Retirement does not have to mean living on a limited budget

I write this for all of you retired folk out there... who love animals & have a curiosity to experience other culture's; Or perhaps to start with... to test the waters (so to speak) travel across this great country of ours, visit your favorite province or one you promised to will someday visit.

Now is your chance to enable you all to fullfill those dreams and goals... Just do it!!

Since I discovered housecarers8 years ago, it opened up a whole new way to travel saving me thousands of dollars...

Over these years I've enjoyed Home Security and Pet Companion Sitting in Greece, Costa Rica, France, England, Italy, USA, Turk & Cacois Is.
My more recent 'Sits' have been to (escape the chills of our British
Columbia climate) Hawaii, Florida and Southern California.... continued

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Brenda Marie (ImpeccableReferences)