Kiwi sitter phillyqualified sees parts of Australia She would not of ever seen with out Housecarers

I must honestly say how pleased I am with your organization.

Every thing is house proud, and one can not but follow the path way that you have laid out before your members. Because of this have my year nearly booked out except for oct. Sept. and have just listed a new member from Wellington Janblakie. So I have taken the load off her mind as well.

A bit earlier than i intended starting but her property is only 10 mins drive away so I can manage it as well. Also i had three weeks spare in March and goodvibes sent a message saying they were pleased with my profile and will be in touch after Christmas, so that takes care of march.

I am looking foward to a long membership and looking foward to seeing parts of Australia I would not of ever seen with out Housecarers... Phill (Phiilyqualifid)

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