Housesitters Land Dream Housesit perfect for their life plans

The BEST!!! We got our DREAM house sit because of this site. We are actually full time caretakers of an estate in the same neighborhood my husband grew up in AND I got my old job back 10 minutes from here!

Definitely meant to be. If this job ever ends we will be back on this site in a heartbeat. I have referred housecarers to so many people. Love!!! Thank you so much. You MUST check it out.

The house sit is in Point Loma (wooded area), San Diego, CA. We actually applied for it a while ago and didn't get it. We figured it was not meant to be at that time. Luckily it came up again about a month later and the owners contacted us and the rest is history. We were at first a little reluctant about taking care of Macaws, but now we LOVE them!! Of course the dogs and cat are a given. Like I said, we LOVE our job and if it ever ends, we could spend the rest of our days doing this. PERFECT for retirement! We love this website and will definitely use it again!
Good luck to all of you:)... housesitters username kiani1

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