Sitter looking for another sitter to share sitting responsiblities long term

WANTED....partner for long term house sitting

I am looking for someone to partner with mostly for
longer term house sits. From my house sitting
experience, I find that the obligation to the home
owner is fine for short terms but can be rather
restrictive for long term. During many long term sits,
especially the international ones, I would like to be
able to travel back to visit family members
occasionally or even travel to different places for
short times. If I had a partner with a similar desire
and live style as mine, we could work together and
cover for each other.

A bit about myself. I am a 57 year old retiree who has
an adventureous spirt. I recently returned from 2
years in Morocco in the Peace Corps working with small
businesses. During my working career, I was the CEO of
a sizeable manufacturing company in Virginia. My
management skills and wide range of experiences lend
themselves to this type of service and lifestyle. I've
completed a background check and am considered to be
very dependable, reliable and trustworthy. I can
supply references and recomondations upon request.

If this situation interests you, please contact via my profile

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