twodogsandme Says - Too Easy!

Too easy! In very short time found a lovely lady who is looking forward to staying with my dogs and enjoying my property while I am away.

The only difficulty was making a choice from so many obviously suitable people.

Thanks for the great service! (twodogsandme)

2 months housesit Woodbridge Tasmania (south of Hobart )

I am planning to visit my daughter who is currently living in England – exciting, except that my two mates, Lora ( a Rhodesian Ridgeback X) and Hannah (a Staffy X) can’t come along… so am hoping to find someone to keep them company for May and June, 2008.

Our home is on 15 acres in a beautiful coastal rural region of southern Tasmania with Hobart about a 45 k drive away. There is a general store, Post Office and Petrol Station in Woodbridge which is 4k from house. The house is somewhat unconventional ( straw bale and post & beam construction), has solar power (with good efficient battery charger and generator as back up).

All mod cons and slow combustion wood heating so clean, warm and comfortable living. The main house has only one bedroom and some internal steps. Adjacent is a small cabin which is used as guest room (has own shower & toilet). There is plenty of parking if you travel with a motorhome, caravan, etc.

Sited for the magnificent views and sunshine in a quiet private area, it is a place to relax, walk, enjoy the wildlife and scenery…………...and play with the dogs! I do have a garden (newly established) and you would be welcome to potter about in it but no hard work is necessary or expected. There are some chickens, but they are very low maintenance… just need to top up the feed bin and water as required and collect eggs.

My main concerns are the dogs … they are both very friendly, reasonably well trained (eg: no begging for for food is allowed!) and easy to get along with. They are used to going most places with me ( even prefer to sit in the car for hours rather than stay home). Lora is 11.5 years old and Hannah 10, so relatively mature and don’t need lots of exercise … just pats and company.

They have several ‘aunties and uncles’ in the community who are happy to take them in if you wish to take some short overnight trips. I would also be happy for you to use my car to take dogs for outings to beach, etc. There is a strong sense of community in the district so you would quickly be welcomed by my friends if you wish to socialise with the locals.

I would appreciate hearing only from folk who are prepared to stay the whole period I am away, preferably arriving a little earlier so that I can familiarise you with “the workings”. So, if you feel you would enjoy a holiday here, I look forward to hearing from you. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions.