank you for the opportunity to use your website. "Kurisu" has agreed to house sit for us for an extended period. We found the whole experience a lot easier than expected. Thanks again.... possums

I have a 5 yr old brick and tile villa house in a quiet street at Largs Bay with small front and rear garden easily maintained. There are three indoor cats and no dogs. Public transport in the form of buses and trains are within 3 minutes walk and the beach is about 15 minute walk away. Port Adelaide is about 5 minutes by car, a little more by bus. I am looking for a quiet, mature & responsible single female person to look after my house and cats while I take a caravan holiday interstate. I have a tentative departure date of the 19th April, 2006 but this is widely negotiable. If I can find the right person, and the holidays go well, these arrangements may be ongoing.

Largs Bay Adelaide South Australia

Top match for Sunshine Coast housesit.

Today we found a housesitter for our house.
They are "Poolwood" and will sit for us from 6th july till 12th october 2006.
Would you be so kind to remove us from your excellent system?
Your service is the most efficient available and in our view the best.
In particular the excellent up to date computer program, thank you for that.

Kind regards
Vic UserName = Shantor

We are looking for a reliable retired couple 55 years plus to look after our 1.1/2year old Jack Russell (no barker),2 cats and 2 birds. Our house is a clean comfortable low set home,with reverse cycle airconditioning,overlooking a 1 hectare lake, very private on small acreage , 8 km out of town.

Cooroibah Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

House sitter louies lines up the sits

I am still on my original housesit (7 months) in WA and am now looking for a shorter stay in Queensland. I have been offered a number of options, but have not finalised anything yet. If I'd wanted shorter ones, I'm sure I could have had many others by now. I think the service is fantastic and well worth the money to be put in touch with homeowners. Keep it up!
Louise (louies)

View housesitter profile for louies

New Friends through house sitting.

have recently completed a house sit in Levittown for two delightful people. The have two terrific dogs which I grew quite attached to. The neighbors quickly became friends and were great company. I completely enjoyed house sitting for them and taking care of their dogs and would gladly do so again.

Just because the term of the house sit is over does not mean we have stopped talking. They call from time to time to see how I am, or to just say hello. What a great way to meet friends. ... housesitter michellewilson88
View house sitters profile

New blog resource Library : Home and Pet Lovers Articles and Tips

We have created a new blog of relevant and practical advice articles for home owners and pet lovers.

A variety of articles to make your home environment a happy and content place to live - and tips on pet care, feeding, exercise, home maintenance, home improvement and more. In other words - helping make the life of the home owner easier, simpler and just plain happy. Can we motivate you, can we inspire you ... I hope so.

New original articles are regularly posted by our writing team.

Pet and Home Lovers Articles and Tips Blog

You can also access this from your members area after login.

Preparing Your Home for Storm Season

Tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, high winds, and hail can all do tremendous damage to your biggest investment, your home. While violent weather can erupt at any time, the most severe and damaging storms often arrive between March and August, with the height of the storm season usually occurring throughout the spring months (March through May).

This guide will help you prepare your home, your belongings, and your family to avoid the negative effects of severe weather:

Before Storm Season

1. First, visit your insurance provider and go over your policy to make sure that you have appropriate insurance coverage for your home, property, and belongings in case of storm damage. If you are in a flood prone area, remember that flood insurance is not a staple in homeowner's insurance policies.

2. Trim, or have a professional trim, any trees, bushes, or large plants that are near your home to avoid damage. Strong winds can bend trees, causing them to hit your home, which may damage siding, windows, doors, or the roof. It doesn't take a tornado to cause serious damage or injury. Falling limbs can also be problematic, so have any that are damaged, unstable, or those that overhang your home or garage removed.

3. If possible, replace the glass in your home with wind and impact resistant glass. If replacing the glass is not currently feasible, learn about safety film that can be used to cover glass to help prevent shattering. It is also prudent to install storm shutters. Shutters will protect your windows but more importantly will protect the interior of your home and especially your family, from glass that may shatter during severe weather.

4. Sliding glass doors are especially dangerous, and do not forget about skylights. If you cannot employ any of the above protective methods before severe weather arrives, cover large areas of glass with plywood, a tarp, or winterizing plastic for some temporary protection.

5. Purchase a non-electric radio, preferably one that has access to the NOAA weather band for up to the minute weather information, or at least a radio that can clearly receive a local station. Make sure fresh batteries are available at all times, or purchase an emergency radio that is powered by solar energy or one that features a hand crank to charge it up when needed.

6. Make sure at least one working flashlight with fresh batteries is also available, since the power may go out and you may be left without electricity for several hours. Using candles during violent weather is not advised, in case of gas leaks. A flashlight is also helpful for getting someone else's attention should you need to be rescued. Look for a flashlight or radio that includes a personal alarm or siren for this purpose.

7. If your electric service is frequently interrupted during severe weather, consider purchasing a generator. You may also want to purchase or put together a survival kit. There are many different types of generators and survival kits available in assorted price ranges.

When Storms are Predicted

1. Move vulnerable items to a safe location. Put your car inside the garage, move patio furniture, lawn equipment, bicycles, and other items such as barbeque grills into the garage or shed. Anything that cannot be moved to another location should be tied down to avoid causing damage or injury if thrown by strong wind.

2. Close awnings to avoid updrafts of air that could tear them away from your home and cause them to break windows, slam against your house, or cause injury. Close the garage door to protect your vehicle and other items enclosed within.

3. Unplug your appliances and electronic equipment before the storm hits, if you have warning. Surge protectors only work to prevent or reduce damage caused by power spikes and surges; they cannot prevent damage from lightning.

4. Unplug your phone. Unplug the phone line from the jack and unplug the power base from the electrical outlet. Stay off land based phones during storms, especially phones with cords. If you have plenty of warning before the storm, charge your cell phone before the storm arrives. You may need access to emergency services, or you may just want to alert family members and friends that you are safe.

5. Move to a safe location in your home (see "Preparing a Safe Zone" below). The basement or an interior room on the lowest floor of the home is the best choice. Stay away from doors, windows, and anything that conducts electricity.

Preparing a Safe Zone

Consider constructing a safe room or a storm cellar. There are various plans and kits available to help you prepare a safe location for your family during severe weather threats.

You can also transform an existing space in your home into a modestly safe zone for your family on your own. One of the first steps is to choose an area that does not have windows, or to replace windows with safety glass. Even if you cannot replace all the glass in your home, it should be affordable to do in a single room.

The safe zone should be on the lowest floor, and should be protected by interior walls. There should be enough space for the entire family including pets. Let neighbors or extended family members know where the safe zone is located, in case of emergency. If severe damage occurs, they will know where to find you.

Make sure the room has something that can be used for cover. Supply the room with a heavy table or at least a mattress to hide under to protect against debris. This is a good area to store sleeping bags and heavy blankets, which can also be used for cover, and may be needed after a storm.

Store your emergency items in this room, and develop a family plan for reaching the safe zone in case of severe weather. Keep bottled water, non-perishable snacks, medicines, and a first aid kit or survival kit in this space as well.

Copyright © 2006 Ian White

3.5 month housesit in Tauranga Bay of Plenty New Zealand filled

We have found an experienced house sitting couple through your site within a few days of going on. Thanks very much. franmac

Someone/couple non smokers to look after comfortable house and large section on a kiwifruit orchard. No animals to look after. Orchard is independantly managed. Rural location but only about 7kms to Tauranga's southern suburbs. Easy access to everything else the bay of Plenty has to offer. in the Press - AARP Magazine, World's Largest Circulation Magazine

AARP Magazine, World's Largest Circulation Magazine

A great article following the experiences of one of our house sitter members in France... Imagine staying in some of the loveliest locations on earth—and all you have to do is feed the cats

Read story “Follow Your Dreams (for Next to Nothing)”

Feeback from sitter member MeganPO

Hi, Ian

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for good service. It's not very often I do this but I believe that I should give credit when due.
My husband and I started housesitting in August 2005 and a friend recommended Housecarers.

I find the service to be user friendly, informative and the email alerts very useful.

We recently accepted a 3 month assignment through your website which has now changed to a very long term assignment ( it could potentially go on for years).
Joining your website has been one of my best investments.

Thanks for the great service... MeganPO

View profile for house sitter MeganPO

Mummsy finds dog and home sitter for Rural Tasmanian home

Hi there,

We have been successful in finding the right sitter for our house and dog through your service. We want to thank you for an efficient system, it was easy to use and hassle free. We can go on our trip now with peace of mind.

Mummsy (Kay)

We need someone to mind our young dog in her own home environment while we are in New Zealand. She is friendly de-sexed and very lovable. She would require a walk each day (weather permitting). Scottsdale is in rural Tasmania 1 hr east of Launceston. Beautiful scenery, golf course, RSL Club, large shopping centre, restaurants etc etc. The house has two double bedrooms, recently renovated kitchen, warm and cosy with reverse cycle aircons and wood fire. Our car would be at the disposal of sitters (should you fly here and need a car). References and or Police Clearance would be required.

Kelley fills her year with housesits

Many thanks for your housecarers site. I now have three house sits for this year. Four weeks in Brisbane and then home for two weeks, then two separate sits in South Australia. You provide a great service, and I will be re-activating my site later in the year for 2007.
Eva ... (kelley)

AlnMaggie enrich their lives through house sitting

"Just a short email to say how pleased we are with HouseCarers & the fun we have had House sitting over the last couple of years. We have been up & down the Queensland coast to Victoria & have meet the most amazing people in our journeys - we have stayed in contact with the people we have sat for & now regard them as our friends.

The professional was in which you carry out your business is to complemented & we have & will continue to recommend you to many of our friends who find the lifestyle we are leading one to be envied.

Best wishes & thanks for a job well done"
Alan & Margaret ... AlnMaggie

View house sitter profile for AlnMaggie

Sitter selected for Tauranga Bay of Plenty New Zealand Housesit

Thanks for your service. Your site provided us with a continued supply of interested housesitters and we were able to select the best couple for our circumstances. Well done and thanks! ..lpclark

We require housesitters (we prefer a couple) to take care of our home, large section, cat, goldfish and two dogs while we are in Europe for 4 weeks in July/August 2006. You need to be sufficiently fit to mow our lawns and walk the dogs who are energetic. A car can be provided for day trips or to take the dogs to more distant parks and the beach. We live within walking distance of estuary walks, parks and the bus route, and within a short driving distance of shopping facilities and supermarkets. Our neighbourhood is friendly and our home, though dated, is comfortable and warm. The successful candidates would need to be able to stay with us for 4 - 5 days prior to our departure on 17 July so that you can become familiar with the dogs, their medication and their routine, and allow them to be comfortable with you.

Byron Bay NSW Australia housesit filled

I selected housesitters willbemaybe - so i thought i ought to tell you.
A great service! annabelle ... a55006600

I need someone( or a couple) to housesit my beachside house and look after our Sheltie called Woody. It is a 2 bedroom cottage in a suburban setting in an area which is much sought after. I would require the dog to be exercised/fed/played with/brushed the fish to be fed, the garden to be weeded/pruned, the house to be cleaned, the pot plants to be watered.

Auckland licking Staffie finds a minder

We have had a number of responses to our ad. We have selected Ian and Jude of Birkdale, North Shore City. We are lucky to have found them and they are lucky to have found us! Our dog Ben met them and was happy in their company. I have no doubt that Ben, Ian and Jude will live happily together for five weeks.
.. jean35

Dog lover needed to look after Ben, a seven year old Staffie X neutered male dog. He needs a daily walk,loves contact with people and is likely to lick you from head to toe! We keep him on a lead as he is not so keen on other dogs - people are his thing! He has his own bed room and is used to being spoilt. If we could take him to France we would! Our 1922 three bedroom character house is in Northcote Point and has an indoor/outdoor flow. It is handy to buses and the ferry and is ten minutes drive to the city when the traffic is flowing freely. It has a lovely garden but we don't need any gardening done.

6 Week Glasshouse Mountains QLD Aus housesit filled

Thank you for our advertisement this last week or so. We have found housesitters who seem just what we wanted. (ibujenny)
view profile of sitters ibujenny

Barbara.. User Name barter

We have a lovely old cottage near Maleny and the Glasshouse Mountains. Walking distance to train., shops, and doctor. All amenities, non smokers please. We have a big dog, who is more like a big sook, loves everyone, would need to be walked to the nearby park. Australia Zoo nearby, beach 15 minutes.

From rain drenched shores of Coal Harbour ~ Vancouver, Canada

Hello Ian,

Friendly greetings from me on the ```` rain drenched shores of Coal Harbour ~ Vancouver, Canada ````

To you across the world in that land of warm sunshine... I'm green with envy.... when I check your weather charts!

I'm starting to forget what the sun looks and feels like...

We are breaking 'records' here for the month of January!!!!

Truly got spoiled.... this past November/December; waking up every morning to clear blue skies & warm sunshine.

Ah! Sigh! "Desert Living" in Tucson, Arizona ~ A wonderful 'acreage' Home/Dog Sit (Sweet loveable 'Denny' stole my heart!!... ImpeccableReferences

View profile for house sitter ImpeccableReferences

homecarerspetpampers make great use of the photo gallery

Registered sitters homecarerspetpampers have taken full advantage of the photo gallery feature to upload pics of pets from their previous housesits

View profile and photo gallery of sitters homecarerspetpampers

Lisbon Bound Sacremento family find their match

Your site is just wonderful. We found several sitters that matched up well and have now arranged with one of them. Thank you so much!! ... lisbonbound

Hello We are looking for a female house sitter or married couple to care for our 2 cats and fairly large very modern house. Non-smokers only!!We do have cable network(and TV), fireplace, huge oak trees, spa, and all appliances. We have raised bed gardens and lots of potted deck plants and live in a lovely suburban neighborhood.

Townsville winters are lovely!

I have found someone. It's a great service thankyou! Elaine

care for 2 indoor cats, keep garden tidy, enjoy house and pool (Townsville winters are lovely!) .. Townsville Queensland Australia 6 weeks June 2006.. elaine51

Desertriver gets quick results - housesit El Cajon California

Hi to House Carers - I just listed our profile yesterday re looking for a housesitter(s) for three months while we are gone. Within one day, I have received three excellent canidates, one of which I believe we will go with. Thank you very much for you excellent website... Pat .. desertriver

Need house / pet / yard sitter for above period. Would like retired couple. Have one acre of land, four dogs (three little ones inside, they have doggy-door), one large dog outside. Lots of plants, fish pond and a couple outside cats of which you'll probably never see, just feed daily. Very easy maintenance considering above. 38-year old son lives on back part of the property in his own home and he can take care of any problems the sitters might have. Very quiet neighborhood in the foothills. Prefer couple to stay here while we travel


SeeNewZealand is enjoying the interaction

HI! Just wanted to say this is a fun process so far! This is the first time we have ever sought a housesitter. There was an article in AARP magazine that mentioned your website so that engendered some trust in the idea of cyber-meeting through your site. In just a day, I received 6 replies, and all of them sound like really interesting people! Even a couple from New Zealand answered, which was really exciting since that is where we are headed for the vacation that is creating a need for a housesitter. I replied to each of them and am confident that among them there is one who will turn out to be the best match for us. Thanks for creating your website.

Great use of a personal website by rainbowsitters

Here is a good example of using a personal website to add a bit more
information about your house sitting experiences and background. You can
link to your website from your profile page. Your Internet provider normaly provides
free web site space and tools to build personal web sites as park of your monthly deal.

Click here to visit Rainbow Sitters Web site

Housecarers Profile for rainbow sitters

Mountain Creek Mooloolaba QLD Aus Housesit filled

Please suspend our add for a house-sit for; hvhines An agreement has been entered into and good faith will prevail until closer to the actual day of sitting. Thank you for your great site.
Herb and Vivi ... hvvines

General housekeeping of 3 bedroom lowset,brick house,A/C and gas heating,DLUG,no pool,minimal lawns established gardens.All usual telecommunication items are installed.The house is located close to the beaches and shopping centres, a bus service is available nearby etc.We are in a single residential neighbourhood. I have a bird avairy w/9 small birds.(5 cokateils and 4other small parrots). Daily attention to birds will be required

Eradicate Fleas from your pet organically

Here is an interesting approach to ridding your pets of fleas this season.

Win the War against Fleas on your pet:

Housesitter found - Timber pines-gated golf community hernando county Florida Housesit filled

We found a great match for our house sit. Time: less then 3 days.We have a lot in common, both Vietnam vets with two tours each Thanks once more for this great service.It allows us more travel freedom.
Regards. Buffybudd4

Gated senior golf community. Country Club with one 18 hole chamption ship course. Two 18 hole excutive courses. one 9 hole pitch and putt. Two Country Club Pools. Performing Arts Center. Great Club Resturant.And more. Pet sitting. We have two small Norwitch Terriors. Male: Buddy 7 years. Female: Buffy 6 years. They love everyone and want to be near you all the time.Walk twice a day weather permitting. Full instruction on feeding and vet care if needed The home is three br, two baths double car garage.Large screened porch and large patio. We have a house cleaning lady every two weeks and our lawn is mowed and trimed every week. We will continue to pay both contracts plus elec-phone- water and waste collection. We can discuss your golf cost. You will have the use of golf cart with trackage paid for. One of the bedrooms is a computer room and office with fax-scanner and printer. Ultra lite DSL (fast) you would be welcome to use.We have LD service as much as you want to call in the USA. Have a Oddsey van and corolla. Will discuss usage. Thats about it. Interested ??

Home in a Village near Cantebury Kent finds a house sitter.

We would like to thank you for the opportunity to seek a housesitter.
The standard was so high it made our task very difficult.

However finally we have chosen and so we should be grateful if you would withdraw our name from the active list.

Thanks and Kind Regards ... maidofkent

In a delightful village, own church and pub ( good grub/good company ) in the countryside off the A 257 between Canterbury & Sandwich. Ideal walking/fishing, shooting, bird spotting area. Sunday pub walks etc. A very loveable welsh springer looks for an equally loving person to look after him for approx nineteen days in February 2006. Accommodation is centrally heated with additional log fires.

Bribie island - calm water & surf beach housesit filled

We are pleased to let you know that we had numerous suitable replies to our
ad & have settled on one from a lady in the UK. Thank you for your service
& no longer require the ad.

House sitter/s required from 23rd April - 8th June. Situated at Sandstone Pt on Pumicestone Passage directly opposite Bribie Is. Easy access to calm water & surf beach. Fishing & swimming 200 metres from door. Comfortable 2 bedroom duplex with air-conditioning & access to pool. Must love one spoilt cat. Small garden to water - no mowing involved.... canadababy

Timetraveller Gets Change of Scenery

This is a wonderful service - I joined on 18th Jan and have now (Feb 2) negotiated a housesit for Canadababy near Brisbane which I have accepted. I have suspended membership for a while, but will re-activate my membership again later in the year... timetraveller

View housesitter profile for timetraveler

Bunderberg QLD 4 week housesit filled

"Hi We have had success in getting someone to house sit for us thanks to your organization. Thankyou Gloria - "bundyrest"

Roodepoort Transvaal Home Owner gets abundent supply of house sitters

Hi there - just wanted to send you another quick note to say thanks for
such a super website! Through your site, I've found not one, but a
few, house/pet-sitters (especially animal lovers!) to choose from and
I'm really pleased!

Just sorry I didn't discover you earlier as in the
past its been a mission for me to beg and plead with friends and family!
Now, thanks to HouseCarers, I don't have that problem anymore!

Kind regards
MarleneC Roodepoort Transvaal

The2ofUs Loved their Manhattan Beach, CA housesit

We had our first housesit in December and it was very successful. We responded to a request by a homeowner in Manhattan Beach, CA through the housecarers website and ultimately were chosed to housesit for them and care for their two siberian huskies while the spent the Christmas holidays in England. We enjoyed the experience and will be going back to care for their home and their dogs in April while they take their family on spring break.

Profile for housesitter The2ofUs

House Carers are tops! Toowoomba QLD Aus 12 week housesit filled

While my uninitiated friends agonize over where to find a house sitter, I am happily receiving MORE THAN ONE offer from willing house carers.

Needless to say I am passing on this site to all my travelling friends.

I have found the House Carers service very quick, an excellent way of making contact with sitters, and those whom we have been fortunate to have sit for us have been the most delightful people.We keep in contact and have acquired some new friends.
I would recommend House Carers to any person who wishes to be away from home for a length of time.

Enid Username eeniev
Toowoomba QLD Aus 2 week housesit
Care of house and water garden. Would probably help if you were interested in gardening!! No pets to care for. Check water trough for 2 horses which live in surrounding paddock.