Synchronicity! Global House Sitters Dave & kathy Cutts (aka LoveTheWorld) Line up the Housesits.,and Share their tips, experiences and lifestyle change


When you're in Tahoe and have a sitting gap to fill before your next Tahoe house sit.Then a listing  appears which fills that gap perfectly and is in Tahoe! Applied, interviewed and confirmed in less than 12 hours! .... Dave & Kathy LoveTheWorld

Gypsy The Airedale Terrier, Dave & kathy got to Love
Cute Lake Tahoe houe

We are 2 Brits who love to travel, we have worked in Europe, Asia and the USA and took some time out in 2014 to recharge. We did this by moving to Tahoe and enjoying the outdoor life.

 We are a professionally minded couple, I am a self employed management
consultant and Kathy after many years as a successful bank
manager is now an equally successful home maker.

When it came to look at returning to corporate life, an alternate lifestyle choice came to mind. House sitting! We were introduced to the idea of sitting about 7 years ago when backpacking (in Fiji) and in fact  Joined  back then though work life took over again.

Now we are in a position to commit fully to a nomadic lifestyle, we rent out our home in England, we finished our house lease in Tahoe (April 2016) and with no permanent home we hit the road!

Our number one reason for house sitting is being able to travel cost effectively for extended periods. Being able to spend time living more like an expat or in some cases like a local brings a new perspective to countries we've previously visited.

Another great advantage to the nomadic house sitting lifestyle is budget control, by choosing the duration and location of sits we have control over our living costs. We can stay local to Tahoe for short term sits, we can stay in the USA and road trip or we can invest in flights for longer term foreign sits.

Lake Tahoe

Drake having a walk on the beach

Our aim is to full time sit during 2017 and beyond.

We have secured a housesit in Idaho, and will also be Housesitting in Switzerland for Jan, Feb, March next year. Both

PS We have also just secured a 4 month housesit in Mexico via housecarers

Drake on the beach

Drake again