suzq86 fills her Inner West Sydney sit

I would like to say that I am very pleased with the choices I have received from the site. For two years I have found exactly the type of people I am happy to leave in charge of my home and pets. Many thanks,Suzq86

We are going away on holidays and need someone to look after the house and grounds and two small dogs e.g., walks each day, feeding and brushing. The house is in a Sydney suburb, less than five minutes from public transport and all Sydney amenities

Press Release: " House Sitting Takes Retired Canadian Around the World"

October 20, 2005 -- Brenda Marie Batty is a retiree who hails from Coal Harbor, which is in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Ms. Batty has found that house sitting is a service she can provide to home owners around the world, while allowing her to fulfill her travel dreams. House sitting is opening the doors to countries that Ms. Batty would never have had the opportunity to visit otherwise.

“I have been in about seven different countries, some of which were repeat visits. My favorite countries to house sit have been Greece, France and Italy,” Ms. Batty reports. “House sitting gives me the opportunity to travel further afield for a longer period of time -- to places I otherwise could not afford to stay in on my retired budget.”

Ms. Batty enjoys different cultures and lifestyles and she throws herself into the areas that she house sits in. “I even got into white washing steps and walls in Greece . . . I joined in with the island folk who were all in preparation for Easter’s arrival. I really felt like a local then! It was lots of fun, too.”

Ms. Batty began her house sitting adventures around 1999-2000, with her first sit being on the Greek Island of Hydra. “I enjoy travel on this level, meeting new people and becoming part of their communities.” This is Ms. Batty’s second year working with House Carers. “Two thumbs up for House Carers!” She reports that enrolling in a reputable house sitting registry is key. Ms. Batty has found that making connections with home owners is “very easy” and involves fairly little time.

When asked about the requirements of being a good house sitter, this experienced house sitter reports that maturity is key . . . along with flexibility. This could account for why many home owners are looking for retirees when they are doing a search for a house sitter. Retirees bring a level of maturity and a vast array of experience with them on a house sit. This is hard to beat. Home owners are comfortable with retiree house sitters. They can leave their homes confident that a senior house sitter can handle most any situation.

The boom in business travel, as well as many families which have multiple homes scattered around the world, can account for the vast need that is arising for competent house sitters. Home owners who find a good house sitter often ask the sitter back for future sits. This was confirmed by Ms. Batty who reports that she has made repeat sits. Sitters find they forge friendships with the home owners, as well as members of the community.

You can reach House Carers via the Internet. House Carers maintains an updated registry of house sitters and home owners from around the world. House Carers is bridging the gap between home owners and sitters. Home owners find a wonderful, dependable house sitter, and sitters are able to travel the world. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Ian White
Sydney, N.S.W.
Access 2000 Pty. Ltd.

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Long Term North Queensand housesit filled

We have found some suitable housesitters for the period of time we need for next year. Please remove our ad from the website for now. We found your website very helpful and will no doubt use it again when time comes.
Thank you
Vicki Username: lovecats

We have a modern brick home on 5 acres in the country (about 20kms out of Mackay). Our pets include 2 cats and 1 Jack Russell dog, therefore we prefer housesitters with no pets of there own. Our home is fully air-conditioned with a personal computer available if required. Mackay is a jump off point to the beautiful Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef.

Press Release: House Sitting Opens a Door to the Past for Retirees

Frank and Jane Robinson of Deception Bay (on the northern outskirts of Brisbane) have found a way to connect with their heritage through house sitting. Relative newcomers to house sitting, the Robinson’s were wanting to find a way to visit Jane’s homeland of Scotland without the financial worry.

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Alaska Housesit filled

"We live in a beautiful area of alaska surrounded by mountians. "

"Thank you for the great website! I wanted to inform you that we have found a housesitter already and no longer need our ad posted. We appreciate the help. Wonderful site!" Sincerely, Laura

Retirees Find House Sitting Opens the Door to a New World

Recent press releases highlighting the travels of retiree house sitters are showing that becoming a senior is not a ticket to boredom, or a sedentary lifestyle. Retirees from around the world are finding to be the key that opens the door to unique, authentic and free travel to destinations that they had once only dreamed about.

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