Reluctant Seattle Homeowner finds Perfect Sitter

"Dear HouseCarers:
Thanks so much for providing this service and from what I can tell, managing it well. I was reluctant at first to select an unknown person via internet, but I was assured by a friend that I would be able to discern a quality contact.

I was actually overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of responses and have found a person who I think will be perfect. (A woman with a son near where we live with whom she wants to spend the holidays.)

I am already recommending your service to many of our friends with similar needs.
.... Linda (ChateauPoulet)

We have 3 very spoiled indoor cats who need daily food, water, kisses and hugs. We also have about 30 chickens who need food and water (every few days) and egg gathering (every day). We live in a lovely two-story log house with hot tub, flirtacious view of the water, within walking distance of Pritchard Park and 10 minutes from the ferry terminal on a Kitsap bus route. We travel intermittently for a week or two at a time and have ongoing needs. And I represent a network of friends who have similar needs.

Bainbridge Island Seattle Washington United States