Housesitters Frenez, love the challenge of different housesit - Kangaroo Island SA

"We have almost completed our 3 months on Kangaroo Island thanks to House Carers and we have loved it. My wife and I love the challenge of something different and this has been great. "

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Barbara & Rob intend to keep on housesitting even when they have their own place on Bribie as it's a wonderful way to see the country

"Thanks for the welcome back, I suspended it for a while because we were so busy with the housesits we had that we didn't want to be tempted to stretch ourselves too far.

We recently sat for Trish J at Lake Macquarie for six weeks and thoroughly enjoyed not only the area but two adorable dogs that we simply hated to leave. Now we're at Albury NSW housesitting for 7 weeks for Gill D, their two dogs and a cat and enjoying that also.

We will be going back to Bribie Island to sit for 3 months and at the end of that we hope there will be a unit in a retirement village for us (on Bribie Island).

We intend to keep on housesitting even when we have our own place on Bribie as it's a wonderful way to see the country.

Hope you had a great Christmas and we hope 2009 brings you health and happiness.

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Dan & Rosie- so much personal satisfaction that we want to just keep on with house and pet sitting

Our membership runs out early next month and we want to continue to receive notifications from home and pet owners wanting our services.

Our sitting engagements this year have been in Northern NSW (Goolmangar, Lismore 11 weeks; Crystal Creek, Tweed Valley 5 weeks; North Arm, Murwillumbah 5 weeks; Wardrop Valley, also on Tweed for 7 weeks and currently at Mt Buffalo in the Victorian Alps until Jan 1.

We have made friends with a Blue Heeler, Fox Terrier, 2 Golden Retrievers, Border Collie, Maltese / Shi Tzu and one aloof Chinchilla cat over the last few months. Having fed over 100 native birds for 5 weeks, supervised the births of 3 calves and fed 5 more along with attending the rest of two herds of cattle for 5 and 7 weeks respectively, we have gained so much personal satisfaction that we want to just keep on with house and pet sitting.

Please send a renewal application and I can PayPal by return - we are IN with permanently!


Dan & Rosie roda68ssanz

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Insights from Flexible HouseSitter Rosabel: sees places:- "I really wanted to go to"

Hi, just letting you know that I have had two housesits so far which turned out to be a happy result for me, and I think for the pet owners.

Both times I went at short notice, but they were places I really wanted to go to; I think if you put in the effort, everything works out for both parties, and I never change the routine for the pets.

They settle down and after a few days I can come and go, sightseeing or whatever, but always return in time to feed/walk the pets. I leave everything as close as possible to the way I found it and this way both parties are happy.

Thanks, Rosabel

Hi Rosabel

"thanks very much for the feedback and insights. Where were the housesits?"
... Ian

Hi Ian ,

"The first one was in Auckland NZ for six weeks in Dec/Jan while the owners went to Europe, and the second one, just recently in Hobart, Tasmania.

Both times the sitter they had lined up was unavailable, and as I live on my own, I can go on short notice most of the time. When the owners come back and I leave the housesit, I have had extra time in NZ and Tas before I come back home, so it really works out well for me.

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