Phillyqualified makes friends all around Australia and shares their experiences

Thanks to the House Carers, for the experiences I am having meeting people in all walks of life, by looking after their animals, and properties from one end of the country to the other, it is unending.

One has to have patience, and prepared to adjust to others ways of life. Also the meeting of the neighbours extends the list of friends in ones diary. At the present I am caring for a (leave me alone) Male Siamese cat named Adonis, Greek for handsome man. A large garden and orchard is his domain. but in the evening , very good company as long as you comb my fur coat, talk to me, and allow me to sit on your knee to watch TV.

From here I go from one xtreme to another. A bull terrier, I am looking foward to this home sit. I trained and showed them for several years. Have met the people and the Bully. Going to be a lovely christmas.

Regards Phill
We are looking for an opening in Australia, been trying for two sits, one in Cairns during our winter months and then one for a few weeks in the lower sunshine coast. We were in Maroochydore last winter and Really enjoyed it.

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