Insights from Flexible HouseSitter Rosabel: sees places:- "I really wanted to go to"

Hi, just letting you know that I have had two housesits so far which turned out to be a happy result for me, and I think for the pet owners.

Both times I went at short notice, but they were places I really wanted to go to; I think if you put in the effort, everything works out for both parties, and I never change the routine for the pets.

They settle down and after a few days I can come and go, sightseeing or whatever, but always return in time to feed/walk the pets. I leave everything as close as possible to the way I found it and this way both parties are happy.

Thanks, Rosabel

Hi Rosabel

"thanks very much for the feedback and insights. Where were the housesits?"
... Ian

Hi Ian ,

"The first one was in Auckland NZ for six weeks in Dec/Jan while the owners went to Europe, and the second one, just recently in Hobart, Tasmania.

Both times the sitter they had lined up was unavailable, and as I live on my own, I can go on short notice most of the time. When the owners come back and I leave the housesit, I have had extra time in NZ and Tas before I come back home, so it really works out well for me.

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