Ron And Anglea achieve a 90% success rate and Share their tips AND find Housesitting a perfect way to see Australia in comfort and with many pets to care for... which they simply love.

We have been, I believe, remarkably fortunate in getting the house-sits that we apply for (about a 90% success rate) 
Ron and Angela
so that we are able to only take the ones we want, in the areas we believe will be interesting. Over the last 4 years we have built up excellent contacts, and friendships, in Qld, NSW, SA and Vic. We have enough return requests, and people requesting us out of the blue, to pretty well give us continuous "work"... if we wanted it.

It's a perfect way to see Australia in comfort and with many pets to care for... which we simply love.

As for 'tips' ... consider your house sit as a responsible job, do it well and return the house and pets to the owners is a happy and clean state. Then get brilliant references to post on your housecarers site. The work will then start coming to you... with the bonus of making great friends all over the country.

We are based in Busselton, WA when not on the road.

At present... we have just left a 2 month sit in Wiseman's Ferry NSW and, today begin a 6 week sit in stunning Warrnambool Vic... with two rescue greyhounds and two loving cats, Fantastic.!!!

Good luck and thanks, Ian

Ron and Angela Sims

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House Sitters ~ Frank and Susan said...

Hello Ian,

We love Ron and Anglea's advice about respecting the home and pet owners property and handing it back to them in a clean condition.

Frank and I would like to contribute to your blog. Please let us know how we can do that. We house and pet sit in Canada, for now.

Best wishes,

Susan and Frank

Ian White, Housecarers said...

Hi Please contact me through the contact form at regards Ian