House sitter found for 3 months to Explore the outback wonders of Alice Springs

"We have found a suitable house sitter - Sarah Joyce sjbca_1962 and have given her our email address to contact us when she arrives in Alice Springs.

I have responded to all other applicants accordingly.

Thanks for everything, it was a good experience for our first one although we were a little daunted when so many applications came flooding in after our first day! Kind regards WorldCruise.

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Alice springs is a great place to explore - and there is not better way than house sitting.

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Alice Springs homeowners want to get away on their long or short trips around Australia, East, West or Overseas. We have been matching responsible sitters for Alice Spring homeowners for 10 years. It is the best win-win.

Yes - Alice Springs homes and air conditioned. Also the heat is nice and dry - not the sapping humid heat of the coast.