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House sitters aussienomads retire early and travel affordably to amazing housesits around the world

"Thanks for all your help your website has given us the freedom to travel and the affordability to retire early and some amazing sits around the world, thanks again"... Sue and aussienomads AussieNomads

Housecarers: "Great news about the housesits - it is always good to hear stories like yours. Where have the housesits been?"

"Williamstown VIC Australia, Chelsea, England Uk and two in Maple Ridge Canada"

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Housecarers interviews a successful housesitter - who lines up housesits across New Zealand

"I'd like to thank for the most amazing year. You have enabled me to travel around New Zealand, doing what I love, looking after
people's pets whilst they take a carefree holiday.

A match made in Heaven. Thank you... Sue (icare88)
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"Hi Sue Great news about the housesits. It is always good to hear stories like yours.
Where have the housesits been = locations?"

Sue (icare88)
Hi Ian
Housesits since last October

"Kaukapakapa, Auckland
St Johns, Auckland
Kumeu, Auckland
Havelock North, Hawkes Bay
Stillwater, Auckland
Makarau, Auckland
Lake Tekapo - Till August
Blenheim - In August" Regards Sue

"Hi Sue,

Wow - that is very impressive.
Do you have any tips for successfully applying for
a housesit? regards Ian"

Sue (icare88)
"Hi Ian

Well, I have actually only been 'unsuccessful' with about 5 applications.
The first I never heard back from (which was rather rude), the second accepted me but gave the position to someone else without telling me - so I was very grateful not to be going there! The others were not happy about me taking my dog Dante with me - so that was OK.

When I am applying for a job, I try to read between the lines for what the owner is looking for. Mostly, I believe my success is due my love of animals. Dog lovers want someone who will take care of their dogs like they are their own, they are like their children and they really worry about them. So I make the animals my priority. I have also built a reputation for looking after the properties and leaving them in immaculate condition. And I have built up my references with contact numbers so that owners can call and check them out. I know that helps. However, I do have an attitude of trusting that I will be in the right place at the right time and I have been pretty flexible about travelling. I get a gut feeling for the places I want to apply for and only apply for the ones that feel right.

I hope that helps.


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Yet More tips from a successful house sitter

Panthereyes74 finds perfect animal loving sitter for inner west Sydney home to cover for Ski Trip

"We have registered with a couple of house sitting places and we have never found the best canidates from any other site. We have placed an ad on here and we have had a good response and the interviewing process was very long and we have found a wonderful young lady , who loves animals.

We are so happy she will be looking after the dogs and when we go away again in February for skiing , we will maybe use the same person.thanks to your site." .. Panthereyes74

House Sitter found profile - Inner West Sydney

Santa Barbara, CA Homeowner finds great housesitter for lovely little cottage in Santa Barbara on the Mesa with views of the ocean

"HI Ian,

I found a great-sounding housesitter. I received many responses in 2 days. They all sounded good; it was a hard choice. We have now emailed several times, exchanged pictures and will speak on the phone tomorrow.

This is a great site.


View House Sitter found ad for Santa Barbera CA with 3 minute bicycle ride to the beach or a 10 minute walk.