Retired Educator Couple from Illinois Love their Full Time House Sitting Adventures in Ireland, California, New York, Vermont and Vancouver Island, New Zealand and Australia

We have been housesitting full time since May 2nd and it is super--have been to Ireland; California; New York; currently in Vermont and scheduled out through March in Vancouver Island; Oregon; Kamloops, BC; New Zealand; and Australia. We are loving the adventure--only had one sort of negative experience when a homeowner under numbered the animals--said there were 9 and there were actually 31 (ten were chickens she failed to mention) but we weathered it fine. We are thrilled with the company--are members of another which we have not as yet used. Keep up the great work. Sincerely, Judy and Tom House Sitter profile handynhearty
Housecarers: Great news about the housesits. It is always good to hear stories like yours. Where are you from ? and what are you main reasons for housesitting?

We have a home in S. Illinois which we rented out as of May 1 and are now housesitting full time---love the adventure and new challenges... Judy
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