Don't let unexpected Events back Home Spoil Your Holiday

You could feel completely out of control when unexpected events back home try to spoil your holiday.  Or you could return to unforeseen damage caused by your plumbing springing a leak. Don't let this happen to you.Hear from experience Housesitters who have saved the Holidays of many Home and pet Owners.

Why you should never leave your home empty when traveling

House Sitting takes retired Canadian Couple on an Interesting 8 year ride around the world


We've been housesitting full time for going on eight years now, and we're booked through to December 2016.  By then, it will probably be time to give it up.  So not much point renewing.  Still, I want to thank you for all the opportunities over the years.  We've been literally around the world and it's been a more than interesting ride.
All the best,
Matt & Paula

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Long Term Housesit France

Long Term Housesit - 6 months France

Long Term house Sitting gives you the opportunity to really explore and enter into the local Culture.

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A long term housesit allows you to really explore and get to know an area. WIt can be a  great escape, and opportunity to refresh, and realy experience the local customs and community.  Long term housesits are ideal for Digital Nomads = like me , as I can run the business from anywhere in the world. Have fun browsing... Ian