House sitter found for A perfect place for someone that likes to read, paint, water color, photography, and smelling roses: Naples Florida

"What a great service you provide! The first day we posted we received over ten interested contacts. We have now selected a candidate. and have removed our ad.

Thank you so much.

Pennie (username pinki61)

Housesit Details: Naples Florida USA
We need a responsible person to house sit and care for our dog and cat while we are away. O

ur home is in the country 16 miles from the beach and resort areas. A perfect place for someone that likes to read, paint, water color, photography, and smelling roses.

Recession Survival Tips for Dog Owners

Everyone is looking for ways to cut back in these tough economic times. While you look for ways to save money, don’t forget to consider what you are spending on your dog. While you want to make sure your dog is healthy and happy, you may be able to cut back your spending on him with compromising your dog’s well-being. Here’s how:

Learn What You Can Do on Your Own:

Many pet owners turn to vets or groomers for even simple procedures that can be done at home, but there is no need to pay a professional for things like nail trimming, bathing, and ear cleaning. Nail clippers for dogs cost about $10 and will last for years, whereas professional groomers will charge $5-10 for each trim. If you are nervous about trimming your dog’s nails, ask your vet to show you how to do it at your next visit. Tips for grooming your dog can also be found online or in a book at your local library.

You can also clean your dog’s ears yourself with a bottle of ear cleaner available at any pet store and a cheap pair of tweezers. Simply remove any hairs growing inside your dog’s ear, and follow the instructions on the back of the bottle of ear cleaning solution.

To cut costs even further, why not consider trimming your dog’s hair yourself? A pair of dog clippers can be bought for little more than the cost of one visit to the groomer, and will likely last your dog’s entire lifetime. Worried you’ll hurt your dog? Most clippers are designed with guards to keep you from cutting your dog. If your concerns are mainly cosmetic, you should know that some clippers now come with booklets or even DVDs that offer detailed instructions on how to get the look you want. And remember that no matter what you do, your dog’s hair will grow out in time, so you may as well give it a try!

Ask Your Vet About Generic Drugs:

Pet owners in regions of the US where heartworm disease is endemic must give their dog heartworm prevention pills each month. Many dogs take other medicines as well. What you may not know is that, just like human medicines, both name brand and generic options are often available. If you buy your dog’s medicines directly from your vet, ask if you are buying name brand or generic drugs, and if there may be a less expensive option for you.

Get a live-in House/Pet Sitter

One of your biggest costs as a pet owner is probably pet care when you are away from home. Boarding your dog can cost $20 a day or more, and hiring a pet sitter is often even more costly. To avoid this expense, why not match up with a responsible pet/house sitter? There are many retirees, travelers and others who are willing to sit your home and pets for free in exchange for rent-free accommodation. This will save you both the cost of boarding, and you have the security of knowing your dog is kept in their familiar environment.

Practice Preventive Medicine

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By switching your dog to generic drugs and doing most of his grooming yourself, you can save a lot on monthly pet bills. Combine that with free pet sitting and disease prevention, and you can count on saving hundreds of dollars a year on pet care without sacrificing your dog’s health or well-being.

Match with responsible House/Pet Sitters

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Brisbane QLD homeowner hooks up with Sitter for spoilt Cat while she tours Europe

This is just to say a big "thank you" for all the info you have sent me since I registered some time ago (Cuanbeagruth)

I wish to inform you that I have now found a wonderful couple who have agreed to Housesit for me whilst I am in Europe. It looks as if we might become quite good acquaintances too.

So please take my name off your list and do not send me any further info.

All those who actually asked to come and sit for me, I either responded to immediately, or all those whom I kept on hold, I have since informed of my success.

Thank you again.

I shall keep the site name and contact number in my computer, should I ever need your assistance in the future.

May I also say how much I appreciated the weekly updates.

Again many many thanks - and a very Happy Easter to you and all who man your site.
Sincerely - Ruth Cuanbeagruth

Housesit Details:7 1/2 weeks
Northern Suburbs Ferny Hills, Brisbane QLD
Whilst I go to Europe to visit family and friends I need a housesitter or a couple, preferably over 55 years of age to look after my Unit in a Retirement Village; and especially to take care of my very spoilt cat - Mischief - and my pot plants on the back (large) patio.

The Village is 6 mins drive from the Railway Station, and there are several shopping centres nearby. Mt.Nebo and Mt Samson, as well as Samford Village, are quite close. My cleaner would continue to come on a weekly basis if so desired.

Aussie homeowners from Rockingham WA freed to enjoy 12 month trip, around Australia, and the spectacular scenery that Australia has to offer

"Thank you for this wonderful site. this is the second time we have used it and are more than happy with the results.

We have had 15 replies within 4 days and have just decided on the lucky person who will experience the love of our dog for many months to come while we will enjoy the spectacular scenery that Australia has to offer.

We certainly have recommended this site to friends and have no hesitation in using it again . Thanks a lot username :bjohn1 "

House sit details: approx. 10-12 months Rockingham WA Australia

After several stop-start attempts to go on our long anticipated round Australia holiday we are now more than ready to take off, all that is stopping us now is to find a loving MATURE person or couple to keep our dog company and look after our house,which is situated in Rockingham, on a main street, close to shops, transport and beaches

Aussie Housesitters tidytravellers secure 5 House sits through Europe

We would like to say a big thanks for your service . We planned a year away from our home in Queensland to travel Europe and have managed to secure 5 great house-sits over 6 months in total , in 3 different areas in France , Suffolk in England and currently a beautiful spot in Perthshire in the Scottish Highlands .

Our experiences have been all positive , the homes all lovely , the pets have been a highlight and we've met great people .

The care of the pets is a huge responsibility and our only suggestion would be that the home owners let the house-sitters know in advance if a pet is old/ill or likely to pass away as happened in one of our sits and was pretty traumatic as we only found out about the situation on arrival at the house-sit .

We plan to return home in July and hope to use your great service to find house-sits in Australia and New Zealand . Thanks again for enabling us to travel and meet great people .

Lyndy & Phil

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Kiwi housesitter returning from Florida gets great house sits

I must say the housecarers website is brilliant, I've had many great housesits from it! thanks!

Where have your housesits been?

My housesits have all been in Auckland, I joined originally when i was in Florida and knew I was coming back to NZ but had no home.

I even had one housesit in Te Atatu (West Akld) that was to be for 9mths but lasted 1.5 years!

The average length of most of them have been 4 weeks though.

While its been great housesitting I am hoping I'll have my own place very soon.

cheers Jane (username mcjane>

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