Sitting Grand Parents get once in a lifetime opportunity

My husband and I are experiencing a once in a lifetime opportunity right now, THANKS TO HOUSECARERS.COM!

I answered one of your notices, available in Solana Beach, CA, since our Son and his family live there (at the time, we were in Mexico). It just happened to be the next door neighbor (exactly the house next door) to our Son!! The owners of the house were as delighted as we were, to know someone with a vested interest in the area would be caring for their lovely home.

It has enabled my husband and I to spend three months (the entire summer) experiencing special events with our only Grandchild and the family (her 6th grade graduation, birthday, equestrian shows, etc.). Since Solana Beach is a very expensive area (and we are living on our retirement) we never could have afforded the rent for three months on our own. The other plus was meeting the homeowners, Tom and Nancy --they are such nice people and we have a great deal in common. How can we thank you enough!!

Marji (Globetrotters2)

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