House Sitter CELESTE, South Africa shares her Australian house sitting experiences

I want to tell you about the house sitting assignment that I got through your agency in Australia.

Hilary & John from Cobargo, a small village on the SaPphire Coast in South-Eastern Australia, accepted me as their house sitter. I was there for 6 weeks while they went visiting family and friends in the UK.

They welcomed me with the heartiest hospitality that you can ever imagine. They have a beautiful newly built house which was very housewife friendly. I looked after their two dogs and tended the garden. Giving me the opportunity to live in that part of Australia was a very wonderful experience for which I will be grateful for ever.
They also left me a vehicle which I used to travel around the area, playing tennis in the neighbouring town, making friends all over, getting lots of invites to lunches and simply had a marvellous time.

I have a very good impression of Australians on the whole and would like to go there again some time in the future. Thanks for your help in this regard. I'm very happy to have found you and Hilary & John. Will be in touch when I plan to do house sitting again somewhere.