Carmen blogs about her housesitting experience in France

"Dear Ian

We have had good success with your site. We are currently on assignment in the South of France in Albi, France as a result of your postings.

We have been here since August 2010 and we are enjoying it immensely. Our girls are in French school.

Here is our blog :

We hope you will read it.

It is a little tough for us since we have 2 daughters now ages 13 and 9. So we have missed out on some assignments because of it. Usually because there is not enough space to accommodate us. The house in France is large with 7 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms on 3 different levels. It has worked out for us. We are completing our assignment within one month and are hoping to find something else.

I hope this helps.

Carmen Smith (William's wife)" UserName = Cybiz777

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