Home Security with fingerprint scanning

A new technology allows entry to home via figerprint scanning. And the house sitters fingerprints can be easily added in.

A lot of standard household locks (including deadlocks) can be beaten within minutes by professional thieves, so this is an interesting development. You can find out more about this available now technology below.

Fingertip unlocks doors - Keeping your Victoria Real Estate Safe. And grant access to your house sitter


Anonymous said...

Biometric Technology is spreading every where, I mean my Kid's school uses fingerprint technology for their lunch meal system and then my wife she use the fingerprint system to retrieve files of patiants in her dental clinic and I use an external Fingerprint Scanner from M2SYS to protect my PC. Biometric technology is the next generation technology that will add extra secuiryt to our lifes and I think I totally agree with the author that having fingerprint door locks will enhance our own home safety too. I might look one for my self :).