Pet owners: Checklist of things to leave your House and Pet Sitter before you go on holiday

Just as it essential to leave an information pack about your home, it is essential to leave an information pack for your pets. You could combine the two and have one big information pack or have two separate packs. Get your checklist Below:

Get PetSitter checklist so nothing is left to chance when you go away
To most of us, our pets are just another member of the family, they are just more loyal and don’t talk back. When you go away you want them to be as loved and well looked after as when you are home.

Get your petsitter Checklist, for live-in Petsitters

Housesitter Dan makes friends with a Menagerie over 6 Years of House Sitting and Travels Rent-free

 Just a few friends gathered over past six years of "sitting"

Some of the Friends Dan has met during 6 years of Housesitting

View Profile of House sitter Dan - DriveCountry

We have been involved with motor sporting events for 47 years ... and would like house/pet caring positions on the Coffs Coast or hinterland until the WRC, Rally Australia in September, 2014.

House Sitter Checklist for Homeowners and Petowners

Our associates form have put together a great document based on their many years of practical experience as live-in Petsitters. 

Checklist of things to leave your House and Pet Sitter before you go on holiday 

What do you need to do as a homeonwer before you leave your home in the hands of the housesitter?
Enjoy your holiday - you wont miss anything with these great checklists.

And what about your precious pet family members?  What are there feeding and exercise routines and requirements?  Go on holiday knowing all the contact and emergency details are there for you to truly relax 

Housesitter Found for housesit in beautiful area in Fiji (for Third Time) , by the sea, with amazing views all round.

Hello again, Thanks so much for your great service. This is the 3rd time we have been able to organise house /pet sitters through your site. Thanks again, Jennifer 

 No air con just the sea breeze and ceiling fans

The housesitters could Enjoy the Fiji lifestyle in a great locality with all the comforts of home.

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