Perth, WA Pet owner grateful to fine amazing housesitter to enjoy fresh eggs for breakfast and, menagerie on our acre block.

I am overwhelmed by the response to my ad and the amazing people that have replied to it. What a wonderful service you offer! I was terrified at the prospect of allowing a stranger to stay in my house!


I have found a lady who responded first to my ad so hopefully all will go well. I have turned off my add and new housesitter email notification. Many thanks and kind regards Susan


Unknown said...

It is always a terrifying prospect to find someone to take care of your house, especially if it is a complete stranger. But I think in Perth, you won’t run out of fine and amazing people to do it. It is still good to get referrals from people you know so that the accountability is there but if push comes to shove, it is good to get from reliable sites that have a database of people doing house-sitting for a living.