Relieved Goulburn NSW homeonwers finds a Housecarer efficiently.

"I have found a carer already. I had 2 positive responses to my ad which was posted less than a week ago. I am relieved because it is not much more than 3 weeks notice and I did not expect such a quick response. The system is efficient and I want to thank you for your managment of it."


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House and Dog sitter found for housesit Canillas de Aceituno, Malaga, Spain

"Hello. Just wanted to write and say thanks and congratulations on an excellent service. We have been able to find sitters for our house and dogs
within a few days of posting our ad and will definitely use the service again whenever we will be away from home.

The extra services such as the guides and written agreement are an added bonus.

Well done and thanks again." Jo, (MontanaEspana).

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Quality Applicants for A recently renovated 3 bedroom stone house rurally situated on 10 acres, in a quiet hamlet, in the Medoc area 1hr 10 mins north of Bordeaux France

We were taken totally by surprise by the number and quality of responses we had to our housesitting ad.

Hopefully we have chosen well!!

We look forward to using your site again and shall be recommending it to friends.

King regards


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Eastern Tasmanian homeowners (Coles Bay) choose the Early Bird

"We just wanted to say a sincere thank you for the wonderful service that you offer and at NO cost to those seeking a house-sitter! We advertised for the first time last Saturday and within 48 hours had 14 applicants with more since(who says Tasmania has no appeal in late Autumn/Winter!).

The standard was extremely high and it was a difficult choice but we eventually settled on a wonderful couple who come with great references from previous house-sits. They were also the FIRST to apply......which just shows that the early bird catches the worm!

Many thanks again & we will undoubtedly use your services next time. Best regards EASTERNTAS

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House sitter found for Las Palmas Spain - in the south of the island and enjoys better weather than Las Palmas

"Dear Ian, I have been so very impressed with your web site and the professional way things have happened.

I am so relieved and happy to have found someone who sounds just right !

I will not hesitate to use your site and to recommend to any one else who may be in need.

Kindest regards Diana"

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Property Owner from North Central Idaho in the foothills of the Clearwater Mtns finds a housesitter in remarkable short order.

"Wanted to take the time to thank you again for a great site. Once again, we've found a house sitter thru your site in remarkable short order. Thanks! Till the next time..." pete (mushhuskies)

LocAtion: North Central Idaho in the foothills of the Clearwater Mtns. We have sixty acres of timbered property and are located atop a spur ridge with a view overlooking the Palouse farm lands and the distant Blues (a mountain range in Washington state).

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Homeowner from Orange Central West NSW returns to 4 contented Cats

"I have just returned from a two week holiday. I was very fortunate to have a House Sitter find me through an ad I had placed & it was every bit as successful as I hoped it would be.

I had real concerns about leaving my 4 cats with anyone for that length of time but the woman that looked after them was marvellous.
I cannot recommend your service highly enough & will use again in the future.
Many Thanks, Lee... UserName:Chookette, Orange Central West NSW

house sitter found profile for Orange, Central West NSW

..beautiful town in the Central West. Great restaurants, vineyards, historical sites both here & in nearby towns.