Sara shares her housesitting lifestyle: - house sits for 2 years in Melbourne VIC

I joined two years ago. Since then I have house sat twice - for the same people - once for six weeks, once for two years. I am now responding to other housesits (as this one comes to a close).

This experience has been great and I've had really nice feedback from the home owners of recent housesits I've applied to - I haven't been able to make a match yet re. dates and location but I will keep looking - even if it is just for 'holiday' house sits rather than being main place of living.

I do it for a number of reasons:

1. I was looking for ways to be able to make the time and
space to do part time study - by house sitting I could continue to work part time plus I had a lot of peace and quiet to study - it has been invaluable for that.

2. But I also did it because I have an
interest in alternative ways of living. I grew a vege garden, joined a vegie swap, took public transport or bike as often as possible, I picked and preserved the produce from the garden trees on the property I looked after... None of these I did 100%, or particularly well (re.vege garden), but the idea was to try and see what is possible - how you can approach work differently - ie. when I had dry patches of work (because I'm a casual) I put time into the property or preserving
something for the home owners. This isn't a a plug for a fantasy hippy lifestyle (it could start reading like that) - I am always aware that I wouldn't be able to do this if other people weren't working in the system fulltime with a house and a mortgage as a result - I just wanted to explore what is possible.

View Sara's house sitter profile for housesitting Melbourne VIC

Homeowner solves their most critical problem - Queanbeyan , Canberra ACT

"Hello there Success! Success! Success!
This is an excellent service. We were having a nervous breakdown just over a week ago. The house sitter we had lined up cancelled at this late stage - our holiday is in March/April. We found your website and we have already interviewed three excellent candidates and have selected our house sitter. Anyone of them would have been suitable. I will do my housekeeping and suspend our present membership later on today... Albert
" (username magenta17)

View housesitter found profile - Problem solved for Queanbeyan , Canberra ACT homeowner with easy to care for cat and two small dogs

West Vancouver mini doxie and midi mutt owner finds sitter from Toronto for walks to Bay in Horseshoe Bay Village


Re: Your great Service

I have someone - Carol coming to my home from Toronto! Thank you so much for your great service. Last time, I went away to Spokane I had a couple here from Alberta. They loved my home and dogs. I loved them.

They even repaired a bench and board. They were amazing.

Again, I feel so very lucky


Housesitter found profile for housesit Near Horseshoe Bay West Vancouver Canada

Blenheim, Marlborough New Zealand homeowner quickly finds the perfect match for housesit;- Close to town and winery trail, with great outdoor life

I only registered 2 days ago, and have already found the perfect person to housesit and look after my pets. So easy and very much appreciated.

Thank you so much for this service."

View housesitter found ad for Blenheim, Marlborough New Zealand

House Sitter found for 4 month housesit:- Beautiful Mountainous area, lots of hiking, X- country, downhill skiing. Log Home in the country Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada

Hello Ian,

Thank you for this site, I have found help in such a short time. I did find was someone within my own area that may turn out to be benificial for both them and me. I will follow up at the end of May with this feedback, but for now I would like to thank you for such an organized website.

Regards, Windy Range

View housesitter found ad for, Log Home in the country Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada

Spanish Homeowner matches for 3rd year, for ecofriendly country home in beautiful green Cantabria, - Valle de Ruesga, Spain

"Thank you for enabling us to find people to care for our animals and home while we will be away this winter.

This is the third year we have used housecarers and each time we have received several offers from serious dedicated and trustworthy housesitters who we feel would really fit the bill.

We´ll be posting our ad again when we travel next summer... Jasmine" (username greencantabria)

View sitters found ad for housesit Alto Ason, near Ramales de la Vitoria, Valle de Ruesga, Cantabria Rural Spain: house sit filled - until next year

Italian Travel Dreams come True for Aussie house sitters Celeste and Bob

"Hi Ian,

Dreams do come true,we are off to italy to house sit for six weeks.

It is in the south of Italy in between Rome and Naples in a village called Roccasecca which is in the provence of Frosinone. It is also a medival village and not to far from naples and the ferry to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast line which is just beautiful. It is all unknown territory for us but feel the fear and just do it we say. Will contact you when we get back."

Celeste and Bob
View profile for house sitters Celeste and Bob UserName, casabella, House Sitting in Roccasecca, Frosinone Southern Italy

View housesit filled (house sitter found) posting for Roccasecca, Frosinone Southern Italy

Relieved Goulburn NSW homeonwers finds a Housecarer efficiently.

"I have found a carer already. I had 2 positive responses to my ad which was posted less than a week ago. I am relieved because it is not much more than 3 weeks notice and I did not expect such a quick response. The system is efficient and I want to thank you for your managment of it."


View housesitter found ad for housesit Goulburn Rural NSW

House and Dog sitter found for housesit Canillas de Aceituno, Malaga, Spain

"Hello. Just wanted to write and say thanks and congratulations on an excellent service. We have been able to find sitters for our house and dogs
within a few days of posting our ad and will definitely use the service again whenever we will be away from home.

The extra services such as the guides and written agreement are an added bonus.

Well done and thanks again." Jo, (MontanaEspana).

View house sitter found ad for Canillas de Aceituno, Malaga, Spain House Sitting

Quality Applicants for A recently renovated 3 bedroom stone house rurally situated on 10 acres, in a quiet hamlet, in the Medoc area 1hr 10 mins north of Bordeaux France

We were taken totally by surprise by the number and quality of responses we had to our housesitting ad.

Hopefully we have chosen well!!

We look forward to using your site again and shall be recommending it to friends.

King regards


View housesitter found ad for housesitting Bordeaux France.

Eastern Tasmanian homeowners (Coles Bay) choose the Early Bird

"We just wanted to say a sincere thank you for the wonderful service that you offer and at NO cost to those seeking a house-sitter! We advertised for the first time last Saturday and within 48 hours had 14 applicants with more since(who says Tasmania has no appeal in late Autumn/Winter!).

The standard was extremely high and it was a difficult choice but we eventually settled on a wonderful couple who come with great references from previous house-sits. They were also the FIRST to apply......which just shows that the early bird catches the worm!

Many thanks again & we will undoubtedly use your services next time. Best regards EASTERNTAS

View Housesit Details - housesitter found for Coles Bay, Eastern Tasmania Australis

House sitter found for Las Palmas Spain - in the south of the island and enjoys better weather than Las Palmas

"Dear Ian, I have been so very impressed with your web site and the professional way things have happened.

I am so relieved and happy to have found someone who sounds just right !

I will not hesitate to use your site and to recommend to any one else who may be in need.

Kindest regards Diana"

View house sitter found ad for Las Palmas Spain house sitting

Property Owner from North Central Idaho in the foothills of the Clearwater Mtns finds a housesitter in remarkable short order.

"Wanted to take the time to thank you again for a great site. Once again, we've found a house sitter thru your site in remarkable short order. Thanks! Till the next time..." pete (mushhuskies)

LocAtion: North Central Idaho in the foothills of the Clearwater Mtns. We have sixty acres of timbered property and are located atop a spur ridge with a view overlooking the Palouse farm lands and the distant Blues (a mountain range in Washington state).

View house sitter found ad for housesitting in North Central Idaho 40 min from Kendrick Remote Mountain Property

Homeowner from Orange Central West NSW returns to 4 contented Cats

"I have just returned from a two week holiday. I was very fortunate to have a House Sitter find me through an ad I had placed & it was every bit as successful as I hoped it would be.

I had real concerns about leaving my 4 cats with anyone for that length of time but the woman that looked after them was marvellous.
I cannot recommend your service highly enough & will use again in the future.
Many Thanks, Lee... UserName:Chookette, Orange Central West NSW

house sitter found profile for Orange, Central West NSW

..beautiful town in the Central West. Great restaurants, vineyards, historical sites both here & in nearby towns.

Nimbin NSW Couple pleased with sitter annieV house minding and looking after the Chooks and Billy the Dog

"we had a House Sitter annieV looking after our house in august it was a pleasure to have her here she looked after the Choocks and Billy the dog. We would have her again any time and would recomend her to any one...

Ron & Janet (username hoppys)

View House sitter wanted ad fro 5 Acres Nimbin NSW hoppys - housesit filled

Carnelia takes a welcome break, looking after two cats in London for her first housesit assignment

"Thank you. I am on my first assignment, looking after two cats in London Can't afford to look around here but the change of scenery is a welcome break. Cats and owner (in her additional house in France) seem happy. All's well. Thank you again"

Ian (Ed)
"Great news about the housesit. Where in London is the housesit located?
Out of interest what is your prime reason for housesitting?"

"The apartment is in Fulham. My main reason was to get away from domesticity and have freedom of thought to perhaps broaden my mind to some creative writing, meet new people perhaps visiting a speech club"

View profile for London Housesitter, Carnelia, username gemma1

Get an Eagle Eye view of all the housesits on the map

Global google map of house sit opportunities

Get a great Eagle eye view of all the House Opportunities across the globe. Zoom out to a region or the entire globe or zoom in to a country - state city etc

Canberra Homeowner finds wonderful couple to care for her dogs and home within walking distance to the city.

"Just to let you know that I have found the most wonderful couple to care for my dogs and home while I am away. I have found this site and service quite amazing - well done!.. Many thanks, Cynthia (UserName = Siddles)

View profile - housesitter found for AINSLIE Canberra ACT

House Sitter kontentedkatz constantly in demand for housesits in Turkey, France Mid Pyranees and worldwide

"Thank you for your site. Since joining Housecarers, I have been constantly in demand to housesit. 10 long years of experience helps I guess.

I have just completed 6 weeks minding three boisterous hunting dogs in Turkish North Cyprus. Now I am off to France to mind 11 cats and 3 chickens in the Midi Pyrenees. I am looking for a short term housesit for another month after that before I go home to Australia in November."

.... House sitter Heln (kontentedkatz)
View profile for housesitter kontentedkatz

Grateful Irish Homeowner from rural sitting, Athy Leinster, Kildare .returns to relaxed animals

"We can't speak highly enough of this site and the Housesitting experience.

We found a wonderful housesitter through your site who most importantly cared for our animals and also our home for the first 2 weeks of August. We couldn't have asked for a nicer carer and and it was wonderful to see our animals so relaxed on our return.

Indeed it is likely that we will keep in contact in the future. Thank you for providing the means of contact. Regards Richard & Annelies (rharris245)"

...Rural setting but only 4 miles from Athy and 7 from Carlow. Close to Barrow River and towns such as Kilkenny and Portlaoise within half hour. Dublin only 1 hour by motorway

View housesit profile Athy Leinster, Kildare Ireland - housesitter found

Hastings, Minnesota Homeowne ( on the Mississippi and Vermillion River ) is very please with responses for 6 week housesit

"Hello Ian,
Your service has been fabulous! I have successfully arranged for a housesitter and have been very pleased with the responses that I have received and the interesting people I have communicated with.

I will definitely recommend you service to friends and relatives and use it again when we take an extended trip next summer. Thanks so much and have a great year."

View house sitter found ad for Hastings, Minnesota (on the Mississippi and Vermillion River) USA housesit

Retiree enjoy meeting people, their pets and exploring areas (8 housesits) all made possible through Housecarers membership

"I have enjoyed meeting people, their pets and exploring areas which would not be possible if I was not a member.

Through housecarers we have been to Toowoomba, Boyne Island (2), Buscia, Slade Point, Bundaberg, St Andrews Vic, Katoomba NSW, looking after domestic animals over the past 2 years.

I will renew my membership when I return from a six week cruise in Nov.
Bev... roadrunners9ssanz"

View profile for retiree housesitters Bev... roadrunners9ssanz

Identify with the needs of the homeonwer First - when applying for a housesit

Good advise from a homeonwer for housesitter applications:
"Please note that we will not be responding to every person as we ask specifically for candidates who have experience giving insulin shots to animals to note this in their message to us, and if they do not, we will not be contacting them.

Please understand that we are getting messages only about how this will be good for the sitter/what they want, and that is not how we envision this service working: it needs to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

It is actually quite alarming to us how every candidate who has contacted us so far only talks about their needs"

We have already recommended to first identify with the needs of the homeowner - see below:

I recommend you try some different approaches to increase your response.
It is important to identify with the needs of the homeowner and show them how to help.
Initially don't talk too much about your own requirements and overload
them with questions - that can come latter. And don't just say see my profile I'm interested.

We ask homeowners to respond to all applications and send weekly reminders asking them
to do this. However sometimes they are pressed for time and only reply to the outstanding
applications - so it is important to make your applications stand out.

To view your applications please click the sent link from messages after login. If the username
in the sent message is red the message has been read by the homeowner.

It is also important to include all your favoured cities towns and city areas on your profile as many
homeowners search directly.

Loading up pictures, police clearances, certificates references etc and updating your calendar and Preferences also helps- the
more information accessible by the homeowner the better.

All the references, police clearances etc are placed in your private reference library that can only be accessed by
homeowners or homeowners you apply to.

Grateful Homeowner returns home to two loved doggies, fires lit, soup on and detailed handover

We recently went away leaving our two loved doggies and 15 chickens with
Harry (Highlander) our wonderful housesitter.

We came home to discover that in our absence the snow had fallen out of the sky, it had plummeted temperatures to sub zero and on top of it all we had hoped to have finished reasonably large building projects which had left pile of mud for as far as the eye could see.

We returned home to Harry who lit the fires, put a pot of soup on and ran through a detailed handover before leaving us to unpack and land back at home.

It was wonderful knowing that all would be taken care of so well while we were away. I have no hesitation recomending Harry or his lovely wife Jill who we met as well but did not house sit as she had
work commitments.

Rachael and Anna, username liefie, Rura: Laggan, Crookwell NSW

Trusted housesitter found for Bendigo VIC housesitter in historic Goldfields area

"hi we had a first experience at having house sitters
we got a terrific couple who took care of everything as it was there own, a big thank you to lollipop, "

House Sitter found for 10 acred property Goldfields area Bendigo VIC

Globetrotting Brit sees the world while Housesitting - sure beats hotels

"Dear Ian,
Just to say how much I have enjoyed being a member of Housecarers this last year.

Last August I spent 5 wonderful weeks in rural Scotland. At this very moment I am currently house-sitting in Israel. When I get back to the UK I have a 3 week house-sit on the Scottish/English borders! It's all go but a great way to see the world!


Paul Harris (UK) "
View profile for globe trotting Brit, Paul Harris - username trinity3

Terrigal Cat Lover was at wit's end

"Just writing to say thank you for your service.

I found a lovely house sitter for my home and precious cat.

I was at my wit's end before finding your site!!
Will use you again I'm sure!! ... Baliforever16

View Catloving cat-sitter found ad for Terrigal NSW

Trish & Bernie get excellent results within two hours of placing confidential housesitter required add

"Once again excellent result within two hours of placing our add on your website we got a fananastic result. You are NO 1 in this area and we cannot thank you enough for your excellent service you provide to us homeowners.
We really tell everyone about your service and our neighbours have used it with great results as well. Once again a big thank you to a job well done."

Trish & Bernie ...Rollands Plains near Port MacQuarie NSW

View housesitter found ad for Rollands Plains near Port MacQuarie NSW

South Auckland homeowners easily find the Right Housesitter for home close to Hunua South Auckland on 2 acre lifestyle block modern brick/tile home, and 3yo female bull mastif ("she is as quiet as")

"Thank you for registering and advertising my house sit requirements. We had response almost immediately and we were able to choose someone to look after our property.

The process was very straight forward and there was plenty of information provided by to help us in selecting the right sitters for us.

I will use their services again when next wwe need a sitter
Many thanks."

John (jn44fc88)

View Housesitter Found - housesit filled, Ad for Housesit Hunua South Auckland NZ

Mornington Peninsula VIC homeowners easily find useful Housesitter for home opposite beach with sea views

"Thank you, I have been successful in finding a suitable house sitter and have found your service very useful and easy to use

Housesit in popular seaside resort area Mornington with numerous cafes, pier, boating and beaches

View Mornington Peninsula Vic housesit

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Like housecarers facebook page and let you friends know about it by clicking the link below while logged into facebook. When you arrive a the page below the Like link and SHARE link in the left margin part way down the page.

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House sitters aussienomads retire early and travel affordably to amazing housesits around the world

"Thanks for all your help your website has given us the freedom to travel and the affordability to retire early and some amazing sits around the world, thanks again"... Sue and aussienomads AussieNomads

Housecarers: "Great news about the housesits - it is always good to hear stories like yours. Where have the housesits been?"

"Williamstown VIC Australia, Chelsea, England Uk and two in Maple Ridge Canada"

View profile for housesitters AussieNomads

Housecarers interviews a successful housesitter - who lines up housesits across New Zealand

"I'd like to thank for the most amazing year. You have enabled me to travel around New Zealand, doing what I love, looking after
people's pets whilst they take a carefree holiday.

A match made in Heaven. Thank you... Sue (icare88)
View profile for sitter icare88

"Hi Sue Great news about the housesits. It is always good to hear stories like yours.
Where have the housesits been = locations?"

Sue (icare88)
Hi Ian
Housesits since last October

"Kaukapakapa, Auckland
St Johns, Auckland
Kumeu, Auckland
Havelock North, Hawkes Bay
Stillwater, Auckland
Makarau, Auckland
Lake Tekapo - Till August
Blenheim - In August" Regards Sue

"Hi Sue,

Wow - that is very impressive.
Do you have any tips for successfully applying for
a housesit? regards Ian"

Sue (icare88)
"Hi Ian

Well, I have actually only been 'unsuccessful' with about 5 applications.
The first I never heard back from (which was rather rude), the second accepted me but gave the position to someone else without telling me - so I was very grateful not to be going there! The others were not happy about me taking my dog Dante with me - so that was OK.

When I am applying for a job, I try to read between the lines for what the owner is looking for. Mostly, I believe my success is due my love of animals. Dog lovers want someone who will take care of their dogs like they are their own, they are like their children and they really worry about them. So I make the animals my priority. I have also built a reputation for looking after the properties and leaving them in immaculate condition. And I have built up my references with contact numbers so that owners can call and check them out. I know that helps. However, I do have an attitude of trusting that I will be in the right place at the right time and I have been pretty flexible about travelling. I get a gut feeling for the places I want to apply for and only apply for the ones that feel right.

I hope that helps.


View profile for House sitter icare88

More tips for house sitters

Yet More tips from a successful house sitter

Panthereyes74 finds perfect animal loving sitter for inner west Sydney home to cover for Ski Trip

"We have registered with a couple of house sitting places and we have never found the best canidates from any other site. We have placed an ad on here and we have had a good response and the interviewing process was very long and we have found a wonderful young lady , who loves animals.

We are so happy she will be looking after the dogs and when we go away again in February for skiing , we will maybe use the same person.thanks to your site." .. Panthereyes74

House Sitter found profile - Inner West Sydney

Santa Barbara, CA Homeowner finds great housesitter for lovely little cottage in Santa Barbara on the Mesa with views of the ocean

"HI Ian,

I found a great-sounding housesitter. I received many responses in 2 days. They all sounded good; it was a hard choice. We have now emailed several times, exchanged pictures and will speak on the phone tomorrow.

This is a great site.


View House Sitter found ad for Santa Barbera CA with 3 minute bicycle ride to the beach or a 10 minute walk.

Noosa hinterland, Sunshine Coast homeowner gets quality applications quickly

"Hi Just wanted to say this is a great service and I was really pleased with the high quality of applicants i recieved and the speed of response. I also like the fact that communication is via the housecarers site. "
UserName = baradja

View housesit - house sitter found for Cooroy, Noosa Hinternland, sunshine Coast QLD

Website down time - functions being restored to a better place

Website down time - functions being restored to a better place

We apologise for the downtime experienced recently. Our web server crashed and had to be replaced by a new more powerful web server.

All customer profiles and information are kept on a separate data base server which was not impacted. So all information is intact.

We are still bringing up functionality such as mail so apology for any unanswered customer requests. There may be intermittent problems and some functions such as picture upload now working while we restore all the functions.

The good news is the replacement web server is more powerful and has more recent robust software - so a little pain and a lot of gain.

Our system engineers have been working around the clock to restore things as quickly as possible . Downtime at is very rare and I appreciate your patience while we bring back housecarers stronger and better than ever


Homeowner from Cambria California back again for new House Sitters

"I am back at to find housesitters. I posted an ad in 2006 and found a fabulous couple! They have sat for us 5 times now. This year we finally have conflicting dates and I need new ones. Love your site, keep up the great work! DeDe.. Cambria CA

View House Sitter needed ad for Cambria CA

.. in the pines a short walk/drive from the ocean in beautiful Cambri.. The central coast is usually cool and foggy in the summer. We are about 6 miles south of the Hearst Castle...

Whitsundays Homeowner for the 2nd year in a row, finds housesitter for tropical paradise.


Just to say that for the second year running we have successfully found a housesitter with your site. Last year we had a couple who were just so lovely that we are still writing to them and consider them to be friends found through your site. So thanks very much for a great service. I think I have taken care of all the applicants and have now switched off our ad.
Till next time," Mary

View House Sitter required ad for Whitsundays - house sit filled, until next time
"We have just moved into a wonderful house sit position in Mandurah at one of the canal homes. It has been a delight to negotiate with the owners and it's wonderful to have a roof over our heads whilst our own place is being built.

We had just re-activated our membership in order to get another position for September and October, and already have an interested party. Thank you for such an efficient and easily navigable web-site. "
Kind regards,
Andrew and Glenda .. username Keen2care4u

View profile for Manurah housesitters, Keen2care4u

Siiter found for idylic location in Mauritius: . . Find out why Mauritius is known as Paradise Island

"We have today had confirmation of house sitters for our home in Mauritius. Many thanks for your helpful website. I will certainly recommend it to any friends who are in the same position as us.

Again many thanks."

View Housesit Posting for Mauritius (housesitter found)

Vancouver British Columbia homeowner finds a Trusted House Sitter for boxer dog and 2 cats 20 min by skytrain to downtown Vancouver

"Just want to thank you again about this great service. This is the
second time I have used it to find house/animal sitter and it is
amazing the number of great people who are available from all over
the world. "

Homeowner UserName = kathleen10291

View housesitter required ad (filled) for Vancouver BC Canada

Perth Homeowner matches with trusted housesitter in no time - after being let down by friend

"Two weeks to departure and get let doen for house sitting by friends. Join up with House and receive 5 sitter offers within 48 hours, one of whom I have accepted. Many thanks for your service.,,,"
Homeonwer carbod

Housesit filled for Bibra Lake Perth WA - housesitter found

Partlyretired finds housesitter for her kailua-kona Hawaii home and Persian Cat

"Thank you so much for your wonderful service. I found a great house/pet sitter in 3 days. I was quite impressed with the number and the caliber of people that applied. I only wish that I could meet them all. I will definitely use your service each time it's needed when I travel. Thank You, Partlyretired"

View Filled House sitter needed Ad for kailua-kona Hawaii

French homeowner of Saint Projet: a sleepy village, but close to towns like Gourdon (10 minutes), expresses her appreciation of the matching service

"Dear Mr. White,

Just a short note to tell you how pleased I am with the response to my ad.
I have received so many potential applicants. I answer them all, they are so friendly and polite; I am impressed with the quality of people on your register. I have told my friends about your company and they think - like me - it's a Godsend !!! (and have also registered).

Many thanks

With kind regards,
Constance (username ciboulette)

View Sitter required ad for Saint Projet: a sleepy village, but close to towns like Gourdon (10 minutes) France

House Sitter member sungod42 Finds registering with HouseCarers the best thing he ever did.

"I have found this service value for money and the best thing Ive
ever done is join up, had non stop long term housits since
joining 3 months at Bucca out from Bundaburg ,6 months at the
Palms at the national park looking after a beautiful 5 acre
property and now been offered a 12 month housit near Kingaroy
, couldn't be happier with the service.... sungod42

View profile for housesitter sungod42 housesat, Bundaburg, Kingaroy, Palms

Grafton NSW homeonwer easily finds housesitter for a third time for her Grafton NSW home with Rural Tranquility close to Town

"Once again I have used your site to advertise for a housesitter and have been amazed at the level of response I had in a couple of days.

It was very difficult to make a choice from what seemed to be a veritable array of experienced housesitters.

This will be our third occasion to find a housesitter from your site. I would recommend it to anyone searching.

Thank you for this wonderful service!

Kind regards Deborah Grafton NSW (UserName = graftongal)

View Housesitter required ad for Grafton NSW (Housesitter found - housesit filled)

House Sitters currently available for Grafton NSW

McCall Idaho Homeonwer quickly Finds house and dog sitter.

"This is an excellent website. In a very short time I found a very acceptable applicant to house/dog sit for me and I wanted to thank you..your format is clearly and intelligently set up, easy to work with and comprehensive. Well done! "

UserName elliesmom

View Housesitter required ad (filled) for McAll Idaho

Sydney Rugby Fans choose Kiwis to mind their Castle Hill home while they head OS

"Just to let you know we are interviewing prospective house-sitters this weekend via Skype as they are in NZ.

We have had an amazing response to our ad, have responded to them all.

We have used your site several times over the past 5 years with great success, and I have also recommended it to many friends, several of whom have since used it and found good house-sitters." .. UserName = RugbyFans

View house sitter found ad for Castle Hill Sydney

Rural New Mexico Homeowner makes life-long friends with housesitters of their Northern NM adobe farmhouse on eight acres

"Ian -We have used your site numerous times to find a housesitter
and it has been a wonderful service. We've become good friends
with several of our housesitters.

Thank you so much for doing this and making the interface easy and private. I like the new feature of listing pets as that is always our biggest concern.

Thank you again. " Kathy R.. username ojosarco.

View house sitter wanted (Filled) ad for Northern New Mexico adobe farmhouse

Homowner Rhonda finds dream housesitter for a 3rd time for her Shelton Mason County WA home

"This is my third time requesting housesitting services and each time has worked like a dream. I have to say it's the best service on the web. Thanks so much for being there for me. Sincerely Rhonda S "

View Sitter required ad for Shelton Mason County WA home

View list of House Sitters available for Shelton WA USA

Canadian Homeowners Chillilog painlessly match with an ideal House Sitter for their Chilliwack BC home

"We placed an ad in the morning and by evening we had a response from a couple who sounded perfect. After checking references, we booked them to house sit for us.

We have since chatted on the phone and feel confident we made the right choice. I find your website easy to navigate and full of valuable information for first-time users. Thank you!"

Sherry (Chillilog)

View house sitter found profile for Chillilog - Chilliwack, Chilliwack River Valley
,British Columbia Canada

Rural homeowners near Port Macquarie, Mid North Coast, NSW again quickly find housesitters

"This once again is a Big THANK YOU we acquired a house sittle for August in a little over a week. This is the second time we have been successful with your company in a short time. We acquired a house sitter for April as well for 5 weeks. Once again thank you so much."... Patriz

View house sitter required ad - housesit filled for Partiz Port Macquarie Mid North Coast NSW

Some of the housesits filled for Port MacQuarie:

Filled housesits Port Mac Quarie NSW Mid North Coast

House sitter found for 8 month Housesit Apple Valley San Bernardino So. Cal. High Desert California

"We are extremely pleased with your service. We have had excellent sitters using your website. Its extremely difficult to choose since there are so many well qualified applicants.
Thanks .... Apple 73 "

View housesitter required ad for Apple Valley San Bernardino CA

Our home in Apple Valley is within 2 hour drive to all the tourist attractions in LA & Orange county and 3 hrs to Las Vegas

French Homeowner finds Housesitter quickly and without fuss for Montmorillon Vienne farmhouse, with large garden and outdoor swimming pool, Rural west

"Thank you so much for enabling me to find a suitable house-sitter so quickly and without fuss or bother. A great service! I shall certainly use your website again...."

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Farmhouse Montmorillon Vienne rural west The Vienne is a beautiful unspoilt region, with much to see and explore

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House sitter found for 3 months to Explore the outback wonders of Alice Springs

"We have found a suitable house sitter - Sarah Joyce sjbca_1962 and have given her our email address to contact us when she arrives in Alice Springs.

I have responded to all other applicants accordingly.

Thanks for everything, it was a good experience for our first one although we were a little daunted when so many applications came flooding in after our first day! Kind regards WorldCruise.

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Alice springs is a great place to explore - and there is not better way than house sitting.

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Alice Springs homeowners want to get away on their long or short trips around Australia, East, West or Overseas. We have been matching responsible sitters for Alice Spring homeowners for 10 years. It is the best win-win.

Yes - Alice Springs homes and air conditioned. Also the heat is nice and dry - not the sapping humid heat of the coast.

Carmen blogs about her housesitting experience in France

"Dear Ian

We have had good success with your site. We are currently on assignment in the South of France in Albi, France as a result of your postings.

We have been here since August 2010 and we are enjoying it immensely. Our girls are in French school.

Here is our blog :

We hope you will read it.

It is a little tough for us since we have 2 daughters now ages 13 and 9. So we have missed out on some assignments because of it. Usually because there is not enough space to accommodate us. The house in France is large with 7 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms on 3 different levels. It has worked out for us. We are completing our assignment within one month and are hoping to find something else.

I hope this helps.

Carmen Smith (William's wife)" UserName = Cybiz777

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housesitting in Albi France

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