Antarghosha lines up the house sits.

I am very pleased to say that as of July 9th I will be housesitting north of Los Angles and that I was offered an overlapping housesit near San Francisco.

I am still open for housesits prior to my July 9th assignment but keep me on the list. I will keep you posted and am I ever grateful for your organization. I would like to come and housesit in Australia and New Zeland next year, for the current assignment runs through March of 2007!

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Can you spell 'disintermediation'

Thanks very much for the excellent service. I posted yesterday, and was connected with someone faster than you can spell 'disintermediation' - this is how the internet is supposed to work! Cheers, Richard

In economics, disintermediation is the removal of intermediaries in a supply chain: "cutting out the middleman". Instead of going through traditional distribution channels, which had some type of intermediate (such as a distributor, wholesaler, broker, or agent), companies may now deal with every customer directly, for example via the Internet. One important factor is a drop in the cost of servicing customers directly. ack:

Home Owner Privacy Protected

What a great service!

Thank you for helping me find a suitable housesitter without once putting my privacy at risk. And de-activating when a housesitter is found is so easy!! thanking you
home owner member .. louNraz

3 month Housesit Hampton Park VIC Australia

small 3 bedroom brick home with master bedroom incl queen size (low bed as mattress is on a futon base) gym and study. Dining table is "asian style" so not suited for anyone with problems sitting low & getting themselves back up. Fully renovated- modern living. Ducted Heating, Split System Air Conditioner, TV/VCR/DVD/Surround Sound/Stereo, 1 bathroom, outdoor entertainment area covered and can be made fully enclosed, fixed BBQ, lots of onsite parking (driveway is long and double half the way to fit two cars side by side). Landscaped front and back, low maintenance- just requires weeding as watering is on timer. No need to mow lawns as that is arranged. 6 min walk to shops, high/primary schools closer. 1 min walk to bus stop, Hallam train station just 10 mins drive away. Close to fwy entrance/exit- just 30 mins to city. We have 2 cats and a fish tank which will all need feeding. Our cats will need love- i would prefer if you are a cat lover, or at least happy to give them pats occasionally. They are indoor/outdoor but stay in during night. No dogs sorry, my husband is allergic to dogs so we cant have their scent in our home for our return. We would want to meet you first as we love our home and our pets so want to ensure they are in good care. You would be required to pay utilities. References and Police Check required

Possums - does it the easy way.

Thank you for the opportunity to use your website. "Kurisu" has agreed to house sit for us for an extended period. We found the whole experience a lot easier than expected. Thanks again.... possums

I have a 5 yr old brick and tile villa house in a quiet street at Largs Bay with small front and rear garden easily maintained. There are three indoor cats and no dogs. Public transport in the form of buses and trains are within 3 minutes walk and the beach is about 15 minute walk away. Port Adelaide is about 5 minutes by car, a little more by bus. I am looking for a quiet, mature & responsible single female person to look after my house and cats while I take a caravan holiday interstate. I have a tentative departure date of the 19th April, 2006 but this is widely negotiable. If I can find the right person, and the holidays go well, these arrangements may be ongoing.

Largs Bay Adelaide South Australia

Top match for Sunshine Coast housesit.

Today we found a housesitter for our house.
They are "Poolwood" and will sit for us from 6th july till 12th october 2006.
Would you be so kind to remove us from your excellent system?
Your service is the most efficient available and in our view the best.
In particular the excellent up to date computer program, thank you for that.

Kind regards
Vic UserName = Shantor

We are looking for a reliable retired couple 55 years plus to look after our 1.1/2year old Jack Russell (no barker),2 cats and 2 birds. Our house is a clean comfortable low set home,with reverse cycle airconditioning,overlooking a 1 hectare lake, very private on small acreage , 8 km out of town.

Cooroibah Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia

House sitter louies lines up the sits

I am still on my original housesit (7 months) in WA and am now looking for a shorter stay in Queensland. I have been offered a number of options, but have not finalised anything yet. If I'd wanted shorter ones, I'm sure I could have had many others by now. I think the service is fantastic and well worth the money to be put in touch with homeowners. Keep it up!
Louise (louies)

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New Friends through house sitting.

have recently completed a house sit in Levittown for two delightful people. The have two terrific dogs which I grew quite attached to. The neighbors quickly became friends and were great company. I completely enjoyed house sitting for them and taking care of their dogs and would gladly do so again.

Just because the term of the house sit is over does not mean we have stopped talking. They call from time to time to see how I am, or to just say hello. What a great way to meet friends. ... housesitter michellewilson88
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New blog resource Library : Home and Pet Lovers Articles and Tips

We have created a new blog of relevant and practical advice articles for home owners and pet lovers.

A variety of articles to make your home environment a happy and content place to live - and tips on pet care, feeding, exercise, home maintenance, home improvement and more. In other words - helping make the life of the home owner easier, simpler and just plain happy. Can we motivate you, can we inspire you ... I hope so.

New original articles are regularly posted by our writing team.

Pet and Home Lovers Articles and Tips Blog

You can also access this from your members area after login.

Preparing Your Home for Storm Season

Tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, high winds, and hail can all do tremendous damage to your biggest investment, your home. While violent weather can erupt at any time, the most severe and damaging storms often arrive between March and August, with the height of the storm season usually occurring throughout the spring months (March through May).

This guide will help you prepare your home, your belongings, and your family to avoid the negative effects of severe weather:

Before Storm Season

1. First, visit your insurance provider and go over your policy to make sure that you have appropriate insurance coverage for your home, property, and belongings in case of storm damage. If you are in a flood prone area, remember that flood insurance is not a staple in homeowner's insurance policies.

2. Trim, or have a professional trim, any trees, bushes, or large plants that are near your home to avoid damage. Strong winds can bend trees, causing them to hit your home, which may damage siding, windows, doors, or the roof. It doesn't take a tornado to cause serious damage or injury. Falling limbs can also be problematic, so have any that are damaged, unstable, or those that overhang your home or garage removed.

3. If possible, replace the glass in your home with wind and impact resistant glass. If replacing the glass is not currently feasible, learn about safety film that can be used to cover glass to help prevent shattering. It is also prudent to install storm shutters. Shutters will protect your windows but more importantly will protect the interior of your home and especially your family, from glass that may shatter during severe weather.

4. Sliding glass doors are especially dangerous, and do not forget about skylights. If you cannot employ any of the above protective methods before severe weather arrives, cover large areas of glass with plywood, a tarp, or winterizing plastic for some temporary protection.

5. Purchase a non-electric radio, preferably one that has access to the NOAA weather band for up to the minute weather information, or at least a radio that can clearly receive a local station. Make sure fresh batteries are available at all times, or purchase an emergency radio that is powered by solar energy or one that features a hand crank to charge it up when needed.

6. Make sure at least one working flashlight with fresh batteries is also available, since the power may go out and you may be left without electricity for several hours. Using candles during violent weather is not advised, in case of gas leaks. A flashlight is also helpful for getting someone else's attention should you need to be rescued. Look for a flashlight or radio that includes a personal alarm or siren for this purpose.

7. If your electric service is frequently interrupted during severe weather, consider purchasing a generator. You may also want to purchase or put together a survival kit. There are many different types of generators and survival kits available in assorted price ranges.

When Storms are Predicted

1. Move vulnerable items to a safe location. Put your car inside the garage, move patio furniture, lawn equipment, bicycles, and other items such as barbeque grills into the garage or shed. Anything that cannot be moved to another location should be tied down to avoid causing damage or injury if thrown by strong wind.

2. Close awnings to avoid updrafts of air that could tear them away from your home and cause them to break windows, slam against your house, or cause injury. Close the garage door to protect your vehicle and other items enclosed within.

3. Unplug your appliances and electronic equipment before the storm hits, if you have warning. Surge protectors only work to prevent or reduce damage caused by power spikes and surges; they cannot prevent damage from lightning.

4. Unplug your phone. Unplug the phone line from the jack and unplug the power base from the electrical outlet. Stay off land based phones during storms, especially phones with cords. If you have plenty of warning before the storm, charge your cell phone before the storm arrives. You may need access to emergency services, or you may just want to alert family members and friends that you are safe.

5. Move to a safe location in your home (see "Preparing a Safe Zone" below). The basement or an interior room on the lowest floor of the home is the best choice. Stay away from doors, windows, and anything that conducts electricity.

Preparing a Safe Zone

Consider constructing a safe room or a storm cellar. There are various plans and kits available to help you prepare a safe location for your family during severe weather threats.

You can also transform an existing space in your home into a modestly safe zone for your family on your own. One of the first steps is to choose an area that does not have windows, or to replace windows with safety glass. Even if you cannot replace all the glass in your home, it should be affordable to do in a single room.

The safe zone should be on the lowest floor, and should be protected by interior walls. There should be enough space for the entire family including pets. Let neighbors or extended family members know where the safe zone is located, in case of emergency. If severe damage occurs, they will know where to find you.

Make sure the room has something that can be used for cover. Supply the room with a heavy table or at least a mattress to hide under to protect against debris. This is a good area to store sleeping bags and heavy blankets, which can also be used for cover, and may be needed after a storm.

Store your emergency items in this room, and develop a family plan for reaching the safe zone in case of severe weather. Keep bottled water, non-perishable snacks, medicines, and a first aid kit or survival kit in this space as well.

Copyright © 2006 Ian White

3.5 month housesit in Tauranga Bay of Plenty New Zealand filled

We have found an experienced house sitting couple through your site within a few days of going on. Thanks very much. franmac

Someone/couple non smokers to look after comfortable house and large section on a kiwifruit orchard. No animals to look after. Orchard is independantly managed. Rural location but only about 7kms to Tauranga's southern suburbs. Easy access to everything else the bay of Plenty has to offer. in the Press - AARP Magazine, World's Largest Circulation Magazine

AARP Magazine, World's Largest Circulation Magazine

A great article following the experiences of one of our house sitter members in France... Imagine staying in some of the loveliest locations on earth—and all you have to do is feed the cats

Read story “Follow Your Dreams (for Next to Nothing)”

Feeback from sitter member MeganPO

Hi, Ian

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for good service. It's not very often I do this but I believe that I should give credit when due.
My husband and I started housesitting in August 2005 and a friend recommended Housecarers.

I find the service to be user friendly, informative and the email alerts very useful.

We recently accepted a 3 month assignment through your website which has now changed to a very long term assignment ( it could potentially go on for years).
Joining your website has been one of my best investments.

Thanks for the great service... MeganPO

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Mummsy finds dog and home sitter for Rural Tasmanian home

Hi there,

We have been successful in finding the right sitter for our house and dog through your service. We want to thank you for an efficient system, it was easy to use and hassle free. We can go on our trip now with peace of mind.

Mummsy (Kay)

We need someone to mind our young dog in her own home environment while we are in New Zealand. She is friendly de-sexed and very lovable. She would require a walk each day (weather permitting). Scottsdale is in rural Tasmania 1 hr east of Launceston. Beautiful scenery, golf course, RSL Club, large shopping centre, restaurants etc etc. The house has two double bedrooms, recently renovated kitchen, warm and cosy with reverse cycle aircons and wood fire. Our car would be at the disposal of sitters (should you fly here and need a car). References and or Police Clearance would be required.

Kelley fills her year with housesits

Many thanks for your housecarers site. I now have three house sits for this year. Four weeks in Brisbane and then home for two weeks, then two separate sits in South Australia. You provide a great service, and I will be re-activating my site later in the year for 2007.
Eva ... (kelley)

AlnMaggie enrich their lives through house sitting

"Just a short email to say how pleased we are with HouseCarers & the fun we have had House sitting over the last couple of years. We have been up & down the Queensland coast to Victoria & have meet the most amazing people in our journeys - we have stayed in contact with the people we have sat for & now regard them as our friends.

The professional was in which you carry out your business is to complemented & we have & will continue to recommend you to many of our friends who find the lifestyle we are leading one to be envied.

Best wishes & thanks for a job well done"
Alan & Margaret ... AlnMaggie

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Sitter selected for Tauranga Bay of Plenty New Zealand Housesit

Thanks for your service. Your site provided us with a continued supply of interested housesitters and we were able to select the best couple for our circumstances. Well done and thanks! ..lpclark

We require housesitters (we prefer a couple) to take care of our home, large section, cat, goldfish and two dogs while we are in Europe for 4 weeks in July/August 2006. You need to be sufficiently fit to mow our lawns and walk the dogs who are energetic. A car can be provided for day trips or to take the dogs to more distant parks and the beach. We live within walking distance of estuary walks, parks and the bus route, and within a short driving distance of shopping facilities and supermarkets. Our neighbourhood is friendly and our home, though dated, is comfortable and warm. The successful candidates would need to be able to stay with us for 4 - 5 days prior to our departure on 17 July so that you can become familiar with the dogs, their medication and their routine, and allow them to be comfortable with you.