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Hi Ian

You recently asked for an update on our current house sitting status.

When we returned home from our UK house sit and touring our household situation changed dramatically. We had lived in a granny flat at my Dad's for eight years but he has decided to go into a retirement villa. Although he travels with us a lot, he has found his current house too large when we are away. As a result we are temporarily homeless.

We have bought a villa for ourselves but if we rent it out for 12 months we are eligible for an interest only, business loan. So finding house sits became a real priority, then out of the blue Len and Christine contacted us ( via housecarers ) and offered us a house sit. It was perfect timing as we have now been able to put our household effects in storage - less clothes. Every thing went into storage on the 12th and we moved down here on the 15th of March.

( 1 ) Currently we are on a small holding, about 25 minutes from Bathurst.
It is terribly dry here and I have the job of trying to keep the extensive gardens alive.

We have two rescue dogs - Poppy ( a sheltie, about 11 ) and Bella ( A kelpie cross, about 7 or 8 ) to care for. In addition we have 7 birds ( in avaries ), two turtles and numerous wild birds that come for a feed. The owners have a fairly orderly system - but that is good because we know when to do what and can adjust our touring around this. We are here for four weeks, until the 16th of April.

The home owners have a lovely neighbour called Gwenda and she has had me to dinner as well as taking me out to a native plant field day yesterday. Gwenda has a fabulous garden and has already supplied us with fresh tomatoes, fresh beans, pickles and other great food.

( 2 ) We go home to camp out at Dad's place for three weeks, have a garage sale for him and move him into his new place. We then leave for the USA on May the 5th or 6th to do two house sits - each for three weeks. One in Norfolk, Virginia ( 3 cats ), then one in Kentucky , Tennesee ( a two year old Pomeranian ),

( 3 ) We have then been invited to stay with friends in Michigan for a week - having a real American 4th of July.

( 4 ) We have about a week free once we fly on to the UK - we may go back to Ireland

( 5 ) July the 15th, start a 5 week house sit in Liverpool ( one cat called Kali ). We always arrive a few days early to meet the animals and get to know the house and its quirks. We met the home owner last December ( 2006 ) when we were doing our London house sit. Her sister now lives in Sydney and we are meeting up for dinner when we finish the housesit here in Bathurst.

( 4 ) Then we are going back to our London house sit so that the house owners can have a summer holiday in Portugal. We can't be too bad if they will have us back :).

( 5 ) Back to Australia in the middle of September, 2007

( 6 ) We are in the running for a house sit in Adelaide for all of October.

Hope this has been helpful,
John and Kerrie


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