Dr. Maureen's Global Escapades as a Housesitter.

Long time housecarers.com member Dr. Maureen Murphy spends 95 percent of her time staying in other people's houses. (See Maureen's house sitter profile)
Maureen has a mailbox in Texas, but is rarely there. She's an associate professor at the University of Maryland and she teaches online. Her one requirement wherever she goes is a reliable internet connection.
Maureen  has been featured in an interview by Mother Nature Network

Maureen House sitting at  Megan's Bay in St .Thomas in the Virgin Islands. (Photo: Maureen Murphy)
Maureen  started House Sitting in 2010 and, early on, most of her homes were in the Texas area. But then she began branching out...

I milked a cow in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. I snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef. I got soaking wet in Cape Tribulation. I saw the penguins on Phillips Island and took a helicopter tour above the Twelve Apostles. I watched the fireworks from a boat in the harbor near the opera house on New Years Eve in Sydney,  In New Zealand I have sat in hot pools in Rotarua, picked kiwis and heard bagpipes in Dunedin....

I milked a cow in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales

I travel to and from pet and house sits. My life is one big adventure.  I never stay anywhere too long. I’m not running from the law, I am not running from anything. I am running to. I am going to my next learning experience, to my next furry pet and the wonderful people of the world.

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