Feedback from Sitter Paragon

I just want to tell you what a wonderful user friendly site this is. I really appreciate how easy it is to look up and change information. I wish all sites were this well done.

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Snowrunner fills Sheffield Yorkshire Housesit

"Just to confirm that we have now arranged a house sitter. Please with draw our advert. Thank you for the services of the Housecarers website. It works so efficiently, we will happily recommend it to our friends. ... Snowrunner"

House sitter required for semi-detached house in the South western suburbs of Sheffield, England. Must be happy to care for an energetic Border Collie and the house plants. The property is within 10 minutes bus ride of the city centre and 10 minutes ride from the Peak National Park.

Wellington NZ Christmas Housesit filled

"Thanks for your assistance in finding us a house sitter for the Christmas
holidays - we have made a successful match and reached a mutually suitable


House sitter required for lovely modern sunny house in Haitaitai over the Christmas period from 23 December to 9 January as we are going on holidays to Australia. We have an elderly dog called Paddy who requires limited walks and company. Our house has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, separate modern kitchen, and sea views. It is close to town on a bus route. We would prefer a couple or single person.

6 week housesit for historic town near Lincolnshire Wolds English Home filled

Once again your website has been invaluable. Within the space of a few days we able to find a wonderful couple who are going to housesit our home in England for 6 weeks.
Thank you so much for providing this website.
Homeowner - atlcollie2

We have a lovely, large detached (non-smoking) home located in a small historical village at the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds. Louth, a historic market town is close as is the beautiful city of Lincoln. We have central heating & double glazed windows so the house is warm and cozy. There is a wood burning fireplace in the lounge, dishwasher, washer & tumble dryer, large fridge/freezer, high speed wi-fi internet access, televisions/DVD players (one with Skyplus in the lounge). Many bells and whistles. There is also an attached granny flat w/separate bath/shower/kitchen and lounge. This is virtually a maintenance free assignment. Just a few indoor plants that need to be watered occasionally! We have no bus service in our village so a car is recommended. This is a non salaried position. We can be somewhat flexible on the dates

House Sitting Enables Modern Day Nomads to Travel

November 25, 2005 -- Alys Henderson and Majella Gillen are modern day nomads. “Home” is wherever they are currently house sitting. However, it wasn’t necessarily the experience of different cultures and areas that attracted this pair to house sitting, it was the opportunity to be around different animals.

“We have had no fixed abode since March of 2003. The idea of changing environments and having a variety of pets to look after is what attracted us to house sitting. We love change and experiencing new things -- and we also adore animals. The Canberra and Blue Mountains fires, although not directly affecting us, reminded us to not become tied to possessions. We sold the majority of our belongings and rented out our home and started out sitting only in Sydney for the first two years while we both worked. Then we decided to see more of Australia and sit nationally so here we are in Kings Canyon at a Park Rangers house. We will eventually start sitting internationally.”

When asked which sits have been their favorite, they were quick to reply. “Our favorite sits are with dogs. We have come to love two poodles in Chipping Norton, a Westie in Alexandria and a pug in Newton. But, we have looked after many lovely animals and fondly remember them all. All of our sits have included pets, except for one. Pet types include: dogs, cats, a duck, chickens, fish, birds, guinea pig, a possum and a worm farm.”

“We always enjoy the interaction with animals the most. Whether it is talking to a possum and watching her eat a banana or cuddling a pussycat or walking and talking to a dog. Animals are not aware that their owners are going to be gone for so long, as they have no concept of the time. So, although the pets miss them, they usually just enjoy having someone around to fuss over them. The homeowners usually pine more than the animals.”

Alys Henderson and Majella Gillen are very busy. Their schedule is booked through July 2006, with only a few short gaps in between. Their stays range from one week to four months. “There are sits for periods like six months, or a year. But, we don’t enjoy that type of house sitting because you are locked into a place for a long time. We avoid the very long-terms ones because we thrive on change.”

When asked about the process of becoming a house sitter, they were quick to point out how simple it is to make connections. “It was very easy to become a sitter. The website makes it very easy to receive information from homeowners because we get an automatic email whenever a new homeowner advertises their need for a sitter. We can then choose to contact them by logging into the site. We get a lot of requests to sit and cannot do them all. We often give out the site’s details to homeowners looking for other sitters.”

Henderson and Gillen housesit approximately 11 months out of the year. “If we have gaps, we either go camping, go on a holiday, stay with friends or rent a room in Sydney. Our moves are down pat and we take only a few minutes to feel “at home” in any house. We do not feel the need to be anywhere permanently to feel at home. In fact, after about six weeks, we are looking forward to the next move.”

View the sitter profile for RainbowSitters

Ian White
Sydney, N.S.W.
Access 2000 Pty. Ltd.

# # #

5 month housesit in Fremantle Western Australia filled

"Thank you for your excellent service. We had no trouble finding a House Sitter from your fast and informative responses. " Peter and Robyn (Charlie214)

Sitter required for older style, 2 bedroom Fremantle cottage. Ongoing garden maintenance and mail forwarding would be required. Quiet location opposite park, pets (husband and dog) will be on holidays with me so nothing extra to care for.

Great Tips for applying for housesits from sitters TOMARtwo

Here are some great tips from sitters TOMARtwo - when applying for housesits.

“It is easy to make yourself available to be a sitter, but then in order to get someone to accept you-- to care for their home and pets--the essence lies in creating a feeling of trustworthiness. Before you even apply for a sit, do your homework. Know exactly what is being asked of you, and what is being offered in return. Research the area you will be visiting and take into consideration how you will adapt to the environment. If there are animals to be cared for, know exactly what you are taking on. If there is a breed of dog that you are unfamiliar with, read as much as you need to feel comfortable with the situation.”

Read Entire Press Release featuring sitters TOMARtwo

Sitter Profile for TOMARtwo

Newlywed Retirees Are Leading Active Lives House Sitting

Newlywed Retirees Are Leading Active Lives House Sitting

Tony and Margaret Steele-Rijkelijkhuizen have only been married a little less than three years, yet these retirees are not sitting at home twiddling their thumbs. Before their marriage, both Tony and Margaret led very active lives, and they saw no reason why retirement should slow them down. As house sitters, the Steele-Rijkelijkhuizen’s are traveling the world. They recently returned back to their home in the Netherlands from a house sit in Greece.

“We stayed in Naplion, which is located to the southwest of Athens. We were there in September, which was not at the height of summer, but nevertheless, it was still quite hot and dry. We had plenty of opportunity to explore the surrounding countryside, which is steeped in ancient Greek history. We found Greece a wonderful place to visit. It offers something for everyone. Mediterranean climate, beautiful countryside, and a wealth of ancient Greek historical monuments to visits. Plus, of course, a huge Greek warm welcome everywhere we would go.”

Tony and Margaret Steel-Rijkelijkhuizen arrived at their house sit in Greece a few days early. This enabled them to become comfortable with the property and the pets they would be sitting for prior to the owners departure. When asked about house sitting in general and tips for future house sitters, they were quick to point out how it is important that a feeling of trustworthiness is felt between both the house sitters and the home owners.

“It is easy to make yourself available to be a sitter, but then in order to get someone to accept you-- to care for their home and pets--the essence lies in creating a feeling of trustworthiness. Before you even apply for a sit, do your homework. Know exactly what is being asked of you, and what is being offered in return. Research the area you will be visiting and take into consideration how you will adapt to the environment. If there are animals to be cared for, know exactly what you are taking on. If there is a breed of dog that you are unfamiliar with, read as much as you need to feel comfortable with the situation.”

Greece is not the last country this couple will be visiting. “Greece was our first assignment out of our known environment. We have previously sat for families in England and Holland. We are currently pursuing further assignments in France, Italy and the USA,” Tony reports. “Margaret’s children live in various locations in the USA and house sitting might offer the opportunity to spend more time in the USA, perhaps near her children. We are planning as far ahead as next Christmas time.”

Tony and Margaret Steel- Rijkelijkhuize are enrolled in the catalog of house sitters at They report how happy they are to have found a way to stay active and travel the world as retirees-- without having to dip heavily into their retirement fund. They are just one of the many couples who house sit through HouseCarers.

Sitter Profile for Tony and Margaret

Ian White
Sydney, N.S.W.
Access 2000 Pty. Ltd.


Piemonte, Italy homeowner is going through the sitter applications

I recently activated my ad on your site and have received an excellent response from house-sitters. We now have the onerous job of selecting one of the applicants. I think your site is very comprehensive and is excellent for anyone that is looking for sitters for the first time.....Thank you.

4 to 6 months
We have a three bedroom home in the hills of the Langhe. The area is famous for its wines, hazel nuts and the white truffles of Alba. We are looking for someone to stay at our home for 4-6 months. We would like people that are pleased to take care of the gardening and who could also do some general repairs etc. A car is necessary

Oakland California House sit filled

Thanks much for a terrific service. We had about 10 responses
to an ad and found someone whom we like very much and are
lucky to have found, all in about 4 days. Homeowner mbkasma

Fraud Alert

Unfortunately fraudsters are contacting house sitter members with
fraudulent proposals.

The foreign fraudsters offer to pay salaries for house/pet sitting. They send fake, but convincing looking money orders/ checks /cheques for around 5,000.00

The fraudsters usually say they are outside your country of origin. Recent ones say UK and Canada and need to settle a debt in your country.

They ask the victim to immediately deposit the money, keeping 1500.00 for themselves and forwarding the balance to settle a debt in the victims country.

They become more and more frantic with their email follow-ups.

Many of the fraudsters use a Yahoo email address.
Please immediately forward the entire email including headers to
If they are registered with us please report through the feedback form and
we will take action. We scutinize the registrations but sometimes they only
become apparent when they start their communciations.

The spirit of is rent free accommodation in exchange for house sitting. View all direct emails offering up-front salaries and payment with suspicion.

Many legitimate homeowners don't register with us. We give you the option of displaying your email link to allow homeowners to contact you directly. Many homeowners simply want to contact directly those who interest them and dont wish to register. Just look out for the fraudsters.

The fraudsters wont give you a phone number - as they are hiding behind their anonymity. You should be able to phone a legitimate home owner.

All housesitter email links are encrypted to prevent harvesting by spambots. However scammers can still manually send an email. However they will soon give up - due to the effort required to email directly - and the zero returns they will get from
our aware members.

We cooperate fully with law enforcement in all countries. If we work together we can
soon put an end to their sick game.

Fortunately none of our members have reported being victims - though one came close.

Here is a variation on the fraud above - where a fraudster posts attractive photos of a too good to be true arrangement, including offers of payment for housesitting in cities such as London

Variation on Fraud

Brisbane Homeower PommieJohn gives thumbs up to housesitters jensenwarner

Helen and John (jensenwarner) are a marvelous couple and we highly recommend them as "house sitters". Our house and gardens were looking great when we returned, our vegie garden was well tended.

Sitter profile:

Daisy, our Border Collie was very happy with both Helen and John and kept them busy.
we would love to have them both back in the future. Regards Margaret and John (PommieJohn)

House Sitter CELESTE, South Africa shares her Australian house sitting experiences

I want to tell you about the house sitting assignment that I got through your agency in Australia.

Hilary & John from Cobargo, a small village on the SaPphire Coast in South-Eastern Australia, accepted me as their house sitter. I was there for 6 weeks while they went visiting family and friends in the UK.

They welcomed me with the heartiest hospitality that you can ever imagine. They have a beautiful newly built house which was very housewife friendly. I looked after their two dogs and tended the garden. Giving me the opportunity to live in that part of Australia was a very wonderful experience for which I will be grateful for ever.
They also left me a vehicle which I used to travel around the area, playing tennis in the neighbouring town, making friends all over, getting lots of invites to lunches and simply had a marvellous time.

I have a very good impression of Australians on the whole and would like to go there again some time in the future. Thanks for your help in this regard. I'm very happy to have found you and Hilary & John. Will be in touch when I plan to do house sitting again somewhere.

suzq86 fills her Inner West Sydney sit

I would like to say that I am very pleased with the choices I have received from the site. For two years I have found exactly the type of people I am happy to leave in charge of my home and pets. Many thanks,Suzq86

We are going away on holidays and need someone to look after the house and grounds and two small dogs e.g., walks each day, feeding and brushing. The house is in a Sydney suburb, less than five minutes from public transport and all Sydney amenities

Press Release: " House Sitting Takes Retired Canadian Around the World"

October 20, 2005 -- Brenda Marie Batty is a retiree who hails from Coal Harbor, which is in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Ms. Batty has found that house sitting is a service she can provide to home owners around the world, while allowing her to fulfill her travel dreams. House sitting is opening the doors to countries that Ms. Batty would never have had the opportunity to visit otherwise.

“I have been in about seven different countries, some of which were repeat visits. My favorite countries to house sit have been Greece, France and Italy,” Ms. Batty reports. “House sitting gives me the opportunity to travel further afield for a longer period of time -- to places I otherwise could not afford to stay in on my retired budget.”

Ms. Batty enjoys different cultures and lifestyles and she throws herself into the areas that she house sits in. “I even got into white washing steps and walls in Greece . . . I joined in with the island folk who were all in preparation for Easter’s arrival. I really felt like a local then! It was lots of fun, too.”

Ms. Batty began her house sitting adventures around 1999-2000, with her first sit being on the Greek Island of Hydra. “I enjoy travel on this level, meeting new people and becoming part of their communities.” This is Ms. Batty’s second year working with House Carers. “Two thumbs up for House Carers!” She reports that enrolling in a reputable house sitting registry is key. Ms. Batty has found that making connections with home owners is “very easy” and involves fairly little time.

When asked about the requirements of being a good house sitter, this experienced house sitter reports that maturity is key . . . along with flexibility. This could account for why many home owners are looking for retirees when they are doing a search for a house sitter. Retirees bring a level of maturity and a vast array of experience with them on a house sit. This is hard to beat. Home owners are comfortable with retiree house sitters. They can leave their homes confident that a senior house sitter can handle most any situation.

The boom in business travel, as well as many families which have multiple homes scattered around the world, can account for the vast need that is arising for competent house sitters. Home owners who find a good house sitter often ask the sitter back for future sits. This was confirmed by Ms. Batty who reports that she has made repeat sits. Sitters find they forge friendships with the home owners, as well as members of the community.

You can reach House Carers via the Internet. House Carers maintains an updated registry of house sitters and home owners from around the world. House Carers is bridging the gap between home owners and sitters. Home owners find a wonderful, dependable house sitter, and sitters are able to travel the world. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Ian White
Sydney, N.S.W.
Access 2000 Pty. Ltd.

# # #

Long Term North Queensand housesit filled

We have found some suitable housesitters for the period of time we need for next year. Please remove our ad from the website for now. We found your website very helpful and will no doubt use it again when time comes.
Thank you
Vicki Username: lovecats

We have a modern brick home on 5 acres in the country (about 20kms out of Mackay). Our pets include 2 cats and 1 Jack Russell dog, therefore we prefer housesitters with no pets of there own. Our home is fully air-conditioned with a personal computer available if required. Mackay is a jump off point to the beautiful Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef.

Press Release: House Sitting Opens a Door to the Past for Retirees

Frank and Jane Robinson of Deception Bay (on the northern outskirts of Brisbane) have found a way to connect with their heritage through house sitting. Relative newcomers to house sitting, the Robinson’s were wanting to find a way to visit Jane’s homeland of Scotland without the financial worry.

Read complete press Release "House Sitting Opens a Door to the Past for Retirees"

Alaska Housesit filled

"We live in a beautiful area of alaska surrounded by mountians. "

"Thank you for the great website! I wanted to inform you that we have found a housesitter already and no longer need our ad posted. We appreciate the help. Wonderful site!" Sincerely, Laura

Retirees Find House Sitting Opens the Door to a New World

Recent press releases highlighting the travels of retiree house sitters are showing that becoming a senior is not a ticket to boredom, or a sedentary lifestyle. Retirees from around the world are finding to be the key that opens the door to unique, authentic and free travel to destinations that they had once only dreamed about.

Read complete article "Retirees Find House Sitting Opens the Door to a New World"

House Sitting Tips from

Here are some interesting tips and obervations from

Know Before You Go: House Sitters and House Traders
Going and Planning for the Road
By Lorelle VanFossen
You want a long vacation, but leaving your home seems like more work than taking the vacation. Having a home means taking care of the garden and lawn, feeding pets, checking the mail, paying the bills, hoping the roof won't leak, and worrying about storm damage and water leaks. Or is security a big concern, not wanting to leave the house empty and unattended for so long?

Read full article: "Know Before You Go: House Sitters and House Traders"

Great Photo Gallery by ArticDreamers spotted

ArticDreamers make great use of the photo gallery - showing their hobbies and interest in animals. This sort of display and associated descriptions is sure to convince home owners.

Profile for ArticDreamers:

Wandering Brenda Marie back home.

Good morning Ian,

I trust all is well with you and yours...

I have just returned from two months of wandering... in Madeira, Portugal & the English countryside...

Then a very interesting 3 wks 'Hotel/ Cat Sit' in lovely peaceful Lamalou-les-bains in South France....Where I was taking care of Pumpkin, Garfield & Tubby... (All with great personalities!!! :)
Plus, I kept an eye on the hotel business whilst Janice & Bernard (Very attentive host's) where away in Torquay, UK buying another Hotel.

Now catching up on missed/unattended e-mail
Whilst in France my host's computer "Crashed"... during a 5+ hour thunder/lighting storm!

I now see to my surprise.... you have presented me with a re-newed membership. So very kind of you! I continue to handout your web address when ever I meet (like) people who show interest in animals & this unique way of travel.

My sincere thanks for your kindness, wishing you continued success with

Brenda Marie (ImpeccableReferences) (Now back home in Vancouver for a while...)

B&B house sitter reports in

Hi there
Just a note to say how impressed we are with your organization. We have had great success with the site & are booked until mid February 2006 with housesits & a B&B.
We will renew our membership when it is due as there are several areas overseas we hope to sit before retiring from this very pleasant lifestyle we are & have been experiencing for a couple of years now.
Will pass your email address onto several friends & family members who are showing an interest in this lifestyle.

Every best wish for future success

Alan & Margaret (AlnMaggie)

Profile for AlnMaggie:

Tip from House sitting veteren of 6 years

I am presently housesitting in Clifton Springs Victoria, found through house carers. I find the only replies I get are when I include my email address. I am now looking for a sit next year, somewhere north for the winter months. Very pleased with the service you provide. This is my 6th year house sitting, have used Australian House sitters before, but you give much more attention to contacting me. Many thanks, Yvonne (username kelley)
Profile for Kelley

housecarers ed comment
So when applying for housesits through our message system we recommend you include your direct email address in the message - to give the homeowner more choice in how they reply to you.

5 week housesit filled in High Desert, Apple Valley San Bernardino county Southern California

"Thank you we did fill the position. Lot's of good candidates. We chose the Marshal." Homeowner Apple73

Housesit description:
Principle responsibility is caring for 3 cats that are very special to us. Only other responsibilities are interior home upkeep, watering indoor plants, mail pickup, and set out garbage. Beautiful home is 1 year new 2,300 sq. ft. w/sat TV, wi-fi, art studio,and fully landscaped with gardener. All utilities, including local telephone, are provided. We have neighbors available to take care of cats if you're gone for 1 or 2 days. We are located 80 miles from downtown LA and 31/2hrs. from Las Vegas

House sitter for 3 month housesit found in 2 days

"I found a house sitter within 2 days
I had so many responses from some great people
I'll be using this site again Sharon "
UserName dipsy1
Country = Australia
City = Wyongah
State = NSW
3 months
1hour to Sydney close to Trains

House-sitters take care of four-walled babies

The Diego Union Tribune - United States reports on Home Sitting Services of San Diego County.

House-sitters take care of four-walled babies

Six month housesit filled for Villa in Costa del Sol Spain

Thank you so much Housecarers, this is a wonderful site and has helped me enormously. I have been able to arrange a housecarer within a few days of registering. The system is very good indeed and I am very impressed.

So, I will not be needing any more replies now that I have found someone.
Will be reccommending your site to others -

Thanks again,
Sincerely, Jenny

(Username :Serengetti)

Chicago Home owner feedback

What an incredible service! We posted an ad very close to our departure as the sitter we had arranged through friends fell through at the last minute.

We received several replies in a two day period, interviewed three interested parties and secured a wonderful couple to watch our house and dog in our absence. They cared for everything as if it were their own.

I highly recommend this wonderful service. Thanks!

UserName: voxantiqua Chicago Illinois USA

Housecarers Press Release - "Retirees Are Fulfilling Travel Dreams Through House Sitting"

(PRWEB) August 31, 2005 -- Jim and Thelma McSkimming, New Zealand retirees, are thrilled to find they are able to fulfill their travel dreams by becoming house sitters. With the support of their family, they are globetrotting, providing necessary services and experiencing many different cultures and lifestyles.

“We have house sat in a lovely Rectory in County Cork, Ireland. We have looked after an African Grey Parrot in Macclesfield, near Manchester, and we became very attached to him,” the McSkimmings report. Jim and Thelma McSkimming have a love for animals and were pleased with a house sit they recently came from. “We stayed in a beautiful 200 year old stone cottage, which was previously a flour mill, in South Wales. We minded pigs, geese, miniature Dexter cattle and two adorable Border Collies.”

Read full press release - Retirees Are Fulfilling Travel Dreams Through House Sitting

We are fully booked till the end of August 2006

Your site is so good I have had booking up to 12 months in advance and it makes me wonder if I need to renew for this next 12 months. I have of course and like the service I get. A lot of your clients are pre booking us when we finish the house sit for next year, so we are fully booked till the end of August 2006. I will have to go and change my details as we can not take anymore at this stage unless we get a cancelation. I would like to thank you for your website and time you spend running it. Kind Regards from Dawn & David (popeyenev) New Zealand
Profile for popeyenev

Maximates finds perfect placement

As new gold members we wish to say how delighted we are with
your service. We have the perfect placement for the period of time
we requested. We cannot thank enough.
We will reactivate again in the near future
again thank you.
Janice .. Username maximates Profile:

Housecarers featured in "Great Outdoors" TV story on house sitting

Tom heads to Hollywood to live amongst the stars …

"House-sitting is taking the world by storm as a concept that is mutually beneficial to both home owner and sitter. The home owner gets their home, pets and gardens cared for while they're away and the house sitter gains rent free accommodation in return for minor household duties.

If the concept sounds like something you'd like to get involved in then it's as easy as registering your details with a reputable service like HouseCarers.... "

Read the full House Sitting Story presented on Channel 7's Great Outdoors

Tonight channel 7 - LA House sitter featurs on "Great Outdoors" Channel 7

Tonight Monday Sept 5, at 7.30 Channel 7 Sydney - catch it if you can. LA House sitter featured - finding housesits in LA through will update with
the story summary web page tomorrow.

The Great Outdoors - Holiday Real Estate Special (60 mins , Rated: G)
Genre: Travel

Dreaming of the ultimate sea change? Find out how to rent, borrow and buy holiday homes all over the world. Tom Williams reveals how to live like a Hollywood star in LA for nothing! Learn how to invest in Europe's hottest real estate market before prices take off. Fancy a tropical island all to yourself? Jennifer Hawkins shows how to make it happen. Explore Britain in a romantic floating holiday home. Find out how to own a slice of Australia's coastal paradise for less than $10,000. See country cottage bargains outside Melbourne, and even a private castle in France - it's cheaper than you think.

Rocky Mountain Sit

Hello Ian:
I'm currently doing a long-term job in the Rocky Mountains (British Columbia, Canada) and so I will suspend my membership until further notice. I've done a lot of housesitting and pet-care ...and have met many wonderful folks, thanks to your web-site...and wanted to let you know that I'm grateful for the service you provide. Thanks again!

All the best for now!
UserName = Harmony

Fourth time round for homowner EllenB Bedminster New Jersey


This is the fourth time I have used for extended trips out of the country. I am so impressed with the caliber of response I have gotten each time. The 3 housesitters I had were wonderful--each in their own way brought something special. I was totally satisfied with how they cared for my home and my cats. I am going for a fourth time, and even though, this time I started late, with only 20 days until my trip, within a day I had an abundance of responses, and I am sure I will find just the right person once again. Thank goodness for It certainly allows me to be a Free Spirit and gives me great peace of mind.

EllenB Bedminster New Jersey

Thanks very much for the feedback and encouragent - much appreciated.
Glad you are getting so many great people to mind your home - it
is a good feeling to hear there are so many trustworthy people out there.

Enjoy your time away.


" is not an impersonal machine"

Ian you were kind enough a month or so ago to ask whether we had found a sit through your site. At that stage the answer was no - just to let you know that we now have one sit organised for September which was a contact made via this site (ie the sister of someone who advertised here) - and the potential of another in October. I have just updated our profile to seek a longterm sit.

Many thanks for this service and for taking a personal interest. when you emailed I was quite surprised as most of these sites have the feeling of being rather impersonal and definitely dealing with a machine.

Blessing and peace

Jasmine (robinjay)

Profile for House sitters robinjay

Homeowner form Calgary, Alberta, Canada finds excellent couple

We were successfull in finding an excellent couple to housesit for us. Your check list and contract were usefull guidelines.

We will use you again.

You've got to go out on a limb sometimes because that's where the fruit is.
Will Rogers)

Cheers, Susan Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Homeowner Username CalgaryVictoria

Press article: House sitters can help keep home secure

canadafreepress has published an article on house sitters and home security by security specialist Frank Fourchalk

"Leaving a house unoccupied often or for a long stretch is one of the biggest risk factors for getting burglarized.

So if you're thinking of taking an extended vacation or plan to leave your home unattended for several weeks, why not consider a house-sitter? A house-sitter is a person who lives in and cares for a house while the regular occupant is away..."

Read full article: House sitters can help keep home secure

TwoServingYou report in

We have had sucessful "sits" as a result of your excellent service and the quality folks you draw to this site. We expect to continue your service until we can no longer housesit or we take a "sit" in a community we just have to move in to.

We've added 3 photos to our site. What an excellent addition that is. Our sincere thanks to you for this valuable service. Whit & Jean "twoservingyou" Profile:

Great use of the photo gallery Whit and Jean. Having a serving attitude always helps.
... Ian Housecarers

I was able to contact users right away and have already received responses.

Good Day;
I have just begun using this service to find a house sitter and I want to tell you it is FANTASTIC! I am very impressed with the website; it is user-friendly and informative. I was able to contact users right away and have already received responses. I honestly command you for a job well done, and thank you for providing this service...
Sincerely,Margaret (aka FelixHouse)

Recently retired professional couple from the country House sitter balwrgb

Recently retired professional couple from the country, fit, active, love animals and gardening.

Hello, Just letting you know that we have been successful in using this site to locate a couple of house sits recently. Thank you. We will certainly be staying registered with you.
Wendy & Bob Profile:

Greetings from Jamdel- Toowomba, Queensland Australia

We are presently sitting at Toowoomba (QLD Australis) for 5 weeks. This is the first year we have done sitting in Australia and have successfully taken on 3 sits during our stay in Queensland over the winter.

Enclosed is our renewal for a further years subscription to Housecarers.

House sitter Jamdel profile:

House sitter Devorah shares her housesitting experience with pictures

House sitter devorah shows how it is done - telling a story with pictures.

See photo gallery for Devorah at:

Profile for Devorah

Homeowner bailey1 feedback

Thanks once again housecarers for the opportunity to find suitable sitters.
We have located a couple whom I feel will suit our needs, will let you know how it goes... bailey1 Brisbane QLD Australia

Feedback username cogeshal QLD Australia

I wish to thank you, I have been with another company for many months with not so much response as you company has given me. I will certainly use you again.
Yours username cogeshal from Greenba QLD Australia

Homeowner Patriot in VA feedback

We have found great house sitters for Sept. through you...A wonderful service and we will take advantage of it again in the future! Thank you for your site...
Regards, Patriot in VA press release

A Press release went out yesterday and is picked up by News
URL of news article in Yahoo:

House Sitters Are Coming to the Rescue of Many Travellers.

A series of press releases based on house sitter experiences will be going out
new week.

Homeowner avrilg feedback

I am delighted with this service and have managed to find excellent sitters every time! I find your site easy to use, confidential and very well organised! thank you thank you!! (again)

Username avrilg SurreyEngland

House sitter bosveldbossie assignment to the Saphire Coast

Hi there. Through your service I managed to find a house sitting assignment in Bega on the Sapphire Coast, Australia. I'm leaving on 28th August 2005 for a period of six weeks.

I would like to thank you for the service you provide and which has made it possible for me to find this assignment.

I am looking forward to it very much, have spoken to Hilary and John on the phone and they sound very nice. I simply can't wait to get there. bosveldbossie, South Africa

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New Zealand Homeowner feedback

We are about to engage our third house sitter through this site, and if the first two are any gauge of the quality people then this one will also be a success.

We are looking forward to meeting with Anne very soon.

Our others have looked after our property and old dog so well and Anne sounds just perfect as well.Yours sincerely Isabella Homeowner member expandhorizon Kapiti Coast Lower North Island

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The adventures of house sitter ImpeccableReferences

Hello fellow House/Pet Sitters...

On this the eve of my departure (August 1st/05)from Vancouver, Canada to Europe to pursue more interesting travels and 'SITS'....

First stop two wks in Sutton, Surrey, UK .. then two wks in Portugal, then on to a Hotel & three Kitty kat sit in S.France...

I have been travelling to various parts of the globe "Sitting" since 1996. My first venture was to care for a historic house (300 years old)on that peaceful island of Hydra, Greece.(Saronic Gulf)No Cars only donkey's for transportation on this serene beautiful island...All of 5 months I tended the gardens, pool and even enjoyed a spot of white-washing... Since then I have enjoyed my travels to B.W.I. a three dog sit ~ Home right on their own white sandy beach ~ I swam with the 3 Labs in the turquoise blue sea 3 times a day, It was heaven!!

Enjoyed five wks of living adjacent to a small forest in Surrey, England Home/Cat Sit for the most loved 18 yr old cat 'Louis'... fed the foxes, squirrels & birds daily.

Back to (a 4 level) House Sit in Greece, on the Island of Syros, we enjoyed sweet grapes, lemons and pomagranites picked fresh from the garden daily ~ swam in our own private lagoon!!
Costa Rica was then calling for a house/garden sitter, A comfortable house with an abundance of orange trees... surrounded by coffee plantations.

Noisy area due to close proximity to the San Jose Airpot. (Due to major security problems) dogs barking... day & night!! However, the best part was we made on going friendships with a very fine loving local family, who took time out giving us a tour of what most visitors never see.

I have Pet/Garden/Home sat several places here in Canada & California, USA. All memorable!!
If you enjoy travel & meeting different people from all walks of life, living within and sharing their community, love animals...
I highly reccommend house sitting.

Always, always leave your hosts home property & possesions in the same condition you found them on arrival. If not in better condition!
Good luck with your search in finding those interesting Sit's ....

Sitter Profile:

House Sitter ESOL_Teacher

Customer service is excellent. I am currently on my 1st house-sitting assignment with House and am extremely happy with the outcome - so much so that I felt compelled to write this note. Thanks. Kind regards to one and all, Wendy

Homeowner wmcooper feedback

We would like to notify you that we have had success in obtaining a Housesitter from your website. We found it a very useful way to get help for our holiday. We also appreciated the secure contact methods, and the sample agreement.

Please suspend our membershiup, we may wish to use your site again in the future.
Thank you,
homeowner wmcooper

Great use of the photo gallery by sitter jwarbuckle

Here is a great example of how to effectively use the new photo gallery feature.
By House Sitter jwarbuckle

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Writers chatting about house sitting

Here is a link on house sitting discussion amoung writers. House sitting is a very attractive option
for house sitters.

Writers Forum Post


The T-Word
by maïa
"It is...happier to be sometimes cheated than not to trust." Samuel Johnson

Trust. Not exactly the blind variety, but close enough. That’s what it takes to be a full-time house-sitter, or an any time sittee. Add beloved pets to the mix and the trust issue becomes even more crucial. Folks who’d never think of leaving their human kids with a total stranger for even five minutes, find themselves driving or flying off to who knows where for who knows how long, having left their pretty kitties, fluffy-wuffies or whatevers in the care of someone they met only hours earlier. If that’s not total trust, what is?

I think this is the nicest part of being a house and pet-sitter. Feeling that soul-warming, hardly-ever-found-anymore thing that humans used to count on naturally, and lost somewhere along the way, since ‘competing with’ became more important than ‘relying on’ each other. People trust me with their homes and most of their worldly goods. They seem to know I’ll love and care for their pets as well as they do and that their homes and belongings are in capable, responsible hands. I have to tell you, that’s worth more than anything anyone could pay me, if I charged a fee for sitting. Which I don’t.

I sit for free, as I do everything for free in this latter phase of my life. While I tend houses and dogs, cats, turtles, snakes, et al. here, there, and everywhere, I help people all over the world with their writing, by email. Sitting allows me to do that, so the people I sit for are helping many others sort of second-hand. Like a pebble dropped in a pond, their one act of trust is multiplied many times over, as gifts that go on giving. Neat, huh?

Do you know, that in over six years of doing this, I haven’t come across one single un-nice person? Not one! and I’ve been doing this non-stop, the whole time, since I’m homeless (by choice) and thus have to go from one sit to another, without any gaps. It’s got to be connected with the trust thing, I’m sure. People who trust others are just nice folks, plain and simple. Which came first? Are they nice because they trust me, or do they trust me because they’re nice? Doesn’t really matter.

I was comparatively wealthy in my ‘old’ life, enjoyed a semi-jet-set lifestyle and luxuries most can only dream of. Now, homeless and virtually possession-less, since I have to schlep all my worldly goods with me from sit to sit, I can honestly say this is the best living I’ve ever done. And the most rewarding. I highly recommend it as a part-time ‘career’ or a once in a while ‘change’...or, as it is for me, a way of life. Trust me!

Check out my website at and, if you like what you see there, please pass it on and post this link wherever thinking folks gather. Thanks.

For house/pet-sitting info:

"That some do evil gives none the right to do evil in return." maia

"You must BE the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi

Homeowner feedback

We were delighted with the lady who looked after our house and beloved cat over the July holidays. Her registered name is homecarerspetpampers,

We will be recommending your site to others and using it again in the future. Thanks.
Homeowner catherineanne75

House Sitter Nimmick

I'd like to take this opportunity, too, to say I am so impressed with the services you, and the whole organization, offer.

The improvements of late are very much appreciated and only further support my desire to remain part of your very well-organized and most giving site.

I'm also grateful in how you've assisted me in meeting many wonderful people (homeowners) whom, otherwise, I wouldn't have had privilege to know.
Bravo to all involved in!

nimmick's profile

House Sitter feedback from username cruzans

Hello Ian,
Just letting you know the site is great, and it works! We're spending Sept. in Canada, Oct. in NH, and waiting to see what develops for Nov!
Profile of cruzans:

House Sitters Are Coming to the Rescue of Many Travelers

Copyright © 2005, Ian White
Everyone seems to have accepted the fact that the days of leaving your door unlocked are over. The rise of crime is affecting everyone, not just those who live in the larger cities. In fact, homes in rural areas are being targeted like never before--due to the opportunity a secluded area provides to the burglar. Statistics tell us that theft of property is among the highest of all personal crimes committed in the United States. While many families do install some type of house alarm, this alone does not bring complete peace of mind. Home alarm devices can be disabled by a crafty intruder.

These facts alone would explain why many people are turning to house sitting directories to help them find a house sitter when they need to be away from home for an extended time. The presence of a human is the main deterrent to a burglar. When you have a house sitter come into your home to live while you are away, you can almost be guaranteed your home will not be targeted by a thief or vandals.

While safety is the number one reason people are seeking out house sitters, they are quickly finding there are many other added benefits. First and foremost, they are saved the cost and worry of boarding their pets while they are away. Pets are happier when they are left in their own environment and kept on their usual routines. Many pet owners find they are not able to enjoy their vacation when they are forced to leave their pets at a kennel. For the individual or family who has to relocate for months at a time, having a house sitter greatly reduces the stress upon a family pet, and the money that is saved from boarding fees can be astounding. A house sitter can see to the many diverse needs of your pet such as feeding, walking, grooming, playing and health monitoring.

People that do have to be away from home for an extended time are finding it is much easier to have a house sitter come and live in their home--rather than renting out their house or imposing on family or friends to come by to tend to the day to day issues. House sitters can do tasks such as checking mail, routine lawn maintenance, home repair, and more. Having a house sitter can bring assurance that when you return from your travels you will still find healthy house plants or gardens--and that your goldfish is still alive! Your house sitter saves you the expense of arranging for pool and lawn maintenance while you are away, as well. House sitters are also invaluable if a major problem arises within you home, such as a leaking hot water heater or storm damage.

So, how does one go about finding a house sitter? The safest way to locate a house sitter is to go through a house sitting directory. Here you can find a house sitter which can meet your needs. Standard guidelines for a house sitter generally include them taking responsibility of your home, pets and property in exchange for rent free accommodations. Other individual needs can also be added to your house sitters guidelines such as arranging for them to supervise a major home repair while you are away.

You may be wondering who actually does house-sitting? You may be surprised to learn there are many individuals who become house sitters because it gives them the opportunity to save money on their living expenses. This enables them to save money for their own homes. Other house sitters may be retirees who are looking for a change of environment after years of work, or they wish to relocate to your area to be near relatives. A few individuals who are temporarily relocated due to their employment may also look into house sitting. House sitters are everyday people just like you and me.

It is usually standard that house sitters will be responsible for paying the utility bills while you are away. This takes the worry off a home owner who is concerned about coming home to a large phone or electric bill. All other bills, such as taxes, mortgage and home insurance is still the responsibility of the owner.

When you contact a house-sitting directory you will have access to their data base of registered house sitters. Registration for home owners is usually free with most directories. You privacy is assured, and your personal information will not be given out to any prospective house sitter. You alone decide when you are comfortable with a house sitter and are open to having him or her know your personal information.

When selecting your house sitter, you should only choose one that can meet all of your criteria. Once you have narrowed down your choices, you will be given references for the candidates. This is an important part of the process when selecting a house sitter. Many times you will be able to talk with other home owners who may have used this individual as a house sitter in the past.

Once you have decided upon a possible candidate, you will want to interview them. During the interview you will want to let them know what you desire from them when they are living at your home. This is when you can tell them about your pets, home maintenance such as a pool, mowing or shoveling snow. This is also when you can get to know the personality and character of your prospective sitter. You need to be assured you are having an animal lover come into your home if you have pets. It would be unreasonable to have someone come into your home who is allergic to cats if you have one for a pet. Also, if someone is fearful of animals, your dog may not get as much interaction as they need.

When you have chosen the house sitter you are comfortable with, you should have a contract drawn up. This contract can be obtained through most house sitting matching services, or you may prefer to have your family attorney draw it up. This contract needs to be as detailed as possible. It should thoroughly explain your expectations for home maintenance, pet care, emergency contact information, etc. If you would like to have a major home project completed, such as having someone come in to clean your gutters, or replace your windows while you are away, you should have all the details included in your contract.

It is advised that you have a face to face interview with your house sitter, or at least have them arrive a few days early so you can show them particular things about your home. While they are there, you can familiarize him or her with aspects of your home, such as window that likes to stick, or how to program the alarm system. This is also a great time for your house sitter to interact and make friends with your pets. They can see the routine of your pet throughout the day. This will help them tremendously. For instance, if you have a dog that does nothing but sleep all day behind the recliner, your house sitter will know this is normal and not a sign of illness. However, if you have a dog that bounces off the ceiling and he or she is laying around in a stupor all day, your house sitter will know this is out of character for that particular pet.

The peace of mind a house sitter can bring to you when you are away from home is priceless. Using a house sitting matching service is also the safest and speediest route to take when looking for a house sitter. Both the home owner and house sitter benefit by these matching services. The sitters can enjoy being in a new area while saving money for school or a home. Retirees are particularly pleased to be chosen as house sitters. Becoming a house sitter allows them an opportunity to travel to a place where their fixed income may not have afforded them to visit otherwise. Home owners can be assured they are not imposing on a family, friend or neighbor to watch over their home. The comfort level that a house sitter can bring to a pet is also a major plus. House sitters not only help deter your home from being the target of a burglary, but they step into your shoes and take care of the small things on a day to day basis.

Author Ian White is founder of
House Sitting Directory. Visit Housecarers House sitting directory todayRegistration is free for homeowners (and they'll never have to
rely on cousin Eddie again.)

House Sitters Love Their Life

There does not seem to be a lack of home owners who seek out the services of a house sitter. Our modern age has drastically changed the lifestyle of many. With business travel, military assignments and even some families owning more than one home, house sitters never have to fear being without a place to lay their head at night. There are house sitters who never call one place home, while others only seek short house sitting assignments a few times per year. Whatever their lifestyles, house sitters usually find a home owner who can meet their needs.

Retirees are particularly fond of house sitting. Many of them make radical changes in their lifestyles when they realize they are not obligated to stay in one area. Retirees have been known to pack up a suitcase and catch the next plane to Mexico, Australia, or wherever the home owner sounds the call from. Many seniors find the change of environment invigorating after years of the monotonous drudgery of employment. Other seniors prefer to take only a few short assignments each year. This gives them the opportunity to visit new areas while still maintaining their home base.

Freelance photographers and writers are also finding the house sitting lifestyle beneficial. Writers who are creating the next best selling novel--or doing research on a particular part of the world--can house sit for a home owner in that area and experience first hand the life, culture and history of a given spot. The same is true for photographers. Many photographs travel and are in need of a place to stay. When they are matched with a home owner who needs a sitter, the photographer can tell the hotel room good-bye.

Families are also realizing that house sitting gives them a chance to vacation in parts of the world which would be out of the question for them otherwise. There are many home owners who welcome families. Home owners who also need the sitter to care for pets can be assured their pets will get adequate attention and exercise when children are in the equation.

There are some house sitters who are unsure about where they want to put down their roots. Recent military people who have lived in various bases for years may want to house sit in different parts of the world for a while before they decide which area would suit them for a permanent residence. Students are also house sitters. By being a house sitter, this cuts down on their living expenses. This also assures the student of a quiet place to concentrate on studies--away from the distraction of a college campus.

Most house sitters register with a house sitter directory. For a small fee, their information is available to home owners who are in need of a house sitter. Here house sitters can post their information, such as which areas they are available to house sit in, the length of assignments they are available for, what skills they have which can benefit the home owner, and so on.

Besides having the opportunity to see the world, house sitters benefit because they are not charged rent. In exchange for room and board, the house sitter maintains the home owner’s property and does regular duties for the home owner while they are away. These duties can include lawn maintenance, cleaning a pool, taking care of pets, and more. The needs of the home owner will be clearly outlined in a house sitting contract.
Being free from rent or a mortgage payment is allowing many house sitters the chance to save their money. Some house sitters have big goals and house sitting gives them the opportunity to achieve them. Whether its starting a small business, saving for a down payment on a home, or paying their way through college, houses sitting is paying off for the sitter.

House sitters are mature and responsible. They know the home owner is leaving their possessions and mementos in their capable hands. If a problem arises, house sitters are quick to rise to the challenge. If a pipe leaks, or a tree falls in the yard because of a storm, a house sitter is on the job and willing to take the necessary steps to fix the problem. House sitters are also aware that while they may be living in someone’s home, it is not their property. House sitter guidelines usually do not allow for parties or over night guests.
Many house sitters are invited for repeat stays. When a home owner finds a sitter they like, they will usually ask the sitter to come back when the need arises for them to travel, again. Many home owners and sitters are finding they are forging friendships with each other and they keep up with each others life away from the house sitting arrangement.

Occasionally house sitters will be asked to do more than just maintain the property of the home owner or care for the pets. For instance, some home owners may own rental properties in the area and ask for the sitter to be on hand for rent payments. Other home owners may live on a farm. House sitters have been known to feed the chickens or horses. Most house sitters love the diversity of these tasks, and welcome the experience. Each home owner is different and house sitters love exploring all aspects of a new assignment.

If you are interested in becoming a house sitter, you can register with a house sitter directory. You don’t have to be a year-round or full time house sitter, either. There are many home owners who are constantly seeking sitters for short stays, such as a week or two. These home owners may simply want to go on a vacation themselves and need someone to watch over their things. If you would like the chance to see the world for a few weeks--or for months on end--you should seriously consider house sitting. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

House Sitting Directory. Visit Housecarers House sitting directory todayRegistration is free for homeowners (and they'll never have to
rely on cousin Eddie again.)