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* Main other pets are Horses/Ponies. Birds. Farm Animals, Livestock , Fish From Housecarers Homeowner Postings Free Regisrations Last 4 months With Pets 88.68% Without Pets 11.32% Now these different species are getting on well. So we can learn to get along with people from different cultures and (some may say from different planets) Housesitting proves that.

Home and Labrador owner & UK expats, from Beachside, Bang Sare Chon Buri Thailand finds House & Dog Sitters have restored their faith in the kindness of human beings.

Can we say a big 'thank you' to all the people that answered our advert at very short notice.

We've had quite a stressful year and the kindness of people that house-sit has restored our faith in the kindness of human beings.

I'm just off to the UK for my yearly visit to our lovely family and friends and hope that our sitters will find the place to their liking.

Many thanks to and their amazing band of 'sitters'. Keep up the good work! you're doing an amazing job! and a big 'Thank You' to all the people that replied.

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Pippa on one of her walks .

Recently widowed House Sitter, maddie40, finds House Sitting a great way to catch up with my friends without the hassle of staying with them

I have found your site very helpful and have just completed a house sit very successfully for 6 weeks in Napier New Zealand ...thank you ...I am now looking for my next house sit ...

Great news about the housesit. It is always good to hear stories like yours. Where are you from? and what are your main reasons for housesitting?

I have my own house just outside of Dunedin new Zealand, and my reasons for house sitting was I list my partner in an accident and then my small dog died , so I felt without any ties, now was the time to do house sitting, and its a great way to catch up with my friends without the hassle of staying with them, so I pick places where I know people and then have a holiday without the accommodation expense. I think I will work my way to an overseas house sit away from new Zealand and Australia.......Cheers Jenni
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Rural Brisbane Dog Owners save 600.00 in kennel boarding fees on low maintenance, outdoor Cocker Spaniel Albert. Property offers housesitters:- wallabys; and a lot of bird life

Thanks for your great website. We are going overseas for a month and need a sitter. We put a free ad up on your website, and within the week we now have a sitter that we are comfortable with! Thanks again. You just saved us $600.00 in kennel boarding fees, and peace of mind having the house occupied while we are gone... bobmandy
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English Expats visit UK from their Lourmarin French Village Home and return to Doggy well and happy -- and a cooked dinner.

Megan & Marty (Happy2B1) looked after our house and dog in France for a week while we visited the UK. They were a delightful, interesting couple and made a great job of their assignment with us - the garden was tended, the house immaculate, and the dog well and happy - they even cooked dinner for us the night we returned. Anyone booking them for a similar assignment will be lucky!!
What a treat for dog-lovers ... large house, with swimming pool, on a hill 7/8 minutes walk from the village of Lourmarin, which is designated as one of the most beautiful villages in France, with a strong cafe society and many shops and galleries. Lourmarin is in the Luberon, and we are surrounded by hills and woods, with spectacular views. It is also convenient for a visit to Apt, Isle- sur-le-Sorgue, and Aix-en-Provence. The weekly market is on Friday... View ad for dog-sitter Lourmarin France
Megan & Marty - View profile for house sitters, Happy2B1

Baltimore Homeonwer finds Cat Loving House Sitter for 3rd time for Housesit near Starbucks!

This will be our third time with House Carers. Our first two sitters were excellent and we anticipate our current sitter will be too.
....Large, comfortable house in shady neighborhood on bus line and walking distance to grocery store, Starbucks, bank and library... ... view Housesit filled for Baltimore housesit new Strabucks

Nambucca Heads finds great housesitter for Beach side farm residence

Thank you for this great service. We have successfully found a house sitter for the required time and found it all simple and easy to use.... We live on 20 acres in the Nambucca Valley within 5 minutes of wondrous beaches and surf.

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With Housecarers your Kitty does not need to be Home Alone

With Housecarers your Kitty does not need to Home Alone, or stressed in an unfamiliar environment.

Register free as a home/kitty owner and receive Free tips on how to prepare you home and resources to help you match with other Kitty Lovers.

Kitty Owner registration

  • Pets are cared for in a familiar environment
  • Eliminate costly pet boarding fees
  • House and Garden maintained
  • Response if emergency arises

Wanderbird takes a break from Queen Charlotte Islands to look after your home and pets for the opportunity to explore

I wanted to let you know that it has been a pleasure being a part of Housecarers. I live on a small island (Queen Charlotte Islands) about 100 kms of the northwest coast of British Columbia tucked under Alaska and as beautiful as it is I need to get off the island occasionally. I housesit twice a year for several months each time and I love the opportunity housesitting offers to spend the time to learn about the culture and people of the area I am visiting with these extended housesits. I have never had a problem with a housesit(and to my knowledge no one has had a problem with me)from your site and I have several repeat clients. I do due diligence as do my homeowners so there are rarely any surprises. Thanks for the service and your great customer service! Smiles Carolyn (Wanderbird)
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