Identify with the needs of the homeonwer First - when applying for a housesit

Good advise from a homeonwer for housesitter applications:
"Please note that we will not be responding to every person as we ask specifically for candidates who have experience giving insulin shots to animals to note this in their message to us, and if they do not, we will not be contacting them.

Please understand that we are getting messages only about how this will be good for the sitter/what they want, and that is not how we envision this service working: it needs to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

It is actually quite alarming to us how every candidate who has contacted us so far only talks about their needs"

We have already recommended to first identify with the needs of the homeowner - see below:

I recommend you try some different approaches to increase your response.
It is important to identify with the needs of the homeowner and show them how to help.
Initially don't talk too much about your own requirements and overload
them with questions - that can come latter. And don't just say see my profile I'm interested.

We ask homeowners to respond to all applications and send weekly reminders asking them
to do this. However sometimes they are pressed for time and only reply to the outstanding
applications - so it is important to make your applications stand out.

To view your applications please click the sent link from messages after login. If the username
in the sent message is red the message has been read by the homeowner.

It is also important to include all your favoured cities towns and city areas on your profile as many
homeowners search directly.

Loading up pictures, police clearances, certificates references etc and updating your calendar and Preferences also helps- the
more information accessible by the homeowner the better.

All the references, police clearances etc are placed in your private reference library that can only be accessed by
homeowners or homeowners you apply to.