Sitter looking for another sitter to share sitting responsiblities long term

WANTED....partner for long term house sitting

I am looking for someone to partner with mostly for
longer term house sits. From my house sitting
experience, I find that the obligation to the home
owner is fine for short terms but can be rather
restrictive for long term. During many long term sits,
especially the international ones, I would like to be
able to travel back to visit family members
occasionally or even travel to different places for
short times. If I had a partner with a similar desire
and live style as mine, we could work together and
cover for each other.

A bit about myself. I am a 57 year old retiree who has
an adventureous spirt. I recently returned from 2
years in Morocco in the Peace Corps working with small
businesses. During my working career, I was the CEO of
a sizeable manufacturing company in Virginia. My
management skills and wide range of experiences lend
themselves to this type of service and lifestyle. I've
completed a background check and am considered to be
very dependable, reliable and trustworthy. I can
supply references and recomondations upon request.

If this situation interests you, please contact via my profile

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Housesitter Orchard47 makes many new friends

"Thankyou for conducting this wonderfull service. I have enjoyed many fabulous housesits, cared for many loving animals and made many new friends.

Keep up the great work.

Regards Lynette (orchard47)

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Siiter found for beautiful Matarau, about 15kms from downtown Whangarei NZ

I love the Maori town names in New Zealand.

"Once again we have quickly found a house sitter through this site. Many thanks. "
Homeowner UserName: kandcw

We are looking for a house sitter to look after our house and two dogs in Matarau, about 15kms from downtown Whangarei. We have four acres, but dont expect anyone to do work outside. All we are after is someone to keep the dogs company each night! We leave 26th October, and we return on the 18th November. We are very flexible for people to stay for a few days either side of our absence if necessary. If you are interested, let us know and we can send you as much information as you require.

House sitter TimandGale report in from Bahamas - comfy small cottage in the palms r

Hey Ian

We thought we would thank you guys for offering a great service

We are currently very comfy in a small cottage in the palms right on the edge of the
Atlantic side of Eleuthera, Bahamas - housecareing for a guy who likes to fly off in his Cessna now and then
while we hang out and feed his dogs...

Thanks again (TimandGale)

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House sitting Kari like a whirlwind from Oklahoma to Kansas

Wanted to take a moment to say "Thank you!".

When I first joined I wasn't sure exactly what I would find in the way of house/petsits and figured it would only be an occasional thing here and there.

I've been overwhelmed by the number of positions offered both on the site and to me directly! It's been amazing and so very hard to choose sometimes as there are an abundance of exciting opportunities and wonderful people, both homeowners & house carers, that use your website. It's fantastic!

I'm coming to the end of one house-sit here in the next couple weeks and the family has asked if I can return next summer again! In addition, right after this one ends I fly to my next petsit in Oklahoma and then one directly after that for seven months in Kansas! It's a whirlwind and I'm loving it! Many thanks to you for making it possible! Sincerely, Karri (kareezdreamz)

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So Many Places to go in this World - and to return to ...sitter CaringCarol"

We love being a member of We have done 2 housesits and are going to return to both places this winter. After that we want to try different places so keep the information coming. We are always in awe at how many places there are to go in this world. House sitter CaringCarol

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Retiree house sitter rvbernard sits in homes around the world

I continue to be so grateful for this website and your service to housesitters like me and the people requiring our services. I continue to receive offers to housesit and am spending my retirement housesitting in various homes in Canada, the US and Germany. I haven't broken into UK and Australia yet..but soon.

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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU from Celeste in Carmichael CA

Thank you Ian, I filled our housesitting dates for January '08. We just had our housesitters from Chicago for a week this month. They were wonderful ! As always, your website is awesome! We have become good friends with our housesitter from January '07. She was wonderful, as well. I will re-activate my membership on our next travel. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!Celeste

Housesit: Carmichael CA
The dates are 1/6/08 to 2/3/08-we have a time share in Cabo San Lucas & love the month there. We have a beautiful home in Carmichael, California (Sacramento)across from a park, 1 block from the American River Bike Trail, for walking,jogging,cycling, etc. Centrally located for all touring San Francisco, Lake Tahoe. We have an 8 yr old male Sheltie & a 2 yr old female Tuxedo cat that need loving care. They don't do well in the kennel.Only pet lovers need apply

Sitter matilmatil connects with 3 months Montreal sit


Thanks so much for the quick reply.

I am off to Montreal Canada for three months thanks to a connection I made through your site!!!!!

Thanks for the gift of connection.

Nancy (username matilmatil)

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