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21.5 Years of House Sitting Questions and Answers


We have distilled 21.5 Years (Housecarers launched October 2000) of Member Feedback and questions into our updated FAQ. Here are 44 commonly asked Questions Answered in an easily accessible format.

21.5 Years of House sitting Questions and Answers Additional questions or comments welcome!

Young South Australians turning to full-time house sitting amid rental crisis | 7NEWS

View stories on how young Australians are stringing together Housesits. It means they can avoid rent, and save for a deposit on their own home. They build up a reputation and following, and are in demand as House and Pet sitters. This is a win for the homeowner and the housesitter. View Channel 7 house sitter video stories


Thank you Ian.  

I appreciate your service and thanks to you I have visited many interesting places and cared for so many lovely pets and beautiful gardens.

Once COVID has died down,  I look forward to further adventures thru your website. 

Blessings,   Ann S

Anne's Housecarers Profile username WestCoastCanadian

Hi Anne, 

Thank you for your support and service since 12-Jan-17 and for sharing your experiences!

Ian, Housecarers

Grandma Joy calls house sitting a day ... after visiting 60 countries and 40 states / provinces of USA and Canada Housesitting



Hello Ian,

After all these years, sadly I will not be renewing my membership this year. 

 At 80 years young, widowed for 5 years, and with my own house and garden to maintain, I no longer have the stamina to look after other people's animals or keep their houses, gardens or pools to the standard which is desired.

After many years of housesitting with my husband, who was the 'fix-it' man, and being a farmer originally was able to turn his hand to anything that was required, now there is no longer the will, or in current times, the same opportunity, to travel.

We visited 60 countries and house-sat in many of them, as well as 40 states in USA and Canada, and every state in Australia. I have lifelong friends all over the world and many happy memories.

I spent months travelling on my own in France, both housesitting, and working on farms and in B and B's,  house-sat in Norway Sweden and Denmark, my specialty being to look after diabetic cats who needed insulin injections twice daily at the same time of day, which dictated meal times and social activities.

Also Hong Kong, mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia, where blonde hair and blue eyes invited conversation and interest from locals.

I rounded up sheep in outback Western Australia wearing bright clothing, hot pink sneakers and carrying a matching hot pink umbrella, the sheep being so mesmerised - or, perhaps confused - against all expectations, went obediently into the holding pens.


There were snakes in the sofa we were sitting on! They escaped into the lounge room when we got up off the sofa, and in trying to escape outside, got trapped between the window glass and the glass sliding door...  Snakes eating the chicken eggs before we could collect them, or up in the rafters of the veranda. Some injured magpies required  hand feeding, and mice jumping out when the toaster was turned on. 

And of course many cats and dogs to be shampooed, walked, fed, and cuddled, and horses and cattle to be tended, to - many of whom (dogs and cats) turned up their noses in disdain when their owners returned, clearly indicating they'd rather stay with us.

I reorganised pantries and cupboards, packed up whole houses for owners moving interstate days after their return, picked fruit and vegetables and made jam and preserves, picked up thousands of macadamia nuts on the nut farm, and hundreds of avocados from the avocado farm, with trays and boxes kept in the bath for cool storage, made hundreds of beds, and washed countless floors.

The snake catching, mouse killing and spider eradication - as a city girl,  I left to others to deal with.


It's been wonderful Ian, and I thank you for all your hard work and organisation, making it possible for people to have such wonderful adventures. We have introduced so many people to Housecarers over the years.  Now I'm handing over to a new generation.

Thank you again,           Joy B  (Adelaide)

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Hi Joy,

Phew Joy, I am out of breath just reading of your energetic wandering and overcoming all the challenges along the way.

Thank you very much for your service and support over the years – since 29-Jun-03!

You were one of our early members.

 Also I love hearing your story and experiences – thank you so much for sharing. It all makes my efforts over the years worthwhile.

 All the best with your “retirement” from housesitting and I wish and pray for many more fruitful and filled years ahead for you.


23 Companies That Help You Travel The World For Free (And Might Pay You, Too)




Great resources for Travellers. And yes housesitting is one way of many to see the world for free.

See article below

 Forbes article on ways to see the world

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Why not give them a try.

Dublin is a popular Housesit Location
. Demand for House Sitters is high
Find House Sitters available to housesit in Dublin Ireland.

Melbourne Night Shot

Melbourne is regularly ranked as one of the most liveable cities in the world. It is famous for the arts, resteraunts and cafe culture. Melbourne homeowners love to travel and  are always looking for reliable Housesitters for their home and pets.

Find House sitters available for Melbourne

Long-Term House-and petsitting surrounded by the beauties of nature; Forest, Vinosady Bratislavsky Slovaki

Many house sitters prefer Long Term Housesits.  Many housesitters are global nomads who work remotely.  A long term housesit will justify the cost of air travel. Housecarers has been matching homeowners in exotic desirable locations such as Costa Rica, Hawaii, France, Italy, Slovakia, Mexico and more since October 2000.

Find long term housesits (longer than 3 months) in locations around the world

Housecarers has been prominent in matching Homeowners with Housesitters throughout Europe

Housesit Sunny Languedoc-Roussillon, South of France, secluded villa and 2 acre garden, easy animal care and house sitting, 6 Weeks May 2020

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A Christmas to remember: House Sitting in Boulder Colorado

House and cat sitting for strangers as a cheaper way to see the world? Yep. It’s a thing. A thing I heard about nearly two years ago. And a thing I’ve been doing on and off since December 2017.

I’ve sat on both the east and west coasts, and in the mid-west. But my most memorable stay was in Boulder, Colorado, over the recent Christmas–New Year break. This was a sit I got through I applied for the sit in September 2018 after returning from a two-month house and cat sitting adventure that took me all over the United States. I’m from Brisbane, Australia, where it’s anywhere from 85 to 95ºF on Christmas Day, and I thought it’d be nice to spend the holidays in the snow for once.
 Snow. But not on Christmas Day.

After Skyping the couple, I heard back from them the next day. I’d got the sit. It’s always a pleasant surprise when an American family picks the Australian-based sitter. Someone who’s some 7,500 miles away. Not even in the same hemisphere. But I think being Australian is also what helps me get these sits.

Fast forward to 23 December 2018. I was leaving Seattle, where I’d sat for another lady, due to arrive at Denver International Airport at 10.50pm. I’d missed my flight by five minutes. The gate doors had just closed. This was the first—and hopefully the last—time this has happened to me. After re-booking my flight for 6am the following morning, I contacted the homeowners to tell them I’d missed my flight. I felt terrible and thought this would jeopardise the rest of my stay. They were great about it. They said it wasn’t an issue because they were leaving on Christmas morning. This still gave us some time to go through everything together on Christmas Eve. And they were certain everything would work out as it should. And it did. Eventually.

I made sure I was at Sea-Tac Airport well ahead of my departure time. I wasn’t going to miss my flight again. Some hours later, I made it to Denver. I collected my hire car. Drove to Boulder. And got some groceries to eat on Christmas Day (sweet potato cupcakes, and sweet potato and herb ravioli). Then I began the 15-minute drive up the mountain. It was pitch black and I was very nervous about reversing off the side. Nearly 40 minutes later and I made it. Way later than my original ETA. But I made it.

Nika, the couple’s rescue cat

 The couple were really lovely about the late arrival that night. I unpacked my things and they walked me through the ins-and-outs of their amazing, architecturally designed hilltop home. I was then introduced to their rescue kitty, Nika. Nika remains my favourite out of the 20 or so cats I’ve looked after. I’ve looked after purebred Persians, Siamese kittens, feral-and-rehomed cats, and many rescue cats, but Nika wins hands down. I was told she liked to play a ‘game’ where you’d open one door, and Nika would run through the room expecting you to open the other door for her to run back out. We’d do this three or four times each day. I think she’d have you play this game all day every day if she had it her way. The couple then prepared a vegetarian dinner—which, being vegetarian, I really appreciated—for the three of us before calling it a night.

Christmas lights—gingerbread style—near downtown Boulder

And the sit begins

I woke up the next morning—Christmas Day—to a Christmas card and small gift. It was totally unexpected. But I really appreciated it. I was spending Christmas Day by myself after all. Very far from home. Just me and Nika. In a massive house atop a mountain. So a small gesture like this made my day. There was no snow on Christmas Day, sadly, but at least it wasn’t the 95ºF I have come to expect. It did, however, end up snowing for the next few days. And again on New Year’s Eve. The snow on New Year’s Eve was so bad I was actually snowed in. Or I could have risked it, like I did a few days before, and gone out that night. My car became stuck halfway up the mountain before a kind stranger stopped to tow me for the next mile. But this wasn’t an experience I wanted to re-live. This meant it was Netflix for the next 24 hours. Just me and Nika again. I’d say we were best friends by now.
A frozen lake in Nederland, half an hour outside Boulder

Despite the couple’s amazing property, the sit was very light on duties. Their neighbours were responsible for ploughing the driveway. And the only real responsibilities were to feed and look after Nika. Play with Nika. Check the mail each day. Bring in any packages. And clean up after myself. I’d also send regular photo and video updates on how Nika was doing. For a property of this size, I was very fortunate to have so few tasks and so much free time.

A sunset over Boulder County
Throughout my 10-day stay, I saw some amazing things. Eldorado Canyon State Park, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Paint Mines Interpretive Park, Central City and a frozen lake in Nederland. I enjoyed stopping in at the stores in and along Pearl Street Mall. Eating delicious Thai food from Thai Avenue and Aloy Thai. Photographing some of the most beautiful Christmas lights displays I’ve seen. And stopping to appreciate the natural landscape before continuing my drive home each afternoon.

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer on my drive to Central City

 After the sit
On 4 January 2019, it was time to head off. My house and cat sit in Boulder had come to an end. It was time to say goodbye to Nika and travel to my next stop, Los Angeles. I left at around 3am and messaged the owners to let them know everything had been taken care of and wished them safe travels back to Boulder.
What’s for breakfast?

I received a nice thank you message a few days later. They were very happy with how Nika had been treated—they said it was like they had never left her. Previous cat sitters hadn’t given Nika their full attention and it was sad to hear the couple had returned to a miserable kitty. It was nice to know I had restored their faith in having a stranger house and cat sit for them. I was told I was welcome back anytime. And I’d happily return. So for those of you who’ve ever considered international house sitting, just give it a go! I got the first house sit I applied for back in October 2017. And I’ve done 12 sits since then. Not only do you get to stay in some amazing places, you form friendships with people you wouldn’t have met otherwise. I keep in regular contact with about half the people I’ve sat for, and I’ve been invited to house and cat sit again for many of them.

Instagram: @madolline Turns 18

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We Launched the first World Wide House Sitting Membership Site in October 2000. After 18 years HouseCarers is even more passionate about promoting this opportunity that has Enriched lives worldwide. Thank you to all our Loyal Members... You are the best! 

To celebrate we are launching next Month, an exciting Referral Loyalty Program.

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Continuing to Celebrate our 18th Birthday

Housecarers founder Ian White with granddaughter Ashleigh. Lilly does not look too interested, but obedient.

Thank you loyal members for your service to others. We are exited to be launching our Referral Rewards program next month. Thank you Basic Bananas for you help with this, and other "Keeping it Fresh" Ideas.

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Dr. Maureen's Global Escapades as a Housesitter.

Long time member Dr. Maureen Murphy spends 95 percent of her time staying in other people's houses. (See Maureen's house sitter profile)
Maureen has a mailbox in Texas, but is rarely there. She's an associate professor at the University of Maryland and she teaches online. Her one requirement wherever she goes is a reliable internet connection.
Maureen  has been featured in an interview by Mother Nature Network

Maureen House sitting at  Megan's Bay in St .Thomas in the Virgin Islands. (Photo: Maureen Murphy)
Maureen  started House Sitting in 2010 and, early on, most of her homes were in the Texas area. But then she began branching out...

I milked a cow in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. I snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef. I got soaking wet in Cape Tribulation. I saw the penguins on Phillips Island and took a helicopter tour above the Twelve Apostles. I watched the fireworks from a boat in the harbor near the opera house on New Years Eve in Sydney,  In New Zealand I have sat in hot pools in Rotarua, picked kiwis and heard bagpipes in Dunedin....

I milked a cow in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales

I travel to and from pet and house sits. My life is one big adventure.  I never stay anywhere too long. I’m not running from the law, I am not running from anything. I am running to. I am going to my next learning experience, to my next furry pet and the wonderful people of the world.

 Read more about Maureen's Adventures and Housesitting at Mother Nature Network

Aussie Retirees Traverse the Globe with Free accommodation by House Sitting

Perth based retirees Deb and Peter Holst have been globe trotting while paying nothing for their accommodation. They have been doing this for eight Years!

They figure that has saved them more  than $100,000 in accommodation costs.
They have done this  by offering their services as House Sitters.

The couple have had the opportunity to house-sit at some decidedly dream locations
They revealed they have done one hundred House Sit assignments in eight years.

Deb,  cuddling their fur-ball  in another exotic location.

Guatemala was another country that we never dreamed we would go to ... We thought it was a dangerous place. But when we got there it was just an amazing experience that we had," Deb said.

Read Full Story published at Travel 

Shares her 17 year House Sitting Journey with housesits through

The best job in the world
I  go where I want, when I want, and for how long I want. I only have myself to please, and please myself I do!
For a 75-year-old mum, granny, former teacher, and widow, I am fit, happy, healthy and loving life. And I plan on living at least another 28 years doing this very same thing....

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