Newlywed Retirees Are Leading Active Lives House Sitting

Newlywed Retirees Are Leading Active Lives House Sitting

Tony and Margaret Steele-Rijkelijkhuizen have only been married a little less than three years, yet these retirees are not sitting at home twiddling their thumbs. Before their marriage, both Tony and Margaret led very active lives, and they saw no reason why retirement should slow them down. As house sitters, the Steele-Rijkelijkhuizen’s are traveling the world. They recently returned back to their home in the Netherlands from a house sit in Greece.

“We stayed in Naplion, which is located to the southwest of Athens. We were there in September, which was not at the height of summer, but nevertheless, it was still quite hot and dry. We had plenty of opportunity to explore the surrounding countryside, which is steeped in ancient Greek history. We found Greece a wonderful place to visit. It offers something for everyone. Mediterranean climate, beautiful countryside, and a wealth of ancient Greek historical monuments to visits. Plus, of course, a huge Greek warm welcome everywhere we would go.”

Tony and Margaret Steel-Rijkelijkhuizen arrived at their house sit in Greece a few days early. This enabled them to become comfortable with the property and the pets they would be sitting for prior to the owners departure. When asked about house sitting in general and tips for future house sitters, they were quick to point out how it is important that a feeling of trustworthiness is felt between both the house sitters and the home owners.

“It is easy to make yourself available to be a sitter, but then in order to get someone to accept you-- to care for their home and pets--the essence lies in creating a feeling of trustworthiness. Before you even apply for a sit, do your homework. Know exactly what is being asked of you, and what is being offered in return. Research the area you will be visiting and take into consideration how you will adapt to the environment. If there are animals to be cared for, know exactly what you are taking on. If there is a breed of dog that you are unfamiliar with, read as much as you need to feel comfortable with the situation.”

Greece is not the last country this couple will be visiting. “Greece was our first assignment out of our known environment. We have previously sat for families in England and Holland. We are currently pursuing further assignments in France, Italy and the USA,” Tony reports. “Margaret’s children live in various locations in the USA and house sitting might offer the opportunity to spend more time in the USA, perhaps near her children. We are planning as far ahead as next Christmas time.”

Tony and Margaret Steel- Rijkelijkhuize are enrolled in the catalog of house sitters at They report how happy they are to have found a way to stay active and travel the world as retirees-- without having to dip heavily into their retirement fund. They are just one of the many couples who house sit through HouseCarers.

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