Sara shares her housesitting lifestyle: - house sits for 2 years in Melbourne VIC

I joined two years ago. Since then I have house sat twice - for the same people - once for six weeks, once for two years. I am now responding to other housesits (as this one comes to a close).

This experience has been great and I've had really nice feedback from the home owners of recent housesits I've applied to - I haven't been able to make a match yet re. dates and location but I will keep looking - even if it is just for 'holiday' house sits rather than being main place of living.

I do it for a number of reasons:

1. I was looking for ways to be able to make the time and
space to do part time study - by house sitting I could continue to work part time plus I had a lot of peace and quiet to study - it has been invaluable for that.

2. But I also did it because I have an
interest in alternative ways of living. I grew a vege garden, joined a vegie swap, took public transport or bike as often as possible, I picked and preserved the produce from the garden trees on the property I looked after... None of these I did 100%, or particularly well (re.vege garden), but the idea was to try and see what is possible - how you can approach work differently - ie. when I had dry patches of work (because I'm a casual) I put time into the property or preserving
something for the home owners. This isn't a a plug for a fantasy hippy lifestyle (it could start reading like that) - I am always aware that I wouldn't be able to do this if other people weren't working in the system fulltime with a house and a mortgage as a result - I just wanted to explore what is possible.

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Homeowner solves their most critical problem - Queanbeyan , Canberra ACT

"Hello there Success! Success! Success!
This is an excellent service. We were having a nervous breakdown just over a week ago. The house sitter we had lined up cancelled at this late stage - our holiday is in March/April. We found your website and we have already interviewed three excellent candidates and have selected our house sitter. Anyone of them would have been suitable. I will do my housekeeping and suspend our present membership later on today... Albert
" (username magenta17)

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